Mini shifts convertible production to Dutch factory

Nov. 12, 2015 06:01 CET

BMW Group's Dutch contract manufacturing partner has started production of the new Mini Convertible....
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Fiat Chrysler's Luxembourg tax deal is illegal, European Union says

Oct. 21, 2015 13:43 CET

The European Union has ruled that Fiat Chrysler benefited from an illegal tax deal with Luxembourg and says the country's government must now recover taxes of about 20 to 30 million euros ($23 to $34 million) from the automaker....
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Dutch plug-in hybrid boom set to end

May 10, 2015 06:01 CET

Automakers expect a sales boom in plug-in hybrid cars in the Netherlands will end next year as the government reduces a tax break for company car drivers. The tax break has helped to make the country Europe's biggest market for plug-ins....
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Dutch regulators raid Uber over court ruling compliance

March 27, 2015 11:41 CET

A Dutch regulatory agency raided the Amsterdam offices of ride-sharing service Uber in connection with its UberPOP unit after a court deemed it illegal in December....
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