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Digital Influence: How Online Research Keeps Auto Shoppers in Control
September 4 at 2pm ET

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Are your marketing efforts putting you where your customers are? Join this webinar to learn what sources of information are driving car shoppers toward a sale and understand how various media influence their buying decisions. FREE

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Benchmarking and Managing Performance at Your Dealership
September 10 at 2pm ET
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Holding a meeting each month to talk about the financial statement doesn't paint a complete picture of success. By establishing a set of benchmarks that quickly identify irregularities in processes, you can keep your dealership on the right track. Learn how to be strategic about purchasing, sourcing, pricing and more, and avoid the need to hit the "restart" button when market forces are working against you! FREE

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How to Create Effective Customer Experiences
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On-Demand until August 2014. Automotive leaders know that creating effective customer experiences along the entire life cycle is the path to loyalty success. But the journey is hard. Attend to hear Harvard Business Review research findings that will reveal how leaders in customer experience management are tackling the challenges. FREE » Watch the webinar

Gross Profits Under Pressure? Learn How You Can Buck the Trend
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On-Demand Until 7/2015. The rise of the internet has created a highly competitive pricing landscape that puts pressure on gross margins. While dealers have given up the big markups, they haven't seen big increases in closing rates. The problem? They haven't adapted the way they market and sell their cars online and on-the-lot. This webinar will provide strategies for adapting sales and marketing in the age of market-based pricing. FREE » Watch the webinar

Insatiable Innovation: From Sporadic to Systematic
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On-Demand Until 6/2015. Innovation would seemingly be an imperative for the auto industry. Yet, some have asserted that innovation is a thing of the past. However, in analyzing the experience of executives IBM concludes not only does innovation remain strongly correlated with value creation; it is a key factor in financial outperformance. Join this webinar to learn the practical steps necessary to develop a systematic approach to innovation. FREE » Watch the webinar

30 Tips in 30 Minutes: Using Social Media to Sell More Cars
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On-Demand Until 6/2015. In the ever-changing social media space it is important to stay on top of the latest trends. In 30 minutes you will learn the top 30 ways real dealers are leveraging the social networks to get real results, including how to use Facebook ads to increase traffic, newest ways dealers are getting leads, tips to get negative reviews removed, and much more! Sign-up to learn the top 30 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW. FREE » Watch the webinar

Proven Strategies for Enabling Group Vehicle Redistribution
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On-Demand Until 6/2015. In-group vehicle redistribution is a critical retail process, which, managed correctly, can dramatically reduce aged wholesale losses, virtually eliminate auction fees, and improve front-end grosses group wide. Attend to hear proven strategies and tactics for driving a consistent and disciplined approach for group redistribution. FREE » Watch the webinar

How to Turn Online Shoppers into On-The-Lot Buyers
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On-Demand Until 5/2015. The internet has turned the average Joe into the pro when they walk into your dealership. Consumers are making decisions online before you have a chance to talk to or even see them! Attend this webinar to hear online operations expert Patrick McMullen present insights into how to make your dealership the one consumers notice and choose online. FREE » Watch the webinar

So Many Screens, So Little Time: Reaching Car Shoppers Across Devices
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On-Demand Until 4/2015. 45% of automotive shoppers actually use their devices on your lot, checking-up on what you're selling, while you're selling. But the decision your dealership needs to make is not what type of mobile technology to use. It's what kind of mobile experience to design. This next-level webinar will challenge you to start looking at mobile from a new perspective. FREE » Watch the webinar

Enhance Your Virtual Call Center and Never Miss Another Call!
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On-Demand Until 4/2015. Do you know how much revenue your dealership is losing from unanswered calls? Joined by special guest Greg Hammond, a data specialist with DealerSocket, DMEautomotive's Lance Zumwalt will walk you through the reality of what happens in your store when a phone rings. Sign up to ensure your customers get first class treatment every time they call your store! FREE » Watch the webinar

Consumer Lifecycle Management: Moments that Matter
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On-Demand Until 4/2015. Throughout vehicle ownership, information passes across every imaginable channel. OEMs and dealers need to capture data, then analyze and act on critical information throughout the customer lifecycle to improve the brand's relationship with the consumer. This webinar will explore how to make moments matter throughout the automotive consumer lifecycle. FREE » Watch the webinar

Top Social Media & Reputation Tips from Award-Winning Dealers
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On-Demand Until 4/2015. In today's connected society, it would be unrealistic for any business to think that they could truly succeed at connecting with customers and building their brand without overseeing their social media and online reputation. Alexi Venneri has worked with thousands of dealerships to develop social media and reputation management strategy. During this webinar, Alexi will share their secrets of success with you! FREE » Watch the webinar

The Senior Executive Dilemma: Linking Strategic Plans to Daily Execution
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On-Demand Until 4/2015. Do you file strategic plans until the next planning cycle, or worse, only take corrective action after a full year of execution? What if you could gauge progress against strategic plan goals as it happens, continuously leveraging updated forecast information as market conditions change? During this webinar, Microsoft will discuss how automotive suppliers can turn this what if scenario into reality! FREE » Watch the webinar

