How PSA and France ran out of gas

Dec. 4, 2013 12:34 CET
PSA has spent years watching rivals find great success outside of Europe. Now both PSA and France must find a way -- if there is one -- to compete globally. In PSA's case, the company's future is at stake.... Read More »


Spanish car plants look beyond low labor costs to prolong boom

Nov. 22, 2013 12:53 CET
Spain's car manufacturing industry is flourishing while other European countries struggle. But industry experts warn that Spain must expand into r&d and improve transport links if it is to remain Europe's second-biggest maker of cars and beat lower cost rivals such as the Czech Republic.... Read More »


China expert fears financial crisis

Nov. 22, 2013 15:42 CET
China could soon become a major trouble spot for automakers and their suppliers if it stumbles into the so-called middle-income trap that ensnared Brazil 50 years ago, said Jochen Siebert, managing director of consultancy JSC Automotive Consulting in Shanghai.... Read More »


Early holiday deals expected to boost Nov. U.S. sales 4-7%

2:36 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 22, 2013
Auto sales in the United States are on pace to rise between 4 and 7 percent in November from a year ago, analysts said, with after-Thanksgiving deals expected to overshadow a slow start to the month.... Read More »


McLaren sees China slowdown persisting amid gov't crackdown on lavish spending

Nov. 22, 2013 06:01 CET
McLaren says it sees a slowdown in China sales persisting amid a crackdown by the Chinese authorities on high-end luxury goods including cars.... Read More »


European new-car sales rise 5% in October

Nov. 19, 2013 08:34 CET
European car registrations rose 5 percent in October, marking the first back-to-back gains in monthly sales in two years, as a government scrappage program helped push a delivery surge in Spain.... Read More »


Sinkhole no more: Fleet shapes up

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 18, 2013
The Detroit 3 have in recent years stopped dumping surplus cars into daily rental fleets and repurchasing them at pre-set prices. That has shifted more of the financial risk of resale to fleet operators, which have developed more outlets to resell used vehicles.... Read More »



Manage misfortune, expand when you can

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 11, 2013
Ray Price III, whose grandpa, Ray Price Sr., started selling Model T's in Cresco, Pa., in the Pocono Mountains in 1913, calls the 2008-09 auto sales crash "not particularly difficult" compared to other events in the franchise's history. Ray Price Cars survived once again, and these days Ray III and brother Walt are busy enlarging and modernizing the multibrand, multisite family business to keep it secure for a new generation.... Read More »


Lesson in service learned from near demise

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 4, 2013
During the recession, General Motors canceled -- but later reinstated -- the Buick-Cadillac-GMC franchise agreement for the dealership Tony Cline oversees in Carlisle, Pa.... Read More »


Audi CEO Stadler sees slow western Europe car market recovery

Oct. 29, 2013 06:01 CET
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said that western European auto markets will not recover before the end of the decade.... Read More »


EPA says automakers' test drivers can be too good

11:37 am U.S. ET | Oct. 4, 2013
Car companies warn car buyers that their fuel economy will vary in the real world. The numbers vary in the laboratory, too, says the top auto regulator at the EPA -- and he's warning automakers to mind the gap.... Read More »


Car sales decline slows to 1% in Germany in September

Oct. 2, 2013 12:43 CET
Germany's new-car sales fell by just 1 percent in September, raising hopes that Europe's battered car market may be on the road to recovery.... Read More »


Chevy gains 18% as European sales fall to lowest level since 1990

2:33 am U.S. ET | Sept. 17, 2013
European car sales fell 5 percent in August with PSA and Volkswagen Group hit hardest by the eurozone slump. Ford's European sales decreased 1 percent last month. General Motors sales rose 1 percent as an 18 percent gain by Chevrolet more than offset a 3 percent decline at the Opel/Vauxhall division.... Read More »


European sales slide resumes in August

Sept. 17, 2013 08:33 CET
European car sales fell 5 percent in August with PSA and VW Group hit hardest by the euro-zone slump. Eight-month sales also fell 5 percent, bringing deliveries this year to the lowest level since records began.... Read More »


Ford to expand lineup for European recovery

Sept. 16, 2013 06:01 CET
Ford of Europe is adopting a tactic that Ford Motor Co. used during the 2008-2009 recession in the United States by bulking up its lineup as it awaits the European car market's recovery.... Read More »



Auto executives more downbeat than desperate

Sept. 11, 2013 13:00 CET
Two years ago, at the last Frankfurt auto show, the big story was the unraveling euro zone crisis and its effect on the auto industry. Now the crisis is subsiding, but the caution remains.... Read More »



European automakers see long road to recovery

Sept. 10, 2013 10:38 CET
Europe's car market is bottoming out after five years of falling demand, but high unemployment and weak bank lending suggest its recovery will be long and slow, executives at the Frankfurt show said.... Read More »


Auto recovery picks up, looks like a 'V'

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 9, 2013
Comparing 3 recoveriesAs auto sales were bottoming out in 2009, most analysts said they did not expect a V-shaped recovery. And indeed, for two years the comeback that began in 2010 was tracking slower than the one that followed the last big U.S. auto recession in the early 1980s.... Read More »


Fiat plans to extend layoffs for 5,300 Mirafiori factory workers, report says

Aug. 27, 2013 15:19 CET
Fiat plans to extend temporary layoffs at its Mirafiori factory in Italy amid slumping car demand in Europe. About 5,300 workers at the factory in Turin will be asked to stay home for most of next year.... Read More »


Ford of Europe sales boss sees no quick end to price war

Aug. 15, 2013 15:51 CET
Europe's car market may be on the rebound, but a manufacturers' price war will not let up until sales increase significantly, Ford of Europe's sales chief says.... Read More »


European car market begins rebound as economy improves

Aug. 15, 2013 11:34 CET
The European car market is showing the first signs of improvement as a recession ends in the euro zone and deliveries begin to rise in key regional markets.... Read More »


Ford's Russian venture will cut production on lower Focus demand

Aug. 9, 2013 11:40 CET
Ford Sollers, a joint venture between Ford and Russian carmaker Sollers, will reduce production at its plant near St. Petersburg and cut daily shifts to two from three.... Read More »


German car sales rise 2%, fueling Europe recovery hopes

Aug. 2, 2013 11:11 CET
Car sales in Germany rose by 2 percent in July. Germany joins France and Spain in posting sales gains last month, fueling to hopes that Europe's slump may be bottoming out.... Read More »


Scrappage program helps to boost Spain car sales 15%

Aug. 1, 2013 13:01 CET
Spanish car sales increased 15 percent in July, boosted by a government scrappage scheme for the purchase of new vehicles.... Read More »


Problems ease in Europe; Ford, GM still wary

July 29, 2013 06:01 CET
Smaller second-quarter European losses by GM and Ford appeared to signal that the region's car market has reached its nadir and is beginning to heal.... Read More »


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