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VW's top committee will meet Feb. 3 on emissions crisis, report says

Jan. 26, 2016 12:09 CET

VW's supervisory board executive panel, the automaker's top committee, will meet for the third time in three weeks on Feb. 3, as the automaker continues to grapple with a scandal over rigged diesel emissions tests, sources said....
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VW labor leader rejects efficiency drive at core brand

Jan. 25, 2016 10:36 CET

VW labor leader Bernd Osterloh has rejected a push by management for a big rise in productivity at the automaker's core brand and said planned structural changes were causing "unease" among workers, a report said....
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VW given deadline to come clean by No. 2 shareholder

Jan. 25, 2016 16:39 CET

Volkswagen Group has been given three months by the prime minister of Lower Saxony, the carmaker's second-biggest shareholder, to provide a full account of the roots of its diesel-emissions cheating scandal....
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VW CEO calls for new emissions tests

Jan. 25, 2016 22:44 CET

VW Group CEO Matthias Mueller called for emissions tests in Europe to be reworked to close the gap between laboratory and real-world results, an issue brought to public attention by the German car manufacturer's cheating scandal....
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South Korean antitrust agency probes VW over emissions ads

Jan. 22, 2016 14:32 CET

Volkswagen Group is being probed by South Korea's antitrust regulator over claims it made in advertising relating to emissions from its cars, an official at the agency told Reuters....
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VW probe shows many bosses knew of 'defeat devices' as far back as 2006, report says

2:25 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 22, 2016

Many of VW's managers and staff dealing with emissions problems in the engine-development department knew about "defeat devices" being developed as far back as 2006, a German newspaper said today, citing results from VW's internal investigation....
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Renault CEO Ghosn sees need for new rules amid emissions scrutiny

Jan. 22, 2016 10:54 CET

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said regulators need to determine new rules for checking vehicle emissions after probes sparked by VW Group's test cheating exposed differences between laboratory results and on-street performance....
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VW refuses to offer emissions scandal compensation in Europe

Jan. 21, 2016 18:09 CET

Volkswagen said there were no grounds to replicate in Europe a compensation program it plans for U.S. drivers affected by its diesel emissions scandal, rejecting a demand from the European Union's industry commissioner....
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Mercedes, Opel to face French emissions panel

Jan. 21, 2016 06:01 CET

Mercedes and Opel will face a French panel that is looking into excessive tailpipe emissions in the wake of the Volkswagen Group scandal....
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Fiat Chrysler runs short on time to fix emissions problems in U.S.

Jan. 20, 2016 10:35 CET

Fiat Chrysler is running short on time to fix its emissions record in the U.S. The company finished last in an Environmental Protection Agency ranking of CO2 emissions for the fourth consecutive year in 2014. The EPA plans to accelerate its targets sharply beginning next year....
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Renault recalls Captur diesels to fix emissions glitch

Jan. 19, 2016 09:10 CET

Renault is recalling 15,800 Captur SUVs to fix pollution-control systems and will offer voluntary emissions-system updates for about 700,000 diesel vehicles as the automaker seeks to avoid a Volkswagen-type crisis....
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VW's South Korea chief faces criminal case over emissions recall

Jan. 19, 2016 10:55 CET

South Korea plans to file a criminal complaint against the country's Volkswagen and Audi chief. It says a recall plan for emissions-cheating cars fell short of legal requirements....
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VW will hire ex-FBI chief Freeh for U.S. role, report says

Jan. 19, 2016 09:36 CET

Volkswagen plans to hire Louis Freeh, a former FBI chief, to help the automaker deal with authorities in the U.S. investigating its emissions scandal, a German newspaper said. Freeh had a similar role at Daimler....
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EPA ponders post-2025 regulation

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 18, 2016

Advancements in electrification, vehicle connectivity and autonomous technologies have prompted the EPA to rethink its approach to setting future tailpipe emissions rules, the agency's top auto official said....
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Shareholders plan to sue VW in Germany over emissions scandal

Jan. 18, 2016 14:10 CET

Dozens of large shareholders in Volkswagen plan to sue the automaker in a German court, seeking compensation for the plunge in its shares due to its emissions test cheating scandal....
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Renault faces criticism over late disclosure of raids

Jan. 18, 2016 14:25 CET

Renault is facing criticism over the length of time it took to reveal that French investigators had raided the automaker on Jan. 7 in relation to rigged emissions testing. The raids remained a secret for nearly a week until a trade union mentioned the news almost as an afterthought in a leaflet about jobs....
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Volkswagen's efforts to clear diesel cloud sputter

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 18, 2016

A full four months into a crisis that has cast it a cheater, polluter and corporate villain, Volkswagen appears to be backsliding in its stated aim of regaining trust and credibility with consumers, dealers and regulators....
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Plastic Omnium sees N.A. growth

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 18, 2016

Plastic Omnium has a $650 million bet that the U.S. car market hasn't topped out yet - and could add more. Plastic Omnium CEO Laurent Burelle said he may add another bumper plant in North America in addition to the factories in the works if talks with potential customers prove fruitful....
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Renault, Ford and Mercedes under scrutiny in French emissions probe

Jan. 17, 2016 11:05 CET

The French government is asking Renault, Ford and Mercedes why some of their cars have NOx emissions far higher than legal limits, a report said....
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Renault emissions-fraud probe may hinder France's stake sale

Jan. 15, 2016 13:00 CET

Renault's share drop following the news that the automaker is being probed over emissions tests could make it harder for the French state to reduce its stake in the automaker as planned....
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Renault raid exposes EU's flawed plan on clean diesel

Jan. 15, 2016 14:50 CET

The raid on Renault premises over emissions tests highlights Europe's flawed emissions-testing system. Largely at the behest of Germany, the European regulators are moving to severely water down tighter emissions limits....
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Renault not forced to repay low-emissions tax breaks for now, report says

Jan. 15, 2016 10:57 CET

France is not considering claiming back tax breaks for low-emissions vehicles from Renault after tests showed that emissions from some of its cars exceeded limits, a French newspaper reported....
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Daimler's Zetsche criticizes VW over emissions scandal

Jan. 14, 2016 16:37 CET

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said an emissions scandal like the one engulfing Volkswagen would not be possible at his company. His remarks were an unusual dig at another carmaker....
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Renault offices searched in emissions fraud probe

Jan. 14, 2016 12:39 CET

Renault said fraud investigators had inspected three of its sites in an emissions probe, raising the specter of a Volkswagen-type scandal. Investigations found "no evidence of a defeat device" equipping the company's vehicles, Renault said....
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EU Parliament delays vote on car pollution limits

Jan. 14, 2016 14:46 CET

The European Parliament has delayed a vote, due next week, on whether new car pollution testing rules are too lax....
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