Winning with Creativity: How to Get Mail and Email to Work for You
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On-Demand Until 3/2015. Direct mail brings in some of the highest ROIs compared to other marketing channels. Add to that a campaign that includes your customers email inboxes and you have a formula for success! Join this webinar to learn how to power up your marketing pieces and find out what it takes to win with mail. FREE » Watch the webinar

The Three C's of Auto Shopper Engagement: Consumers, Choice & Clarity
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On-Demand Until 3/2015. Today, auto shoppers expect to see more than just an image gallery while they window shop online. To provide that experience your website needs to be an interactive and engaging destination. Attend this webinar to get a comprehensive look into measuring, influencing, and increasing shopper engagement on your dealership's website. FREE » Watch the webinar

Attracting the Next Generation of Car Buyers Through Practical Digital Technologies
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On-Demand Until 3/2015. An emerging challenge facing auto companies is a new breed of consumer that embraces digital technologies such as mobile and social. Are auto companies prepared to answer the call? Join IBM experts as they provide a live demo of a social listening tool and an overview of how the common challenges can be mitigated and even avoided. FREE » Watch the webinar

Mobile Marketing Success - What You Need to do TODAY to WIN
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On-Demand Until 2/2015. The auto industry is hungry for tested, actionable steps that can be taken to get more out of their mobile marketing investment. This webinar will demonstrate the importance of mobile adoption and provide an easy-to-grasp, step-by-step guide that dealers can use immediately to get more out of mobile. FREE » Watch the webinar

Navigating Mobile Marketing: A Dealer's Guide to Winning Mobile Shoppers
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On-Demand Until 2/2015. In 2014, mobile usage will surpass desktop usage. In fact, at Cars.com, nearly half of total traffic comes from hand-held devices. Shoppers have entered the mobile fast lane, and if your marketing isn't in-sync you may be missing opportunities! Learn how shoppers are using mobile devices to decide what and where to buy, and how to update your dealership's marketing and showroom experience with a mobile-first approach. FREE » Watch the webinar

In a Digital World, What Has Happened to the Road to the Sale?
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On-Demand Until 1/2015. Did you know that 92% of Americans do not trust car salesmen? With digital options at their fingertips, the customer is altering the road they take to the buying a car, and avoiding the in-person sale. Gain insights into how you can build trust and value with today's internet savvy consumer. Learn how to build your dealership around the digital road to the sale, and how to close the consumer at each step. FREE » Watch the webinar

Engineers - A Scarce Commodity: How to find, attract and hire the help you need
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On-Demand Until 1/2015. Are you expanding capacity but unable to recruit talent? This webinar will improve your hiring success! Executive recruiter Steve Wassman -- a specialist in filling automotive product development and manufacturing positions -- will provide strategies for identifying talent and give tips for making your hiring bid successful. » Watch the webinar

Global Manufacturing Supply Chain: Don't Be the Weakest Link
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On-Demand until Dec. 2014. It's one thing to engineer a great car; it's another to get it produced on the plant floor. Join Chris Chapin, manufacturing solutions expert and MES Lead for HP, as he examines key MES capabilities that align to business drivers, and how manufacturers can overcome pressing challenges. Learn strategies that can strengthen MES systems across your entire manufacturing enterprise. FREE » Watch the webinar

5 Essential Strategies for Improving Pre-Owned Retail Performance
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On-Demand until Nov. 2014. The ability to take data, then take action, will separate the best automotive retailers from the rest of the pack. Attend this webinar to learn 5 actionable strategies that will allow you to gain greater visibility, mitigate aging inventory risk and set value based pricing across your pre-owned operations at both store and group level. FREE » Watch the webinar

Building the Best: Win, Train and Retain Top Talent
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On-Demand until Nov. 2014. Attend this webinar to learn lessons in retention, innovation and training from the second annual Best Dealerships to Work For event. Hear from a dealer who is driving change at his store as well as Best Companies' expert on trends in retail excellence. The 2014 Best Dealerships To Work For program will begin taking submissions soon, find out what it takes now to make the list - sign up today! » Watch the webinar

What Influences Consumers? Explore the Path to Purchase for Automotive Shoppers
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On-Demand until Nov. 2014. A must attend for industry marketers, attendees will get a detailed look at the consumer decision journey specific to the automotive space. Explore this two-phased study which first examines the influencers, then moves beyond behavior to explore the underlying needs of the auto buyer. FREE » Watch the webinar

Take Back Your Profits: Change the Way You Source Wholesale
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On-Demand until Nov. 2014. Are you getting the inventory you need, when you need it? Advancements in technology now provide complete visibility into all wholesale inventory nationwide, giving dealers the power to buy smarter and faster. What do you need to do to leverage these changes and the new tools on the market? Join this webinar to find out! FREE » Watch the webinar

