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Energy Dept. dangles low-interest financing for suppliers

3:15 pm U.S. ET | April 2, 2014
The department of energy wants auto suppliers to know that it still has $16 billion in low-interest financing available to support efficient-vehicle programs, and it wants them to step forward for a share of those funds.... Read More »


Obama says U.S.-EU trade talks are moving forward

March 28, 2014 09:44 CET
President Barack Obama said his administration is moving forward on establishing a trade pact between the U.S. and EU. Automakers are lobbying hard for the pact to end import tariffs and adopt standard safety and environmental regulations.... Read More »


Obama: Big trucks need higher mpg

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 24, 2014
Before President Obama leaves office, he wants to make sure the largest trucks on U.S. roads keep getting more fuel efficient into the 2020s.... Read More »


Joe the Plumber has a job the government saved

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 24, 2014
Joe the Plumber says he's happy to be working at Chrysler, which was rescued during the Obama administration in 2009.... Read More »


Obama sets March 2016 goal for truck fuel efficiency rules

2:04 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 18, 2014
President Barack Obama directed his administration to issue the next round of fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by March 2016.... Read More »


Obama weighs in on contentious union vote at Volkswagen plant

3:31 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 14, 2014
President Barack Obama today waded into a high-stakes union vote at Volkswagen AG's plant in Tennessee, accusing Republican politicians who oppose unionization of being more concerned about German shareholders than American workers.... Read More »


Dealers, small businesses get further delay in health-care coverage rules

4:57 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 10, 2014
Employers with fewer than 100 workers, including many new-car dealers, won't have to provide health insurance until 2016 under the U.S. Affordable Health Care Act, as the administration said it would again delay a key requirement of the health law.... Read More »


After Obama kudos, supplier executive pushes for hiring incentives

12:33 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 30, 2014
Following a name drop by President Barack Obama during his State of the Union Address Tuesday night, the CEO of a woman-owned Ford parts supplier in Detroit plans to capitalize on the spotlight.... Read More »


Obama lauds Barra's rise to GM CEO in State of the Union address

10:23 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 28, 2014
President Barack Obama cited new General Motors CEO Mary Barra as an example of those who strengthen America by realizing their dreams through hard work. Separately, he praised Michigan auto supplier Andra Rush for her efforts to create American manufacturing jobs.... Read More »


GM CEO Barra to be first lady's guest at tonight's State of the Union address

6:38 am U.S. ET | Jan. 28, 2014
Mary Barra, who took the reins as GM's CEO less than two weeks ago, will attend tonight's State of the Union address as a guest of first lady Michelle Obama, the White House said.... Read More »



January blues

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 27, 2014
A look at events during a busy January in 2009... Read More »


U.S. automakers call for currency rule in Pacific trade pact

5:28 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 9, 2014
American automakers on Thursday pushed for rules against currency manipulation to be included in an ambitious trade pact being negotiated between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries.... Read More »



Biden, Obama Cabinet members to attend show, report says

1:45 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 8, 2014
Vice President Joe Biden and three members of President Obama’s Cabinet are set to attend the Detroit auto show next week.... Read More »


How the new GM was born: Alix's version

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 4, 2013
Ousted General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner is cast in a sympathetic light in corporate turnaround specialist Jay Alix's breathless first-person account in Forbes of how the plan to restructure GM took shape in 2008 and 2009.... Read More »



Gales of November

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 4, 2013
The global financial crisis made November 2008 a month to remember.... Read More »


U.S. transportation chief meets with Detroit 3 execs, tour plants

10:14 am U.S. ET | Sept. 27, 2013
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx met with executives of the Detroit 3 and toured auto facilities in the Detroit area today.... Read More »


Obama auto czar Bloom to face former ally in Detroit bankruptcy case, report says

7:10 pm U.S. ET | Sept. 19, 2013
Ron Bloom, who helped lead President Barack Obama's auto team, will advise Detroit retirees fighting benefit cuts in the city's bankruptcy, according to people familiar with the decision.... Read More »


Lawrence Summers, key player in auto bailout, now candidate for Fed chairman

11:04 am U.S. ET | Aug. 22, 2013
Forged in the crucible of the worst economic meltdown in eight decades, President Obama's trust in Lawrence Summers -- one of the key players in the administration's auto bailout -- is the main reason why he's one of two leading contenders to be the next Fed chief even as some lawmakers bristle at his abrasive manner and his ties to the financial industry.... Read More »


W.Va. dealer takes a step back in Obamacare suit

3:54 pm U.S. ET | July 25, 2013
Joe Holland last month attracted national publicity for challenging new federal laws requiring his West Virginia dealership to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives taken after sex. But his legal team recently discovered a problem: Holland’s insurer has already been covering the drugs as a part of the health benefits he offers to his employees.... Read More »


U.S. lawmaker seeks tough rules on Japan autos in trade talks

6:45 pm U.S. ET | July 23, 2013
A senior U.S. lawmaker on Tuesday urged the Obama administration to push for tough rules on opening the U.S. market to more Japanese autos and to take a firm line in free trade talks against currency manipulation, as Detroit automakers and workers turned up the heat on the White House.... Read More »



Obamacare decisions are too important to wait

12:01 am U.S. ET | July 15, 2013
Dealerships and other small auto businesses should decide how to comply with Obamacare, even though the key provision now won't be enforced until 2015.... Read More »


Auto lenders be warned: Feds fine Texas bill collector $3.2 million

12:01 am U.S. ET | July 10, 2013
The Federal Trade Commission levied a $3,200,000 penalty against Expert Global Solutions in Plano, Texas, for allegedly harassing American consumers with debt-collection calls, in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.... Read More »


Record store profits -- and more to come

12:01 am U.S. ET | July 8, 2013
Last year was the best ever for auto dealership profits, and signs point to a better 2013. In 2012, pretax profit at the average U.S. dealership rose 6 percent to $843,697 in constant 1982 dollars. NADA chairman David Westcott is optimistic about the industry's profits this year.... Read More »


Obamacare advice: Don't wait

12:01 am U.S. ET | July 8, 2013
Car dealers have an extra year to grapple with a key provision of President Barack Obama's health care law, but the question is, will they make the most of it? The Obama administration said last week that it will wait until 2015 to enforce the so-called employer mandate, which requires businesses with the equivalent of 50 or more full-time employees to offer health insurance coverage to full-timers or pay fines of as much as $3,000 a year per employee.... Read More »


Dealers get a reprieve on U.S. health care mandate

10:57 am U.S. ET | July 3, 2013
By delaying for one year a requirement that employers offer health insurance to their workers or pay fines, the Obama administration has given a reprieve to car dealers and other small-business owners grappling with how to comply with the new health care law.... Read More »


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