BMW will start building Mini in the Netherlands this summer

Feb. 17, 2014 16:39 CET
BMW will build the new Mini in the Netherlands in a move to expand production capacity beyond its plant in Oxford, England.... Read More »


Ferrari denies move from Italy to the Netherlands

Feb. 7, 2014 12:29 CET
Ferrari said it does not plan to move to the Netherlands from Italy after parent Fiat decided to create a Dutch holding company for the merged Fiat-Chrysler group.... Read More »


Fiat moving tax base to UK to woo U.S. investors, chairman says

Jan. 30, 2014 10:42 CET
Fiat wants to establish the tax domicile of the new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group in the UK to help woo U.S. investors, the carmaker's chairman, John Elkann, told an Italian newspaper.... Read More »



Volvo to increase plug-in hybrid output

June 7, 2013 19:04 CET
Volvo has revised upward its production forecast for the V60 plug-in hybrid due to higher-than-expected demand. Volvo plans to make 10,000 units of the low-CO2 model by the end of 2014, up from a previous target of 4,000 to 6,000. The company said sales are being driven partly by emissions-based tax breaks given to the car, which emits 48 grams per kilometer of CO2.... Read More »


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How a Texas Toyota store solved used-car-supply challenge

How a Texas Toyota store solved used-car-supply challenge

Mike Shaw Toyota in Corpus Christi, Texas, needed more used cars. But driving 150 miles to the nearest auction was time-consuming and costly. Mon., April 14
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