Washington governor signs Tesla compromise bill

6:09 pm U.S. ET | April 8, 2014
Washington state officially approved Tesla's direct-sales model last Thursday, when Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill allowing the electric-vehicle maker to continue selling its cars through its own, factory-owned showrooms instead of franchised dealerships in the state.... Read More »


Automakers vs. tech firms in a battle to use airwaves in talking cars

7:04 am U.S. ET | Feb. 19, 2014
Auto and technology companies are battling over a slice of coveted radio waves, with carmakers arguing the potential for lifesaving crash-avoidance systems should take precedence over more Wi-Fi for Web data and video.... Read More »



Can laws stop distracted driving if we won't?

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 17, 2014
Sen. Jay Rockefeller has reason to be frustrated. The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, is supposed to be making sure that federal laws keep the roads safe. Yet Americans keep getting killed because they won't stop looking down from the road to check text messages and play with the high-tech gizmos built into cars.... Read More »



Trade deal debates may redefine 'us vs. them'

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 10, 2013
Now that Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other foreign-owned automakers are established auto manufacturers in the United States, the concept of the American car is open to interpretation.... Read More »



Rule of law helps business thrive

12:01 am U.S. ET | July 15, 2013
To the Editor:
Letter writer and former dealer Jack Weber decried that multiple local, state and federal regulatory agencies forced him out of business after 43 years ("Government drove retailer from the fray," Letters, July 1).
The rule of law and its even enforcement foster the predictability and stability that business needs to thrive. Weber believes he was overburdened by government, but consider what would happen if there were no legal system.... Read More »


House Democrats press credit bureau on bias data

12:01 am U.S. ET | June 3, 2013
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's dispute with dealers over alleged discrimination in auto lending has spilled over onto Capitol Hill.... Read More »


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