How workers rebuilt the U.S. auto industry

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 24, 2013
The U.S. auto industry has come full circle, from boom to bankruptcy to boom, and Detroit's road from reckoning to revival was shorter than expected. The Detroit 3's new strength is embodied in Chrysler's reborn Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit, perhaps the most profitable factory in the industry today.... Read More »


Detroit auto show's app accesses world auto shows

3:57 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 9, 2013
Detroit auto show organizers today said they will promote a new app next month at the show. The app, Auto Show Passport, will showcase auto shows from all over the world, said Rod Alberts, executive director of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.... Read More »



Audi teases tiny crossover for Detroit show

12:10 pm U.S. ET | Dec. 6, 2013
Audi has released design sketches for a subcompact crossover concept that it plans to unveil at the Detroit auto show next month, giving another hint of Audi's ideas for the smaller end of its fast-growing crossover lineup.... Read More »


BMW prices 2 series coupe at $33,025

6:00 pm U.S. ET | Oct. 24, 2013
The 2014 BMW 2 series coupe will have a base price of $33,025 for the 228i and $44,025 for the M235i, including shipping.... Read More »


BMW 2-series photos emerge before reaching market next spring

12:12 pm U.S. ET | Oct. 24, 2013
Photos of the all-new BMW 2-series coupe began leaking on automotive Web sites today. The new car will be shown first at the Detroit auto show in January and will arrive in United States dealerships next spring as the 228i and M235i.... Read More »



The South is singing the Mexican blues

5:02 pm U.S. ET | Oct. 8, 2013
That high, lonesome sound of sorrow coming out of the South these days is no bluegrass song. It is the sound of an auto industry pining for its one true love -- who has run off to Mexico.... Read More »


Chrysler cuts Viper output amid slow sales, growing inventory

4:00 am U.S. ET | Oct. 2, 2013
Chrysler Group has cut output of the SRT Viper by a third and will reassign scores of workers to other plants because of slow sales, growing inventories, and the onset of colder weather.... Read More »


U.S. transportation chief meets with Detroit 3 execs, tour plants

10:14 am U.S. ET | Sept. 27, 2013
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx met with executives of the Detroit 3 and toured auto facilities in the Detroit area today.... Read More »


Sales surge lifts Detroit 3 profits, outlook

2:15 pm U.S. ET | Sept. 5, 2013
As the fifth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers approaches, the Detroit 3 have come full circle, from bankruptcy to boom. Even more significant, as industry sales rebound, Detroit automakers are reaping profits not seen since the turn of the century.... Read More »


Hot August caps a 'solid summer'

4:40 pm U.S. ET | Sept. 4, 2013
By almost any measure, August spelled recovery for U.S. auto sales. Not only have automakers sold more light vehicles in the first eight months this year (10.6 million) than in all of 2009 (10.4 million), but last month's 1.5 million sales topped the unit volume of every August since 2003.... Read More »


Detroit Electric shifts production to Holland

1:17 pm U.S. ET | Aug. 30, 2013
Detroit Electric is going ahead with production of its Lotus-based sports car in Holland rather than Detroit, as planned.... Read More »


Automakers market their muscle at annual cruise event

2:09 pm U.S. ET | Aug. 14, 2013
The annual Woodward Dream Cruise just north of Detroit, which draws more than 1 million people and around 40,000 classic cars to a 22-mile stretch of four-lane road, gives the Detroit automakers a chance to display their high-performance hardware as they seek to outmuscle one another in their ongoing marketing wars.... Read More »


Chrysler plans to show high-performance concept pickup at Detroit event

11:59 am U.S. ET | Aug. 13, 2013
Chrysler's Ram brand will use this weekend's Woodward Dream Cruise in suburban Detroit to debut a high-performance concept pickup, possibly a new version of the Power Wagon.... Read More »


