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October 24, 2016

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As Honda's U.S. sales rise, capacity shrinks
Author: Hans Greimel

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo says his company's U.S. sales are expected to increase next year even as the market flattens, putting increased pressure on already-strained production capacity. Look for the carmaker to ramp up its Japan export engine to meet demand.

Ford signals limited support for cars
Author: Nick Bunkley

CEO Mark Fields says Ford isn't giving up on cars -- even as the automaker abandons most U.S. production of them -- but it also won't keep piling on discounts to boost sales "unnaturally."

Geely's new brand eyes Tesla retail playbook
Author: Luca Ciferri

Geely Automobile's new global brand, Lynk & CO, will mount a Tesla-like challenge to the U.S. franchised dealer system as it pushes for 500,000 annual global sales within five years.

Bentley boss will be World Congress speaker

Bentley Motors CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer, who has led the British luxury brand to record sales and embarked on its biggest investment program ever, will speak at the Automotive News World Congress on Jan. 10.

Carlos Tavares' next frontier
Author: Luca Ciferri

Former Nissan North America chief Carlos Tavares has turned French automaker PSA around and is pushing it into global markets -- including the U.S.

EPA scrutiny bogs down new diesels
Author: Ryan Beene

Only two automakers have received EPA clearance to sell 2017 diesels in the U.S. Other automakers' plans remain in limbo as the EPA continues the rigorous diesel testing regime it implemented in response to VW's emissions violations.

Hachigo says Honda is just fine on its own
Author: Hans Greimel

Suddenly, Honda looks like the odd man in Japan. Toyota just added Suzuki to its growing stable of partners, and Nissan is poised to take control of Mitsubishi. Meanwhile, Honda is left by its lonesome in the face of industry consolidation.

Losing the car key
Author: David Sedgwick

The latest evolution in car keys is on its way -- no car key at all. The future of vehicle entry and engine start is in your smartphone.

Toyota leaps into transportation planning
Author: Laurence Iliff

Toyota is working with the city of Plano, Texas, along with nearby municipalities, transit agencies and local employers on a broad study of how to reduce traffic congestion and improve the use of public transportation.

A peek at Jeep's revived Grand Wagoneer
Author: Larry P. Vellequette

A spy photo that emerged from a recent Jeep dealer meeting offers a glimpse of the upcoming Grand Wagoneer and confirms how closely a redesigned 2018 Wrangler will stick to the off-roader's current styling.

BMW reviving 8 series, sources say
Author: Michael Specht

BMW is reviving the 8 series, the big coupe built from 1989 to 1999, sources tell Automobilwoche, a German sibling publication of Automotive News.

Report: Maserati delays Alfieri till '20
Author: Nick Gibbs

Maserati has delayed its Alfieri sports car until 2020, according to a new report.

Tesla to install self-driving hardware in all new vehicles
Author: Katie Burke

Tesla Motors Inc. will equip all models it builds from now on with hardware that enables fully autonomous driving, says CEO Elon Musk.

GUEST COLUMN, CARLOS GHOSN: Why we're investing in Mitsubishi
Author: Carlos Ghosn

When Mitsubishi Motors Corp. CEO Osamu Masuko came to meet with me in April to ask for Nissan's support to restore the engineering organization and revive the company, we knew that forming a strategic alliance made financial and operational sense for both of our companies.

How will Nissan and Mitsubishi connect?
Author: Hans Greimel

Now that Nissan has taken a controlling stake in Mitsubishi, the two automakers are still figuring out how they might cooperate in North America. But in an executive shuffle, Nissan North America boss Jose Munoz gets an additional job: global chief performance officer.

Lithia, Group 1 return to the buy-sell arena
Author: Jamie LaReau and Laurence Iliff

Lithia Motors and Group 1 Automotive are back on the prowl for dealerships.

A perfect spot to test autonomous cars

Perhaps we need a new Convergence on autonomous vehicles.

Dealership hours keep women away

It would be wise for dealers to find ways to attract women to their dealerships and especially the sales floor.

Is there room for yet another brand?

At every international show around the world, the gossip is always about who is going to dive off the board straight into the U.S. market.

Maybe the car sales rules should change

Keith Crain's role of white knight in calling out Tesla is misguided.

Unusual alliance key to network of self-driving cars

Automakers, suppliers and governments must work together to develop truly autonomous vehicles.