The C-Suite Perspective – Executive Insights on a Changing Automotive Landscape
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On-Demand until Nov. 2014. For IBMs the newest C-suite Study in 2013, we spoke with 185 automotive executives across 22 countries and in six different roles. The insights generated from these conversations have yielded powerful conclusions on where the industry stands and where it is heading as told by the executive leaders of this uncertain journey. FREE » Watch the webinar

The Mobile Consumer: From sales to service, adapting automotive to the new normal
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On-Demand until Oct. 2014. Hundreds of millions of marketing dollars are spent trying to reach today's automotive customer who, more often than not, has his/her head down, looking at a glowing 3-inch screen. But the mobile consumer is a target that can still be hit! Join this webinar to gain an understanding of how to interpret mobile user behavior and the best responses when consumers engage through mobile channels. FREE » Watch the webinar

Dataium Study: Driving Lead Generation and Shopper Engagement on Dealer Websites
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On-Demand until Oct. 2014. Dataium president and co-founder Jason Ezell will review results of a recent study measuring the impact of chat in the online shopping process. Learn how behaviors of shoppers who engage in chat compared to those who don't, how chat in online advertising impacts conversion rates and how chat affects website metrics. FREE » Watch the webinar

Connecting with the Consumer to Drive Brand Loyalty
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On-Demand until Oct. 2014. Connected cars, digital communications, social media and apps create an opportunity for manufacturers to understand the auto consumer like never before. What automotive marketers choose to do about it is what matters. Join this webinar to explore the precise events in the owner experience that build or erode brand loyalty and how to drive growth in market share based on this new understanding. FREE » Watch the webinar

Is Your Digital Dealership Attracting Today's Gen Y Buyers?
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On-Demand until Oct. 2014. Did you know that the traditional buying funnel does not apply to the Gen Y decision-making process? Don't miss this webinar that presents unique, proprietary insights into how and why today's 20-30 something car shoppers behave online. You will learn how to develop a more successful online strategy for appealing to and converting this critical yet elusive demographic into buyers at your dealership. FREE » Watch the webinar

Data Security: Are You Putting Your Customers at Risk?
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On-Demand until Oct. 2014. What key aspects should vehicle dealers include in their data security plan? Join this webinar as automotive retail experts present a broad coverage of why dealerships are targeted by hackers, why a plan is needed, and key pieces to include in the plan. You will also learn to identify your data and how your vendors manage it, and what to do when there is a breach in security. FREE » Watch the webinar

3 C's Driving Auto Finance: Compliance, Cost Efficiency, Customer Information
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On-Demand until Oct. 2014. Auto financing is often a consumer-confusing industry. Today's buyers are leery about signing up for debt and selecting lenders. Further deteriorating customers' perceptions of auto finance are new regulators that focus on indirect lending. All of this brings the opportunities for end-to-end processing solutions! Join this webinar to learn the challenges to be faced by auto financiers and the opportunities within reach. » Watch the webinar

He Said, She Said: Dealers Dish on Chat
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On-Demand until Sept. 2014. As consumers demand “right here, right now” interactions, website chat is critical. This webinar answers some of the toughest questions about implementing chat, such as: do people who chat actually visit the dealership, and does chat help dealerships sell cars? Case studies will be presented along with expert insight. FREE » Watch the webinar

How the Digital Worker is Transforming Manufacturing Operations
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On-Demand until Oct. 2014. Few technology advances have found their way to the shop floor, but the reality is that employees as consumers are already very familiar with popular programs! It's only logical that employees could quickly adapt to a digital manufacturing environment. Join this webinar to hear how you can leverage cloud, business analytics, social, and mobile technologies to transform your shop floor operations. FREE » Watch the webinar

Service Reminders are Broken! The 5 Pillars of Successful Retention Marketing
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On-Demand until Sept. 2014. As vehicle service intervals continue to increase, so do the dollars dealerships lose in marketing programs and service revenue. Supported by real world dealership results and DMEautomotive research, this webinar will present attendees with the 5 pillars of highly successful service retention marketing programs that will start bringing the customers back into your service lane! FREE » Watch the webinar

Your Telephone Process and Your Financial Statement
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On-Demand until Sept. 2014. Discover the real impact of your business telephones personality! We will review key metrics from more than two million audited business calls to dealerships in North America. Find out where you stand in key metrics that drive your profitability, market share, retention and your Customer Service Index. Your customers tell you every day how to increase your profitability you just need to listen. » Watch the webinar

The IBM Research Global Technology Outlook 2013
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On-Demand until August 2014. Since 1982, IBM Research's worldwide community of top scientists has created the Global Technology Outlook (GTO). The GTO is a comprehensive analysis that identifies and evaluates significant, disruptive technology trends that will lead to industry changing products and services over a three- to ten-year period. » Watch the webinar

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