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PSA Chairman urged to scrap Dongfeng deal

Feb. 17, 2014 09:20 CET
An industry analyst has penned an open letter to PSA/Peugeot-Citroen urging the automaker to scrap its planned capital tie-up with China's Dongfeng Motor and raise capital in other ways.... Read More »



Daimler, Renault, VW and Fiat cars on list of European industry's biggest money losers

Jan. 13, 2014 06:01 CET
Automakers from Fiat to Volkswagen and Daimler to Renault lost a combined 20 billion euros developing and selling models ranked in a top 10 list of the European auto industry's most “catastrophic” failures of the past 15 years.... Read More »



VW extends lead in common architectures -- but there are risks

June 6, 2013 06:01 CET
Automakers are fast-tracking flexible architectures to underpin multiple models across different brands and segments to catch up with VW Group's modular platform development strategy. Common platforms reduce costs and streamline new car development but bring risks as well as rewards, industry insiders say.... Read More »



Late-arriving French automakers hope China's love for French luxury brands will lead to sales boom

June 3, 2013 06:01 CET
German automakers have long seen China as a key market. Now their late-arriving French rivals hope to catch up fast with help from the popularity of France's fashion brands.... Read More »


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How a Texas Toyota store solved used-car-supply challenge

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