VW diesel-emissions scandal could have significant impact on Italian suppliers, Brembo says

Nov. 12, 2015 15:09 CET

Italian supplier Brembo says the diesel-emissions scandal that has engulfed Volkswagen Group could have a significant impact on Italian components manufacturers....
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Germany in talks with automakers after probe finds elevated NOx levels

Nov. 11, 2015 12:14 CET

Germany's diesel pollution probe in the wake of the VW cheating scandal has found signs of higher emissions in some cars, the country's motor transport authority said. Regulators and automakers are in talks about "partly elevated" NOx levels, the KBA said....
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EU emissions-test deal faces veto from lawmakers

Nov. 11, 2015 11:17 CET

European Parliament members objected to a watered-down plan for real-world testing of NOx emissions in the EU, increasing the risk of lawmakers vetoing the deal....
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VW halts Passat diesel output in Chattanooga

2:30 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 10, 2015

Volkswagen of America has halted production of diesel-powered 2016 Passat midsize sedans at its plant in Chattanooga, a VW spokesman said Tuesday. The pause comes midway through a planned production ramp-up for the re-engineered Passat. Gasoline-powered 2016 Passats are scheduled to arrive in dealerships later this month or in early December....
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Porsche SE profit hit by VW emissions scandal costs

Nov. 10, 2015 13:03 CET

Porsche SE, Volkswagen Group's majority shareholder, said nine-month net profit plunged by more than half on costs associated with VW's diesel emissions scandal....
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Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon diesels first pickups to top 30 mpg on highway

2:45 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 9, 2015

The EPA has certified the diesel-powered versions of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon at 31 mpg highway -- the highest rating of any truck, big or small, gasoline or diesel -- sold in the U.S....
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VW offers 'goodwill package' to appease diesel owners

11:11 am U.S. ET | Nov. 9, 2015

Volkswagen of America will offer $500 to owners of 2.0-liter diesel vehicles with illegal emissions test-rigging software, part of a “goodwill” package aimed at calming customers affected by the company's deception....
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VW target of 'Das Problem' protest by Greenpeace

9:20 am U.S. ET | Nov. 9, 2015

An environmentalist group protested at VW headquarters in Germany today in the wake of the automaker's emissions scandal by displaying a large banner reading “Das Problem,” a play on VW's “Das Auto” slogan....
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Winners and losers in VW scandal

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 9, 2015

Volkswagen Group's diesel emissions scandal is so complex and wide-reaching that it will take months -- if not years -- before the company settles all matters related to its cheating on diesel emissions tests....
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Spiraling VW scandal shakes faith in execs

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 8, 2015

The true dimensions of the crisis surrounding VW no longer seem clear. Fresh EPA charges of emissions-rigging in the U.S. tarnished the vaunted Porsche brand and cast a larger shadow on Audi, which had largely escaped infamy. VW's own probe has found inaccurate emissions ratings on some 800,000 cars, not all of them diesels....
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VW engineers admitted rigging CO2 emissions, report says

10:46 am U.S. ET | Nov. 8, 2015

Several Volkswagen engineers have admitted manipulating carbon dioxide emissions data because goals set by former CEO Martin Winterkorn were difficult to achieve, Bild am Sonntag reported....
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VW to send prepaid credit cards to U.S. diesel owners

Nov. 8, 2015 06:01 CET

VW of America will send prepaid credit cards to thousands of diesel vehicle owners in the coming weeks as a goodwill gesture to calm concerns over its diesel emissions scandal....
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Volkswagen set to send prepaid credit cards to diesel owners

7:18 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 7, 2015

Volkswagen of America will send prepaid credit cards to thousands of diesel vehicle owners in the coming weeks as a goodwill gesture to calm concerns over its diesel emissions scandal....
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Germany is testing diesel cars of foreign automakers, minister says

Nov. 7, 2015 11:01 CET

Germany is testing all diesel vehicles including those from foreign automakers, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told a German newspaper....
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EU seeks wider probe after VW admits CO2 emissions irregularities

Nov. 6, 2015 10:48 CET

The European Commission has written to all 28 EU countries urging them to widen their investigations into potential breaches of vehicle emissions rules after VW Group admitted it had understated CO2 levels of about 800,000 vehicles....
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BLOG: Dieselgate? Won't somebody please invent a better name for VW's scandal

11:04 am U.S. ET | Nov. 6, 2015

When Volkswagen’s diesel scandal broke in September, mere nanoseconds elapsed before some journalist typed the dreaded moniker “Dieselgate” onto a keyboard somewhere....
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European car sales slow amid VW scandal

Nov. 5, 2015 13:11 CET

VW Group's emissions scandal began to hit vehicle sales in October, consultancy LMC Automotive said, with the automaker losing ground in Western Europe, where overall market growth slowed to 2.7 percent....
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VW luxury cars in Europe fitted with same devices as in U.S.

1:17 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 5, 2015

Volkswagen's luxury diesel cars in Europe are fitted with the same software that U.S. regulators say was used to cheat emissions tests in the United States, the carmaker said today....
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Toyota Europe's new boss tackles trouble spots

Nov. 5, 2015 06:01 CET

New Toyota Europe CEO Johan van Zyl has the big task of reviving the automaker's slumping sales in Germany, the region's biggest market. He shared his plans on tackling this and other issues with Automotive News Europe....
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VW crisis widens to fuel consumption figures

Nov. 4, 2015 12:33 CET

Investors wiped another 3 billion euros off VW Group's market value today after the automaker said it had misstated the fuel consumption of some cars, opening a new front in a scandal that initially centered on rigging diesel emissions tests....
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VW, Porsche, Audi put all diesel sales on hold in U.S.

3:20 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 4, 2015

The American arms of Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen have halted sales of 3.0-liter diesel vehicles that the EPA on Monday said contain illegal software to manipulate emissions. The move puts sales of all new Volkswagen Group diesel vehicles on hold in the U.S. market....
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EU seeks clarity on VW emissions after U.S. 'cheat' probe widens

Nov. 3, 2015 12:20 CET

The European Commission said it wanted clarity on the full extent of diesel emissions cheating by VW Group after U.S. regulators widened their probe to include larger engines used in some Audi and Porsche models....
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Volkswagen says 800,000 cars may have false CO2 levels

1:34 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 3, 2015

Volkswagen said it had uncovered "inconsistencies" when determining carbon dioxide emission levels which could affect about 800,000 cars. VW said the financial risks stemming from the finding is about 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion)....
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BMW unsure if it's a target in U.S. emissions probe

Nov. 3, 2015 15:12 CET

BMW has not been given any indication by U.S. environmental regulators whether it could become a target of a wider probe of diesel emissions, nor has the automaker received the all-clear....
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BMW says it has not talked to EPA about emissions

7:51 am U.S. ET | Nov. 3, 2015

BMW said it has not talked to the U.S. agency that caught Volkswagen cheating emissions tests and has not been asked to do so....
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