Labor Negotiations

UAW local ratifies Lear contract ending 2-tier wages

7:45 pm U.S. ET | Sept. 21, 2014
UAW-represented employees at a Lear seat plant in Indiana ratified a new contract today ending a wage structure that pays new-hires less than their veteran colleagues....
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Why the UAW will strike in 2015 -- no matter what's offered

10:22 am U.S. ET | Sept. 19, 2014
Here is something that will happen in 2015 upon which you can bet serious money: The UAW will strike one -- and likely all three -- Detroit automakers before reaching a deal on a new labor agreement....
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GM plans to move some Chevy Equinox assembly to Mexico, report says

6:30 am U.S. ET | Aug. 28, 2014
General Motors and the UAW on Wednesday trumpeted the news that production of the Cadillac SRX would be shifted from Mexico to Tennessee, but Reuters has learned that GM also plans to move some other assembly work in the opposite direction....
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JCI, Unifor labor deal averts threat to GM output in Canada

1:09 pm U.S. ET | Aug. 25, 2014
About 300 unionized workers at a Johnson Controls interiors plant in Ontario ratified a new three-year contract, heading off a potential strike at the factory and work stoppage at General Motors' Oshawa assembly complex....
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UAW says union membership near majority at VW Tennessee plant

1:52 pm U.S. ET | Aug. 16, 2014
The UAW, which lost a controversial organizing vote in February at VW's assembly plant in Chattanooga, has nearly enough members in its newly formed local for the automaker to recognize it as exclusive bargaining agent for the plant, a top union official said....
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GM Korea reaches tentative wage deal, averting strike

6:30 am U.S. ET | July 28, 2014
General Motors' South Korean unit reached a tentative wage deal with its labor union today, averting a potential strike at one of its key Asian production bases....
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Toyota, Ford halt output in South Africa as strike spreads

7:49 am U.S. ET | July 14, 2014
Toyota and Ford are suspending production at South African plants as a two-week strike in the manufacturing industry disrupts the supply of components....
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Wage gap rumblings confront UAW

12:01 am U.S. ET | June 9, 2014
New UAW President Dennis Williams said he planned to attack the wide compensation disparity between veteran auto workers and new hires during next year's contract negotiations with the Detroit 3....
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Why next year's GM-UAW handshake promises to be strikingly different

3:53 pm U.S. ET | June 6, 2014
The 2015 labor talks between the Detroit 3 and UAW will be unique. For the first time in history, the hands that reach across the negotiation table for GM and the union will each belong to a woman....
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King seeks unity as UAW tries to organize transplants, preps for Detroit 3 talks

9:40 am U.S. ET | June 2, 2014
UAW President Bob King, who retires this week, wants to build unity at the union as it continues efforts to organize transplants in the South and prepares for collective bargaining with the Detroit 3 next year....
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Unifor delays union vote at Toyota's Canada plants

6:37 pm U.S. ET | April 3, 2014
The union pushing to organize workers at Toyota's Canadian plants said on Thursday it would delay a union vote after Toyota said some 7,500 employees would be eligible to join the unit, nearly 1,000 more than the union had believed. The news is a setback for Unifor, Canada's largest private sector union, which filed for certification with the Ontario labor board on Monday and said voting would start next week....
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UAW, citing anti-union collusion, seeks delay in hearing on VW vote

10:01 pm U.S. ET | April 1, 2014
The UAW asked a federal agency to stay an April 21 hearing related to a mid-February union vote it lost at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant, citing what it called new evidence of collusion between Republican lawmakers and anti-union groups....
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Toyota factory workers in Canada to vote on joining Unifor union

2:58 pm U.S. ET | March 31, 2014
Workers at Toyota's Canadian manufacturing plants are set to vote next week on whether to unionize. Unifor, Canada's largest private-sector union, said on Monday it has filed with the Ontario labor board to hold a union certification vote at three Toyota assembly plants in Canada....
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Anti-union workers win voice in UAW fight at VW's Tenn. plant

3:26 pm U.S. ET | March 11, 2014
The National Labor Relations Board has decided that anti-union workers at Volkswagen AG can defend the results of a mid-February union election that the UAW lost at the company's plant in Chattanooga....
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Corker: Don't let the UAW silence public officials

1:11 pm U.S. ET | March 4, 2014
Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., in an op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal today, accused the UAW of trying to silence public officials as part of the union's appeal of a failed organizing vote at Volkswagen AG's Tennessee assembly plant last month....
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Corker: U.S. labor board should not 'muzzle' lawmakers

12:37 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 27, 2014
Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee called on federal authorities on Thursday not to muzzle lawmakers who do not support union organizing as they consider the UAW's appeal of a failed effort to represent workers at a VW plant in Chattanooga....
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VW workers file to fight UAW's election challenge in U.S.

Feb. 26, 2014 06:01 CET
Five workers from Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant in the U.S. have petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for a chance to challenge the UAW's efforts to overturn the results of this month's union election there....
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VW workers file to fight UAW's election challenge

4:02 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 25, 2014
Five workers from Volkswagen AG's Chattanooga plant petitioned the National Labor Relations Board today for a chance to challenge the UAW's efforts to overturn the results of this month's union election there....
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King: UAW appeal in VW vote targets outsiders

5:18 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 24, 2014
UAW President Bob King said on Monday that the union's appeal of a failed organizing effort at Volkswagen's plant in Chattanooga will focus on the actions of outside parties, not the German automaker....
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Tracing the UAW's struggle with foreign automakers

12:01 am U.S. ET | Feb. 24, 2014
Automotive News spoke to labor analyst Kristen Dziczek about the root of the issues that led up to the recent vote at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga....
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Conservative group's anti-union effort to target more U.S. plants

8:39 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 17, 2014
The Center for Worker Freedom, a conservative group that helped defeat an organizing campaign by the UAW in Tennessee, will take its anti-union fight to other auto plants in the South, its leaders said on Monday. The group plans to renew its battle against the UAW at so-called "transplants" in Alabama and Mississippi where the union wants to organize....
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UAW regroups after stinging VW setback

12:34 am U.S. ET | Feb. 16, 2014
The UAW could be forced to reconsider its efforts to organize workers at foreign-owned factories in the U.S., labor experts say, as the union vowed to keep fighting after losing a closely watched vote at VV's Tennessee plant....
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REACTION: 'We're not leaving Chattanooga'

5:45 am U.S. ET | Feb. 15, 2014
A roundup of what labor experts, UAW leaders, union supporters and opponents, and others are saying about the UAW's organizing setback at Volkswagen AG's assembly plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.:...
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VW workers reject union organizing drive at U.S. plant

Feb. 15, 2014 06:01 CET
Workers at VW's U.S. plant voted to reject union representation, dealing a devastating loss to the United Auto Workers union, which saw the factory as its best chance to gain a toehold at a foreign-owned assembly plant in the country's southern states....
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VW to build SUV in Tennessee, Corker reasserts

2:45 pm U.S. ET | Feb. 15, 2014
U.S. Sen. Bob Corker on Saturday doubled down on his claim that Volkswagen AG will build a new mid-sized SUV at its assembly plant in Tennessee now that the UAW has been turned away....
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