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AutoNews Now: Mustang vs. Camaro: The China battle

Mustang vs. Camaro: The China battle; Benz convertible gets AWD; Jag teases XF wagon; Hyundai fixes app bug; Lyft drivers sue Uber; From NASA to Apple?; Tesla target slashed.

First Shift: Honda Civic Type R sets speed record

Honda Civic Type R sets speed record; Tesla takes a production gamble; Sunday ads target Musk, Trump; Japan's big hydrogen bet; More Apple-car clues.

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AutoNews Now: Supreme Court rejects GM case

High court rejects GM effort to block ignition-switch cases; Buick Avenir on Denali's path; BMW dealers seek more 5 series; What's behind used-car price drop; Driverless at Amazon?

First Shift: Robot cars, sleepy humans

When humans sleep, as robots drive; U.S. officials to review seizure of GM Venezuela plant; Tesla's Musk talks 'consensual telepathy'; Bill Ford marks company's Irish centennial.

First Shift: Lexus freshens look of NX

In Shanghai: New look for Lexus NX, Buick's version of Chevy Volt, Daimler ready to hitch a ride; Nissan plans I-95 charging network; How Volvo beat the odds; Benz fit for a Prince.

First Shift: Newest Mercedes-Benz S class

Newest Mercedes-Benz S class; Ex-Ford exec leaves Uber; Hazmat spill at Tesla's Gigafactory; Pence: U.S.-Korea trade deal under review; Researchers turn to 'Grand Theft Auto.'