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August 14, 2017

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A migration to Texas, done the Toyota Way
Author: Laurence Iliff

Toyota executives say they've consolidated operations from around the country, just in time to confront the disruptive challenges facing the industry.

Chinese automakers covet FCA
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

Chinese automakers are facing government pressure to buy foreign companies -- and FCA makes an attractive target. At least one Chinese offer has been made, but FCA rejected it for not being enough.

Could Smart get any smaller?
Author: Amy Wilson

Daimler's microcar brand will lose more than two-thirds of its U.S. dealerships after its lineup goes all-electric this year.

Accord gets the goodies, while Acura waits
Author: David Undercoffler

Within American Honda's walls, the bread-and-butter Accord family car commands deep respect, while Acura remains stuck in a second-fiddle role.

NAFTA's touchiest issue: rules of origin
Author: Eric Kulisch

Automakers and free-trade proponents warn that even minor adjustments to the rules of origin could upset the carefully constructed balance of economic interests among the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Why Toyota is doubling down on N. America
Author: Laurence Iliff

Toyota is forging ahead in all three NAFTA countries at a time when other automakers are sounding more cautious.

Cox sheds staff through layoffs, retirements
Author: Vince Bond Jr.

Cox Automotive, which has made a flurry of acquisitions in recent years, is reducing its workforce by roughly 3 percent, according to an internal memo obtained by Automotive News.

Has Mazda found the 'holy grail' of powertrains?
Author: Hans Greimel

The new engine delivers torque and fuel efficiency on par with a diesel engine but without nasty nitrogen oxide or sooty emissions.

Speedy design cycles goal for Hyundai's new studio
Author: Hans Greimel

Hyundai and Genesis are aiming to halve product design cycles, slashing the time it would take them to roll out full model changes. It's a bid to respond quickly to changing trends and keep products fresh amid toughening competition.

Crossover EV coming to U.S. in '20, VW says
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

Volkswagen has shown three electric concept vehicles built on its new MEB platform — a five-door hatchback, a minivan and a crossover — and the crossover will arrive first in U.S. dealerships.

Mercedes' Vision of a roadster?
Author: Richard Truett

Mercedes-Benz plans to show a new version of its Vision concept this weekend .

New Aston Vantage looks built for Bond
Author: Nick Gibbs

It turns out that the 2015 Aston Martin DB10 built purely for the James Bond film Spectre was a sneak preview of the new Vantage sports car.

Subaru's next-gen Forester gets a bolder look
Author: Jack Walsworth

Subaru's next-generation Forester will get a more aggressive front end and sportier side profile.

Tesla will reduce electrical wiring in Model Y, Musk says
Author: Lindsay Chappell

Whatever new technologies Tesla's new Model 3 contains as it reaches consumers this year, there is one thing it will have much less of -- and that's wiring.

Chicago dealerships cope with tech strike
Author: Katie Buda

Some dealers were overwhelmed with incomplete orders and were closing service departments. Others were taking the walkout in stride.

Toyota plant shuffle scrambles supplier plans
Author: Hans Greimel

Toyota's rethink on making the Tacoma in Mexico instead of the Corolla is causing dozens of suppliers to come up with a Plan B.

Bob Mallon's $13 million legacy
Author: Jackie Charniga

Bob Mallon, who died Aug. 3, left a major legacy with the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation, which he founded.

BMW knows what it doesn't know
Author: Keith Crain

BMW is planning combustion, hybrid and electric versions of its key nameplates and will make them all capable of rolling off the same assembly line. BMW is smart enough to admit that it does not know, and so it is trying to maintain its flexibility.

Broken promises harm employees

As I've had a chance to read about Michelle Savoy I can readily see how one can find oneself in her situation.

Drivers who text must be stopped

A “textalyzer” is a great idea. The state police are either not able, or just aren't interested in, cruising the interstate roadways to ticket texters.

Hilux could ease Tacoma demand

Bringing the gasoline model Toyota Hilux to the U.S. could assist in balancing the demand for Tacomas.

Let’s continue Mallon’s work

If there was ever a dealer you could call Mr. NADA, it was Bob Mallon, and I cannot begin to count the times I have repeated to myself his famous phrase, “in perpetuity.”

Limbo is the place for full-size sedans

The discussion about the full-size sedan dying has been going on for years.

