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Our two new viral videos this week approach from two points on the age spectrum.

Volkswagen comes in at No. 2 with "There Comes a Time," from DDB. The spot touts the new Jetta by contrasting the slickness of a car commercial with the casual demeanor of a millennial driver. The new Jetta: refined German engineering; its owner: flip-flops, plaid shorts and large drink. The spot enters the list with 936,879 views.

On the flip side, Fiat places tongue firmly in cheek with "Blue Pill," from the Richards Group. It follows the journey of a certain blue pill (made for men -- wink, wink) that escapes the grip of an eager older man.

The ricocheting pill finally falls into the gas tank of a Fiat 500, transforming it into a 500X and drawing the attention of women. The spot is ranked 10th by Visible Measures with 432,153 views.

Top 10 Viral Videos of the Week
The Legend Returns
The Legend Returns Peugeot
BETC Paris
This week
(True Reach): 6,426,908

Last week: 1
There Comes a Time
There Comes a Time Volkswagen
This week
(True Reach): 936,879

Last week: NEW
The 3,000-Mile Test Drive
The 3,000-Mile Test Drive Hyundai
Innocean Worldwide
This week
(True Reach): 818,449

Last week: 4
BMW M Initiation
BMW M Initiation BMW
KBS New York
This week
(True Reach): 591,238

Last week: Returnee
Eyes on the Road
Eyes on the Road Volkswagen
Ogilvy Beijing
This week
(True Reach): 514,321

Last week: Returnee
Matthew McConaughey and the MKC
Matthew McConaughey and the MKC Lincoln
Hudson Rouge New York
This week
(True Reach): 494,856

Last week: 9
Back in the Game
Back in the Game Nissan
TBWA Toronto
This week
(True Reach): 479,457

Last week: 3
The Dancing Traffic Light
The Dancing Traffic Light Smart
This week
(True Reach): 443,914

Last week: 6
Dodge Brothers
Dodge Brothers Dodge
Wieden + Kennedy Portland
This week
(True Reach): 432,542

Last week: 8
Blue Pill
Blue Pill Fiat
The Richards Group
This week
(True Reach): 432,153

Last week: NEW


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No. 1 store empowers, retains employees

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