With $1.8 billion in fines, it's time to compensate consumers for price-fixing

2:02 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 27, 2013
Kudos to the federal antitrust police for uncovering rampant price fixing throughout the automotive supply chain, but when do the victims of this massive fraud get some justice? When does the consumer collect damages? Is Uncle Sam planning to keep this money? The bottom line: the consumer should be made whole....
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3 Takata execs to plead guilty to U.S. price fixing charges

11:45 am U.S. ET | Nov. 21, 2013
Three midlevel executives of automotive supplier Takata will each plead guilty to one felony charge of conspiracy to fix the price of seat belts in cars built in the United States for Japanese automakers, the Justice Department said today....
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How the TRW-GM rift signals power shift

2:40 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 13, 2013
Last month TRW CEO John Plant told investors the safety components supplier was walking away from a $700 million brake contract. The move represents one of the largest dropped contracts in recent memory, and industry experts say it is representative of the new power shift between North American suppliers and automakers....
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Open-minded automakers score with suppliers

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 11, 2013
There are encouraging developments in a new Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu survey of suppliers ranking the purchasing operations of 14 North American automakers....
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A gearhead takes on Ford global purchasing

Nov. 1, 2013 06:01 CET
DETROIT -- A consummate gearhead who was once a race engineer for Mario Andretti and Nigel Mansell, Hau Thai-Tang made a name for himself as chief engineer of the 2005 Ford Mustang....
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Ford purchaser Thai-Tang: Learn from history's great shoppers

Nov. 1, 2013 06:01 CET
Hau Thai-Tang, Ford's new global purchasing chief, says it's important that his component buyers be willing to learn from the company's joint venture partners in other countries, including Changan Ford in China, Otosan in Turkey and Sollers in Russia....
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Racing, tech events draw crowds to Hoffman stores

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