Minority software suppliers in short supply
Author: David Sedgwick

A senior Nissan executive fears that Silicon Valley's race to develop software for connected cars, collision avoidance and other high-tech functions is leaving minority suppliers behind.

Ford's Fields: 'Getting ahead' of industry changes

Amid skepticism on Wall Street, CEO Mark Fields aims to prove that Ford is in much better shape to withstand a downturn in the market.

Honda's Hachigo: Betting on stable market
Author: Hans Greimel

Hachigo's mantra is to prioritize quality and innovation over volume. He says Honda will unleash an onslaught of electrified vehicles and is preparing for new mobility businesses.

BMW's Krueger: Automaker is innovator in mobility
Author: Diana T. Kurylko

In a Q&A, Harald Krueger, CEO of BMW AG, talks about waging a technology race to establish supremacy with electric and autonomous vehicles.

How humans could ruin the autonomous era
Author: Sharon Silke Carty

There are millions of ways that flawed, messy, sometimes inconsiderate humans can mess up a perfectly good utopian scenario.

Cybersecurity threat helps forge friendships
Author: Katie Burke

Regulating cybersecurity attacks has forced automakers to make friends with former foes and to start sharing information with competitors.

Japan Inc. gets serious about cybersecurity
Author: Hans Greimel

Japan's carmakers are still seen as slow to adapt to the vulnerabilities of connected cars. But with the advent of autonomous driving just over the horizon, Japan Inc. is finally getting serious about cybersecurity.

NXP bid would thrust Qualcomm into dogfight
Author: David Sedgwick

Qualcomm's bid to get NXP would make it an automotive chip colossus - but the competition won't be easy.

Canada labor deals may only slow the bleeding
Author: John Irwin

The roughly $900 million Canadian in investment commitments that Unifor has secured from the Detroit 3 thus far might not be enough to fully reverse the long-term trend of auto manufacturing jobs leaving Canada, labor experts say.

Toyota aims to assist, not replace, drivers
Author: David Sedgwick

Toyota is in no hurry to join the auto industry's stampede to launch fleet tests of Google-style self-driving taxis. The company's top priority is to help the motorist to drive safely, rather than to replace the driver, a senior Toyota executive said last week.


A look at the anniversaries dealerships around the country are celebrating, including dealers for Volvo, Toyota, Mazda, GMC and Dodge.

Morale booster: Letting workers call it a day
Author: Leigh Raper

When Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines reviewed its operating hours, it found it was missing business in the morning, when customers came in for service, and selling few cars in the evening. So it closed an hour earlier. Employee morale improved, and job applicants increased.

Lear hopes to tap into Detroit's creative energy with incubator
Author: Bradford Wernle and Stephanie Hernandez McGavin

DETROIT -- Lear Corp. CEO Matt Simoncini believes a new design and innovation center opened here last week will give the company an advantage as a supplier and designer of advanced seating and electronics technologies.

Honda planning to increase its share of hybrids by 2030
Author: Hans Greimel

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo wants more than two-thirds of the company's U.S. sales in 2030 to come from green cars such as traditional hybrids, plug-ins, fuel cell vehicles and EVs.

PSA presented Tavares with the biggest challenge
Author: Luca Ciferri

Tavares' candor got him fired at Renault, but it also got him what he wanted: the chance to be CEO of a major global automaker.

Political donations point to pivotal election
Author: Ryan Beene

Elections swing back and forth, but the race for campaign cash from the auto industry is typically no contest. Republican nominees for president have raked in seven-figure sums from auto industry donors in each election cycle since 2000. This year is different.

Auto supply chains confound Apple project

Bloomberg reports that Apple executives have given the auto team a deadline of late next year to prove the feasibility of its self-driving system and decide on a final direction for the project.

Chinese tech firm learns lesson in auto logistics

LeEco unveiled an autonomous electric-vehicle concept called the LeSee Pro at a lavish event in San Francisco last week

Jeep owner gets surprise from the junkyard

The redesigned 2018 Jeep Wrangler hasn't gone into production yet, but one man can already call himself an owner. Or at least could - partially.

Lear adds graffiti

Lear Corp., the Detroit-based supplier of seating and electrical systems, opened its Innovation Center in downtown Detroit last week.

Madam vice president?

While Ford Motor Co. was getting battered on the campaign trail by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier this year, his rival was apparently considering General Motors' trailblazing CEO as a potential running mate.

Racking up the miles

Americans are driving more, which eventually should lead to more car and truck sales.