Detroit's devotion to the car paved way for its undoing

12:01 am U.S. ET | Aug. 10, 2013
The auto industry, which by 1950 made Detroit the fourth-largest American city, produced decades of prosperity but also enabled the city's gradual destruction and depopulation, leading to last month's historic bankruptcy.... Read More »


Judge with ties to auto industry bankruptcies to oversee Detroit case

7:45 pm U.S. ET | July 20, 2013
Detroit's bankruptcy will be overseen by a 28-year veteran of the bench who approved the liquidation of auto parts maker Collins & Aikman in 2007 and served as chief judge of the bankruptcy court in Detroit when it changed its rules at the end of 2008 to make it a more attractive venue for carmakers to reorganize.... Read More »



Time to raise the white flag on dual clutch trannies

2:25 pm U.S. ET | July 19, 2013
This is a historic week for white flags in Detroit, given the city's bankruptcy filing Thursday, so I'm going to suggest that domestic automakers take the opportunity to wave one of their own.... Read More »


Detroit bankruptcy won’t disrupt 2014 auto show, organizers say

4:02 pm U.S. ET | July 19, 2013
Detroit’s bankruptcy filing won’t affect the planning or staging of the 2014 North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center in January, show organizers said today.... Read More »



U.S. automakers hold a key to Detroit's future

10:10 am U.S. ET | July 19, 2013
Detroit's ties to the fortunes of the U.S. auto industry have been fraying for six decades, as manufacturing jobs in the city fell from about 296,000 in 1950 to fewer than 27,000 in 2011. But it isn't likely that Detroit's recovery will be as quick and easy as the turnaround of the U.S. automakers.... Read More »


Detroit, cradle of U.S. auto industry, seeks bankruptcy protection

7:02 pm U.S. ET | July 18, 2013
Detroit, cradle of the U.S. auto industry, became the most populous American city to file for bankruptcy, seeking court protection from creditors. The Detroit 3 automakers offered support for the plan, with Chrysler pledging to continue investing in the city.... Read More »



Like GM, bankruptcy can only help Detroit

4:45 pm U.S. ET | July 18, 2013
Today, the ominous clouds of bankruptcy have returned to the Motor City, but this time General Motors only has to watch (and it has a prime seat, inside the tallest building in town). Detroit, a city that has suffered nearly a half century of misfortune, mismanagement and mistreatment, has become the largest municipal bankruptcy case in history. Finally.... Read More »


VW plans to relaunch Phaeton in U.S. to fill 'halo' void

July 17, 2013 03:19 CET
Volkswagen plans to relaunch sales of the Phaeton in the U.S. as the carmaker looks to reignite flagging growth. The Phaeton, the brand's most expensive model, could be shown at the Detroit auto show in January.... Read More »


VW plans to bring Phaeton back to U.S. to fill 'halo' void

9:19 pm U.S. ET | July 16, 2013
Volkswagen plans to bring back the Phaeton luxury sedan to the United States as the carmaker looks to reignite flagging growth in one of the few markets it has been unable to crack. The Phaeton, the brand's most expensive model, could be shown at the Detroit auto show in January.... Read More »


Ford's historic Michigan plant moves closer to reopening as tourist attraction

3:42 pm U.S. ET | July 15, 2013
The Michigan factory where Henry Ford's moving assembly line was born would be a destination for tourists and car enthusiasts alike if plans by a local historic preservation group come together.... Read More »



'Fiat in Tennessee' is absurd -- and yet …

1:02 pm U.S. ET | July 10, 2013
Last month, the governor of Tennessee had the audacity to propose to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne that the Italian automaker move its global headquarters to Tennessee.... Read More »


Suppliers absorb more of costs from warranty claims

4:12 pm U.S. ET | June 24, 2013
Automakers are increasingly requiring contributions from suppliers for potential product liability, warranty and recall claims, and the emphasis on shared responsibility has worked its way from the automakers down to all three tiers of the supply chain.... Read More »


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