By-wire age is coming; what's missing is trust

12:01 am U.S. ET | Dec. 2, 2013
The auto industry is stepping up the push for car features that work by electronic impulses, but its progress has been impeded by fearful consumers and luxury owners.... Read More »


Toyota will recall 185,000 vehicles globally for power-steering flaw

July 3, 2013 10:03 CET
Toyota will recall about 185,000 vehicles globally, including the Yaris subcompact made in France, because of a glitch in the electric power steering system that could make the steering heavier. No accidents or injuries have been reported from the flaw, a Toyota spokeswoman said.... Read More »


Nissan will recall 841,000 vehicles globally due to steering wheel glitch

May 23, 2013 09:44 CET
Nissan will recall about 841,000 vehicles worldwide, including UK-built Micra subcompacts, as a result of a steering wheel glitch that could result in a loss of steering. The automaker said no accidents have been reported.... Read More »


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How a Texas Toyota store solved used-car-supply challenge

How a Texas Toyota store solved used-car-supply challenge

Mike Shaw Toyota in Corpus Christi, Texas, needed more used cars. But driving 150 miles to the nearest auction was time-consuming and costly. Mon., April 14
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