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Two of the newest entries in our viral videos ranking are positively spooky in nature.

In Audi's “Hockenheim,” the luxury brand thrills spectators with its ghostlike speed racer. But the RS 7 concept isn't smoke and mirrors, it's Audi's self-driving race car zooming around the curves of the Hockenheimring track. The spot is ranked No. 2 by Visible Measures with 1,257,064 views.

Ford has some good-natured fun in "Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank" from the Work. In it, pranksters direct test drivers to a particular car wash, resulting in more than a quick scrub-down. After offering some rude service (the worst of horrors), the facility goes pitch black, and actors outfitted in costumes that would be at home in a Men In Black film begin throwing themselves at the car. When the terrified participants think it's over, a creature pops up from the cargo space inside the car.

Stick around for the amusing end credits.

The prank is ranked fifth with 973,049 views.

Also new this week is Mercedes-Benz's "Impressive Numbers," ranked ninth with 510,622 views.

Top 10 Viral Videos of the Week
The Legend Returne
The Legend Returne Peugeot
BETC Paris
This week
(True Reach): 1,901,425

Last week: 1
Hockenheim Audi
This week
(True Reach): 1,257,064

Last week: NEW
BMW M Initiation
BMW M Initiation BMW
KBS New York
This week
(True Reach): 1,131,504

Last week: 4
Blue Pill
Blue Pill Fiat
The Richards Group
This week
(True Reach): 1,085,422

Last week: 10
Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank
Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank Ford
The Work
This week
(True Reach): 973,049

Last week: NEW
Dodge Brothers
Dodge Brothers Dodge
Wieden + Kennedy Portland
This week
(True Reach): 921,126

Last week: 9
The 3,000-Mile Test Drive
The 3,000-Mile Test Drive Hyundai
Innocean Worldwide
This week
(True Reach): 837,272

Last week: 3
Matthew McConaughey and the MKC
Matthew McConaughey and the MKC Lincoln
Hudson Rouge New York
This week
(True Reach): 575,748

Last week: 6
Impressive Numbers
Impressive Numbers Mercedes-Benz
This week
(True Reach): 510,622

Last week: NEW
Eyes on the Road
Eyes on the Road Volkswagen
Ogilvy Beijing
This week
(True Reach): 461,555

Last week: 5


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