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June 27, 2016

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A split heard round the industry
Author: Nick Bunkley and Nick Gibbs

The United Kingdom's stunning decision to abandon the European Union could slash automakers' profits by billions of dollars and cut new-vehicle sales by nearly a million units over the next three years, analysts warned.

Fixing Cadillac's problem child
Author: Mike Colias

Cadillac is trying to breathe new life into the ATS compact sedan through a series of price and trim-package adjustments for the 2017 model year.

What do Mustang and Camaro have in common?
Author: Nick Bunkley

Despite partisan loyalties on each side, starting next year the Chevrolet Camaro will share a transmission with the Ford Mustang.

Applications open for '17 PACE Awards

The application process has opened for the 2017 Automotive News PACE Awards, which identify and honor game-changing and commercialized supplier innovations in technology and processes.

IIHS signals impatience on passenger protection
Author: Ryan Beene

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is using its powerful megaphone to send a message to automakers: Don't slack off on passenger-side safety.

Mercedes execs to sample retail experience
Author: Amy Wilson

About 40 Mercedes-Benz USA managers will each spend a week this summer working at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. New CEO Dietmar Exler mandated tours of duty to help his people see how the decisions they make in the home office play out in the real world.

ZEV mandates get harder to ignore
Author: Dave Guilford

California's air-quality regulations are slated to tighten in 2018 in a way that limits the impact of partial credits from sales of plug-in hybrids and low-emissions conventional vehicles, requiring more actual ZEV sales.

Are shifters getting too complicated?
Author: Richard Truett

The death of 27-year-old Star Trek actor who was pinned to his death by his own Jeep Grand Cherokee has brought scrutiny to a driving function that has changed with the advance of electronic controls. Putting a vehicle into park is more complicated than it used to be.

Nissan's to-do list: Range, autonomy
Author: Hans Greimel

Nissan will introduce two new technologies this year to move the needle on CEO Carlo Ghosn's goal of making Nissan a leader in electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

These guys want your used-vehicle sales, profits
Author: Arlena Sawyers

Beepi. Shift. Carvana. Vroom. Don't let the clever names fool you. These tech start-ups aim to take a bite out of the used-vehicle retail industry's lunch.

Glimpses of the redesigned Volvo XC60
Author: Diana Kurylko

Spy photos of next year's redesigned Volvo XC60 show the midsize crossover with heavy cladding, making it difficult to tell whether the vehicle will look radically different from today's version.

Land Rover's latest Discovery
Author: Diana T. Kurylko

The Land Rover Discovery will replace the LR4 late this year or early in 2017, and new spy photos show its design will be more modern and less quirky, still with seating for seven.

Limited editions mark Viper's final year
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

The Dodge Viper will head into the paddock permanently in 2017 but not before the brand offers five limited editions of the hand-built sports coupe.

VW drops low-volume Jetta Hybrid in U.S.
Author: Ryan Beene

Volkswagen of America is dropping the Jetta Hybrid for 2017, ending a run of three model years for the lone hybrid in its U.S. lineup.

Goodbye to the Europe I knew
Author: Bradford Wernle

I am deeply shocked and disappointed by the decision of British voters to leave the European Union. A place I loved called Britain may no longer be so great any more.

Penske, Group 1 assess the damage
Author: Amy Wilson

Penske Automotive and Group 1 Automotive took an immediate stock-price hit in the wake of Britain's vote to exit the European Union. Earnings will suffer from a collapsing British pound. But the longer-term impact remains unclear.

Supplier planning hits the brakes
Author: David Sedgwick

The U.K. vote to exit the European Union leaves suppliers in the dark on future investment until new EU trade deals can be adopted.

Fine-tuning the dealership TV set
Author: Jim Henry

Zamora Automotive Group's Honda of Superstition Springs uses customized programming delivered to 24 screens throughout the dealership to get its marketing messages to customers in the store.

Diverse Hall of Fame class worked to drive the industry forward

The 2016 Automotive Hall of Fame inductees have diverse roles - engineer, industrialist, visionary, critic - but their energy and devotion shaped the auto industry.

International trade makes America work
Author: Cody Lusk

The established punching bag of this election cycle isn't just the Washington establishment, it's also international trade. The 2016 campaign has turned political norms on their heads, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised to see so many so wrong about something so simple. And the facts are simple.

Le Mans a great win for Ford
Author: Keith Crain

This month at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ford won its class with a new-generation GT. And just as it did in 1966, Ford did it by beating Ferrari.

