Buick plans to run Super Bowl ad for Cascada

6:38 am U.S. ET | Jan. 7, 2016

Buick will air its first-ever Super Bowl commercial during next month's broadcast, a bid to raise the brand's profile ahead of a big product-launch year....
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Toyota joins Ford in bid to resist Apple-Google car screen dominance

11:20 am U.S. ET | Jan. 4, 2016

Toyota agreed to use a car-phone connectivity system championed by Ford in a bid to keep Apple and Google from dominating control of dashboards. Toyota will introduce a telematics system with Ford's SmartDeviceLink....
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BLOG: Get ready for the unexpected in 2016

12:15 am U.S. ET | Jan. 4, 2016

If we have learned anything about the automotive industry in the past few years, it is to expect the unexpected. What will be the big surprises of 2016? Here are few crazy things that just might happen....
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2015 LISTS OF 10

Automotive News' biggest stories of 2015

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 27, 2015

U.S. light-vehicle sales climbed for the sixth straight year in 2015, a run of success unmatched in the American car business since that giddy stretch from 1921-26. Still, the automotive landscape was blighted this year by another "you-gotta-be-kidding-me" scandal....
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How Google could put Ford out front in the race to build self-driving vehicles

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 26, 2015

In the mad rush to build autonomous vehicles, Ford may be set to leapfrog the competition by doing a deal with Google to build a fleet of self-driving cars to the tech giant's specifications....
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Driverless cars give trial lawyers bottomless list of defendants

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 23, 2015

Imagine a robot car with no one behind the wheel hitting another driverless car. Who's at fault? No one knows. But plaintiff's lawyers are salivating at the prospects for big paydays from such accidents....
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VW plans to drop 'Das Auto' slogan as part of image rebuild

7:32 am U.S. ET | Dec. 22, 2015

Scarred by a public relations thrashing over its diesel emissions cheating scandal, Volkswagen is planning an image offensive, and its "Das Auto" global advertising slogan is an early casualty....
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Ford in talks with Google to build self-driving cars

7:59 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 21, 2015

Ford and Google are in talks to have the automaker build Google's next-generation autonomous cars under contract, Automotive News has learned. Although few details about the project are known, a source with knowledge of the project says both parties have been negotiating on a contract manufacturing deal “for a long time.”...
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BLOG: Jeep's latest venture into new terrain: Native ads on Yahoo

2:04 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 21, 2015

For the past year and half, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands have dabbled with native advertising on Yahoo that's optimized for its various digital magazines and apps....
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Sergey Brin: Pushing Google's self-driving gambit

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 21, 2015

Sergey Brin, the billionaire co-founder of Google, thought it important to explain his involvement in the auto industry this year with a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission....
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Google's Krafcik joins World Congress lineup

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 21, 2015

John Krafcik will give his first public address as CEO of Google's self-driving-car project at the Automotive News World Congress on Tuesday, Jan. 12....
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Self-driving cars follow rules right into accidents

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 21, 2015

The self-driving car is supposed to lead to a world without accidents, but it is achieving the exact opposite right now: According to Bloomberg, autonomous vehicles have racked up a crash rate double that of those with human drivers. The glitch? They obey the law without exception....
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Lincoln's 2017 Continental takes shape

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 21, 2015

From the latest spy shots of the 2017 Lincoln Continental it appears Ford has invested heavily in the jewelry....
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An E-class coupe with softer lines

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 21, 2015

Mercedes-Benz's next E-class coupe, due in 2018, will have more of a fastback shape. Though heavily disguised in this spy pic from Europe, the car's fascia appears to be toned down from the 2015 model, with smaller nostrils under the headlights....
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Human drivers are bumping into driverless cars and exposing a key flaw

7:15 am U.S. ET | Dec. 18, 2015

The self-driving car, that cutting-edge creation that's supposed to lead to a world without accidents, is achieving the exact opposite right now: The vehicles have racked up a crash rate double that of those with human drivers....
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Honda Ridgeline pickup to make a comeback at Super Bowl

11:00 am U.S. ET | Dec. 18, 2015

Honda will return to the Super Bowl with a spot showcasing the new 2017 Ridgeline pickup. The ad, which will be the Ridgeline's TV debut, is slated to run in the third quarter. The Ridgeline will make its world debut at the Detroit auto show in January....
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Chevy places four vehicles in Google most-searched list.

12:29 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 18, 2015

Four of the 10 most-searched vehicles using Google in 2015 were Chevrolet vehicles, including three of the top four....
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NHTSA chief prefers 'nimble, flexible' approach on self-driving car rules

4:59 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 17, 2015

The top U.S. auto safety watchdog said he opposes a "patchwork" of state regulations on driverless cars and promised a "nimble, flexible" approach to writing new rules for self-driving vehicles....
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Google to make self-driving car unit a stand-alone company in 2016, report says

10:20 am U.S. ET | Dec. 16, 2015

Google plans to make its self-driving cars unit, which will offer rides for hire, a stand-alone business under the Alphabet corporate umbrella next year, a person briefed on the strategy told Bloomberg....
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Google's goggles open up new world for auto marketers

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 14, 2015

Virtual reality is making its way to the masses in auto marketing. While Google Cardboard isn't nearly as advanced as other upcoming options, it allows automakers to dabble in a developing space with engaging content that's accessible to a wide range of smartphone-owning consumers....
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Porsche 911 ad pits the best against the best

12:58 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 14, 2015

What happens when the greatest faces off against himself in the ring? That's what Porsche tries to find out in a new commercial for the 2017 911 sports car featuring the likeness of a young Muhammad Ali lacing up against himself....
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Possible Cruze hatchback in hiding

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 14, 2015

Spy photos add to the mounting evidence that Chevrolet is prepping a U.S. launch of a Cruze hatchback....
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FCA promotes Star Wars in L.A. with custom-wrapped Dodges

3:52 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 11, 2015

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will have three specially wrapped Dodge vehicles on the streets of greater Los Angeles this weekend as part of its partnership with Lucasfilm to promote the new Star Wars movie....
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Acura plans return to Super Bowl with NSX ad

9:00 am U.S. ET | Dec. 9, 2015

Acura is returning to the Super Bowl after four years. The brand says the first quarter spot will feature the NSX supercar and focus on its North American roots....
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GM global media director Jonathan Halvorson has left

1:28 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 3, 2015

Jonathan Halvorson, director of global media strategy and branded entertainment at General Motors, has left the company after only eight months in the role, a spokeswoman confirmed....
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