Extended service contract? Skip it, Consumer Reports tells readers

6:03 pm U.S. ET | March 10, 2014
Consumer Reports slams extended service contracts in its latest annual auto issue, one of the magazine's most widely read editions.... Read More »


Mopar shops increase accessory sales, profits

12:01 am U.S. ET | March 10, 2014
Most Jeeps come off the assembly line here and queue up for the delivery trip to dealerships. But a growing number of Wranglers, Cherokees and Grand Cherokees -- along with some Dodge Durangos -- now take a detour on their way to the showroom floor.... Read More »


AutoNation aims to beef up service

12:01 am U.S. ET | March 3, 2014
AutoNation Inc., the nation's largest dealership group, plans to expand its service business by year end, adding 400 technicians and increasing its express service operations to 180 stores from 80 now.... Read More »


Watch out, quick-lube shops, here comes VW

12:01 am U.S. ET | March 3, 2014
With improving vehicle quality cutting into dealerships' warranty work, Volkswagen of America wants more of its dealers to open quick-service operations to keep their repair shops busy.... Read More »


How U.S. dealers can boost their margins, according to McKinsey study

11:28 am U.S. ET | Feb. 26, 2014
U.S. dealerships can significantly improve on the industry's average profit margin if they upgrade the capability of sales and service employees and pursue new sales formats, a McKinsey & Co. study concludes.... Read More »


Group 1 warns weather will dent 1st-quarter sales, profits

5:33 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 18, 2014
Group 1, citing severe winter weather that has forced stores to close and showroom traffic to decline, warned Tuesday that its first-quarter earnings will come in lower than expected.... Read More »


Toyota parts, service boosted by high-profile ad campaign

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 3, 2014
Advertising of dealers' parts and service need not be dull -- or done by the parts department or the regional dealer ad association on a shoestring budget. Eighteen months ago, Toyota Motor Sales USA placed all marketing of parts, service and accessories under the company's marketing arm, the same group that handles new-vehicle marketing. The move has reaped huge dividends, the company says.... Read More »


Body shops say aluminum costs more to repair

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 3, 2014
If the aluminum-bodied vehicles on the road today are an accurate gauge, the 2015 Ford F-150 probably will be more expensive to repair than its steel-bodied predecessor. Body shop owners say aluminum repair parts are more expensive than steel parts. And because it often takes longer to repair an aluminum body, the labor costs usually are higher.... Read More »


Ford dealers will gear up to fix new F-150

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 3, 2014
Though they waited three years to see the much-anticipated 2015 aluminum F-150, it didn't take Ford dealers Randall Reed and Jim Seavitt long to decide to invest in gearing up their body shops to repair it.... Read More »



A right to repair

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 3, 2014
The truce that ends a decade-long battle that pitted automakers against independent garages and parts retailers over access to repair information is good for the entire industry.... Read More »


Service lanes can become source of used-car inventory

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 3, 2014
Brian Benstock has found that his own service department is the best place to shop for used vehicles. When the general manager of Paragon Honda in Woodside, N.Y. needs a used car or truck of a certain model year, color and trim level, he searches his database and invites owners of those vehicles into his service department. He offers them discounts on maintenance work.... Read More »


Mopar pilots stand-alone Express Lane service shops

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 3, 2014
Mopar says an ongoing Express Lane experiment -- a quick-stop service operation separate from the dealership -- can show Chrysler Group dealers how to improve service profits and spot promising technicians for jobs at their dealerships.... Read More »



Dealers radiate resolve, not complacency, at NADA

11:34 am U.S. ET | Jan. 31, 2014
If strong vehicle sales in the United States have caused dealers to become complacent, it failed to show at the NADA convention. Dealers flocked to New Orleans for ideas.... Read More »


Targeted messages yield sales results

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 27, 2014
Dealers are taking a more targeted approach, reaching out personally to consumers who might be in the market for a new vehicle.... Read More »


Ford urges dealers: Be SMART

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 27, 2014
Ford has been signing up dealers at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention for its SMART program, a way for customers to schedule service appointments remotely.... Read More »


Bosch offers Quick Service to improve throughput

7:14 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 25, 2014
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, a global supplier of technology and services, introduced Quick Service at the convention Saturday.... Read More »


Ford offers 20% discount on necessities to fix aluminum F-150

6:11 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 25, 2014
Ford is offering dealerships with body shops a 20 percent discount on the $30,000 to $50,000 in special equipment and training needed to repair the 2015 aluminum pickup.... Read More »


Ford signs up SMART dealers

3:47 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 24, 2014
Ford has been signing up dealers at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention for its SMART program, a way for customers to schedule service appointments remotely.... Read More »



Subaru wants dealers to boost service capacity

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 20, 2014
Subaru of America's sales will grow at a more moderate rate for the next few years as it focuses on customer service and dealership capacity, President Tom Doll said.... Read More »


Bill Strong, former regional service manager, dies at 84

4:12 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 16, 2014
Bill Strong, who worked in regional service management with several automotive brands, died Dec. 15. He was 84.... Read More »


Hyundai stores use tech to lure new buyers back

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 6, 2014
Gillian Cruz, fixed operations director at North County Hyundai of Carlsbad (Calif.), says Hyundai's Blue Link telematics system has helped more of the dealership's new-car customers keep their first and second vehicle service appointments.... Read More »


Studies: Auto industry-buyer communication uneven

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 6, 2014
The auto industry is doing a good job fielding social media questions from customers and shoppers, but dealerships too often fail to reach out to vehicle buyers after the sale, according to separate findings in a pair of new studies.... Read More »


Nissan plans big push for Nismo parts

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 5, 2014
Nissan North America wants to help its dealers retail more motorsports parts as it pushes for a bigger U.S. role for its Nismo performance brand. Nissan parts and service officials are planning ways to step up marketing of the Nismo parts line, including a standardized motorsports boutique that would occupy floor space in participating Nissan dealerships.... Read More »



A busy time of year for dealers

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 30, 2013
A lot of people in the manufacturing business have gone home.... Read More »


GM recalls nearly 1.5 million cars in China over fuel pump bracket

8:06 am U.S. ET | Dec. 27, 2013
GM's China joint venture will recall close to 1.5 million vehicles due to potential safety issues in one of the biggest recalls in the world's biggest autos market.... Read More »


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How a Texas Toyota store solved used-car-supply challenge

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