Minority dealers are a must

Hyundai Motor America's success in raising the number of its minority-owned dealerships shows what is possible with a strong commitment from top management.

To fix NAFTA, make labor standards enforceable

The U.S. and Mexico aren't opponents on a tennis court. They are next-door neighbors, and each one has a considerable stake in the economic health and success of the other.

Where are all the other mandates?

In public health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not prescribe, under threat of penalty, a date by which pharmaceutical companies shall produce a drug to immunize against a certain disease. With cars, it's different.

Toyota to showcase autonomous mettle at 2020 Games
Author: Hans Greimel

As a top global sponsor of the Olympics and the country's flagship automaker, Toyota sees the Tokyo games as a turning point for its image.

Dealership thought its workers were happy. They weren't.
Author: Michael Martinez

After an employee survey revealed widespread discontent, Ricart Ford used Ford Motor Co.'s Consumer Experience Movement program to cut turnover and improve sales.

BMO Harris dives deeper into auto lending
Author: Jesse Snyder

BMO Harris is boosting its auto lending by expanding downward to near-prime customers, introducing three-tier flat fees and leveraging floorplanning relationships.

F&I for Generation Y: Be casual, creative
Author: Nancy Dunham

A casual, targeted approach is an important tool for all finance managers when selling to millennials, experts say. That's especially true given their growing impact on the auto market.

GM's in-house F&I brand thrives
Author: Hannah Lutz

General Motors' F&I product branch tripled its contract volume last year and is planning to double it again in 2017, no easy feat for a relatively new F&I provider in a market saturated with seasoned veterans.

Why does Acura bother with the RLX?
Author: David Undercoffler

With a refreshed model for 2018, Honda is looking to pump some life back into its premier luxury car.

Auto brands overlook niches in ethnic marketing
Author: Vince Bond Jr.

Auto brands are overlooking certain segments within minority groups and falling into the trap of putting ethnic consumers into boxes defined by old stereotypes.

Legalese at hyperspeed: What's the point?
Author: Cameron La Fontaine

Even if listeners can’t catch a word of it, the fast-talk disclosures at the end of radio ads serve an important purpose.

Investors buy in, but sellers stay on
Author: Jamie LaReau

Partial ownership makes the deal easier to digest and smooths relationships with the factory.

Lithia positioned to make majority investments in minority dealers
Author: Jamie LaReau

Lithia Motors is looking to buy a majority stake in dealerships run by minority dealers who need an investor's backing.

Lithia adds 5 stores, looks to buy more
Author: Jamie LaReau

On the heels of one of its biggest deals yet, Lithia Motors plans to keep up its aggressive acquisition pace.

NAFTA rewrite: Who wants what

Key players, negotiating strategies, wish lists and more for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, automakers, suppliers and organized labor

Jaguar lineup will keep growing
Author: Richard Truett

The F-Pace crossover is selling about the same number of units each month as all of the brand's cars combined. The winning streak should continue into 2018 when two new crossovers arrive

Reborn JLR and Volvo hitting their strides
Author: Katie Burke and Richard Truett

New products, new strategies and bigger sales are keeping JLR and Volvo on the climb.

Land Rover product offensive rolls on
Author: Richard Truett

Land Rover retailers are waiting to see if the brand can pass its toughest test yet: replacing the iconic Defender.

Lynk debuts in U.S. in 2019 with 01 crossover
Author: Katie Burke

The brand will initially begin sales in China this November.

Volvo's battery-powered revival
Author: Katie Burke

The automaker will offer three electrified vehicles in 2019 and spin out the high-performance Polestar line as an EV-only subbrand.

Toyota had HQ builders on tight schedule
Author: Laurence Iliff

Building Toyota's new Texas home involved battling a labor shortage and soggy weather with little margin for error to get everything finished on time.

Year's end is facing glut of cars
Author: Jesse Snyder

In the closing weeks of the 2017 model year, the U.S. auto industry has a glut of slow-selling cars and GM unable to work its way out of some deliberate overstocking.

Camaro is better — just not better looking

Bob Lutz says Chevy blew the Camaro's redesign.

Ferrari leaves FCA in dust

In market cap competition, Ferrari begins to pull away from FCA.

Hyundai's little brother is finally having his day

Don't look now, but Kia has outsold Hyundai in each of the past two months.