EPA ponders post-2025 regulation

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 18, 2016

Advancements in electrification, vehicle connectivity and autonomous technologies have prompted the EPA to rethink its approach to setting future tailpipe emissions rules, the agency's top auto official said....
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U.S. average new-vehicle fuel economy drops below 25 mpg

11:10 am U.S. ET | Jan. 7, 2016

While the U.S. auto industry set a sales record in 2015, the average fuel economy of light vehicles purchased last year fell below 25 mpg for the first time in nearly two years, a monthly report said....
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Fuel economy gains slow amid increased light truck demand

3:03 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 16, 2015

Automakers saw slower progress toward achieving the U.S. government’s fleet-wide fuel economy target of 54.5 mpg by 2025 as cheap gasoline fueled surging demand for light trucks....
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Cheap gas spurs SUV sales and puts U.S. climate goals at risk

10:16 am U.S. ET | Dec. 16, 2015

Surging demand for trucks and SUVs fueled by cheap gasoline is holding back improvements in U.S. fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions, a government report said today....
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Tesla executive challenges rivals to make better EVs

3:29 pm U.S. ET | Aug. 4, 2015

A Tesla Motors executive called on rival automakers to put more compelling electric vehicles on the road and said fuel-efficiency standards should be far more stringent....
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BLOG: The race to find the perfect aluminum alloy

12:00 pm U.S. ET | Aug. 4, 2015

Novelis is working on lighter, stronger aluminum and sees welding as the future of joining the metal....
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BLOG: GM's new powertrain boss, with bases covered, aims for high batting average

12:00 pm U.S. ET | July 28, 2015

Dan Nicholson is charged with ensuring GM Powertrain does its part to improve the fuel economy of the company's North American vehicles about 5 percent a year to reach the 2025 fleet average of 54.5 mpg target set by the U.S....
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BLOG: Sustained lower fuel prices upend product plans

12:30 pm U.S. ET | July 14, 2015

Lower gasoline prices are starting to impact the product plans of leading automakers as consumers migrate back to larger vehicles....
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U.S. report finds fuel-economy targets can be met -- at a cost

11:22 am U.S. ET | June 18, 2015

A midsize sedan can exceed the 54 mpg needed to comply with the U.S. government's Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulations in 2025 without adding expensive electrification technology such as a hybrid powertrain, according to a new study released today....
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