Chrysler, on the rebound, casts wider net for interns, graduates

5:46 pm U.S. ET | May 29, 2014
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is going outside the Midwest to attract young talent and enhance the company's reputation among college students and graduates worried about job security at a domestic automaker....
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VW to lay off 900 workers in Brazil

April 25, 2014 07:33 CET
VW will lay off about 900 workers at two Brazilian plants in response to sluggish demand for cars in Latin America's largest economy....
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Help wanted: Industry restocks for recovery

12:01 am U.S. ET | March 17, 2014
Showing increasing confidence in the pace and durability of the recovery, automakers are spending to restock depleted departments in core areas, such as sales, marketing, distribution, product planning and administration....
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Maserati boom signals Fiat's shift from its Italian past

Jan. 30, 2014 12:41 CET
Fiat made its name building modest cars such as the tiny 500. With the acquisition of Chrysler, CEO Sergio Marchionne is shifting the company away from the European mass market to build upscale cars for wealthy Americans, Chinese and Europeans....
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Defying Dad, by building on his legacy

Defying Dad, by building on his legacy

At Courtesy Auto Group in Illinois, second-generation dealers Ray and Rik Fregia have seen a 30 percent boost in sales this year, thanks largely to million-dollar overhauls at their three stores. Mon., September 15
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