Texas court upholds retailer's victory in suit against Mercedes
Author: Eric Freedman

Mercedes-Benz USA remains on the hook to a Harlingen, Texas, dealership for $15.3 million in compensatory damages, plus interest, stemming from its secret assignment of a new point near the area where it knew the store's purchaser was looking to relocate.

ASKED & ANSWERED: Danny Shapiro, director of automotive, Nvidia

Shapiro says artificial intelligence is "the way forward on autonomous cars."

Auto industry faces fight for airwaves
Author: Ryan Beene

An FCC commissioner's argument is a setback for the auto industry, which has struggled to defend its claim to a critical segment of the radio spectrum against competing claims from cable and Internet companies seeking more bandwidth for Wi-Fi services.

Toyota's idea factory ramps up
Author: Hans Greimel

Six months on the job, Toyota Motor Corp.'s top visionary for new mobility is spelling out priorities and ambitions, promising new safety technologies for cars within five years and envisioning a time when even children are chauffeured solo in autonomous vehicles to soccer practice.

Fewer customers may mean more time to sell
Author: Hannah Lutz

Dealers wince at the prospect of slowing vehicle sales. But there could be a bright spot: With fewer customers, F&I managers will have more time to focus on sales penetration for add-on products.

Mercedes: Google doesn't scare us
Author: Amy Wilson

Mercedes-Benz executives say they're well-positioned to capitalize on technological and demographic changes that will transform the industry over the next 10 years.

Auction tool aims to uncover open recalls
Author: Arlena Sawyers

AutoCheck Auctions is testing a new recall report service for auction houses. Disclosing vehicles that have open recalls to auctions helps dealers make informed decisions about wholesale used-vehicle purchases, the company says.

CarMax adds auction sites, eases registration
Author: Arlena Sawyers

CarMax is adding auctions and making it easier for wholesale customers to register to buy cars and trucks at the company's 67 physical auction sites.

Customers, off-lease tide prompt auction growth
Author: Arlena Sawyers

Independent auctions are growing their businesses to keep up with customer demands for vehicle reconditioning, body shop and other services and storage space. But they need to strike a balance between growing, and growing too much.

BMW workers don 'Iron Man' suit
Author: Christiaan Hetzner

BMW experiments with an exoskeletal device to fight U.S. worker fatigue.

Bentley: Yes, we still build sedans
Author: David Undercoffler

Despite the popularity of the Bentayga crossover, Bentley says the Mulsanne sedan will remain king of its lineup.

Service adviser overtime case ain't over
Author: Ryan Beene

The Supreme Court stopped short of settling once and for all the broader question of whether exemptions in overtime rules should apply to dealership service advisers, leaving open the possibility that the dispute could surface again.

How Nissan can keep its EV edge
Author: Lindsay Chappell

By virtue of mass-marketing its Leaf electric vehicle in the U.S. for the past five years, Nissan is already in full compliance with the ZEV requirements for California and the 10 states in the Northeast that follow the California regulations.

Why EVs flow to California
Author: Ryan Beene

The 'travel provision' of California's automotive emissions rules allows electric vehicle sales in any of the 10 states following the rules to count in all 10 states.

Jeep pickup is due in 2018, Compass replacement this year
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

A Wrangler-based pickup will appear in early 2018, while the replacement for the Jeep Compass and Patriot due late this year will keep one of those names, Jeep head Mike Manley said. Dsv

A new giant could make more vehicles than Toyota

Nissan's proposed takeover of Mitsubishi Motors would produce a Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi giant that could overtake Toyota in global light-vehicle production by 2017, predicts consultancy LMC Automotive.

Cleveland got its trophy, and slam-dunk ad
Author: Vince Bond Jr.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers trailed the Golden State Warriors two games to one in the NBA Finals and things looked bleak, ad agency Tier10 shot an inspiring spot for the Northern Ohio Honda Dealers Association about the power of belief.

Emissions-free, for real: Norway turns to the sun

The first Toyota Mirai fuel cell car sold in Norway went to a company which plans to open a hydrogen station that makes hydrogen by using surplus electricity from solar panels on neighboring buildings.

Musk is losing big on Tesla's SolarCity bid

In the initial day of trading after Tesla Motors said it would buy SolarCity, Elon Musk -- the largest shareholder of both companies -- lost a net $715 million.

Super students set record 3,788 mpg

The winning vehicle in this year's SAE Supermileage competition posted a record 3,788 mpg.