Who Bought What in Super Bowl 2013

The 2013 Super Bowl was another big one for auto advertisers hoping to make a splash in front of the game's massive audience, which last year totaled about 110 million viewers.
We'll be updating this page with the latest Super Bowl commercials as they become available. Stay tuned.

Audi of America
Final Super Bowl ad:
UPDATED: 1/28/2013

Buy: One 60-second spot in the first quarter.

Creative: An awkward young man is preparing for his high school prom with his family. He's going alone. On his way out the door, dad throws his son the keys to his S6. Behind the wheel, the young man discovers new confidence. He parks in the principal’s upon arrival to the prom, then marches across the dance floor and kisses the prom queen. Her date is not pleased. Cut to our hero back in the S6, speeding into the night with a smile, despite the black eye left by the prom king's right cross. Audi asked its fans to pick from one of three alternate endings. Check out the commercial above to see the final result.

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Super Bowl "Wolf" ad:
UPDATED: 1/22/2013

Buy: One 30-second spot in the first quarter.

Creative: The Super Bowl spot kicks off a new ad campaign for Cars.com, dubbed “Why Drama,” slated to run all year and into 2014. The spot pokes fun at the back-and-forth negotiations of buying a car by touting how the site’s vehicle comparison tools take the “drama” out of the process. A salesman tries to restore the "drama" by pulling a wolf pup out of his desk drawer before pointing out to his customers that the pup's snarling, protective mother is standing just outside the salesman's office.

Agency: McGarryBowen, Chicago
“Whole Again” Super Bowl final Jeep ad:
“Farmer” Super Bowl final Ram Truck ad:
UPDATED: 2/3/2013

Buy: A two-minute spot for Jeep, plus another two-minute Ram commercial.

Creative: Chrysler went big with not one but two, two-minute spots, one each for its Jeep and Ram brands. The Jeep spot tugs at the heartstrings of a war-weary nation by highlighting the promise of soldiers coming home and the sacrifices made by their families. Ram's commercial is an earnest ode to America's farmers.

Agency: GlobalHue, Detroit, for Jeep; The Richards Group, Dallas, for Ram.
Hyundai Motor America
.Epic Play Date” Super Bowl pre-kick final ad:
”Team” Super Bowl final ad:
“Stuck” Super Bowl final ad:
"Excited" Super Bowl pre-game ad:
UPDATED: 2/3/2013

Buy: Two 30-second spots during game; two 30-second pregame spots; one 60-second “pre-kick” spot.

Creative: Hyundai’s 60-second “Epic Play Date” spot aired just prior to kickoff and shows an outlandish family outing of skateboarding kids, dad doing donuts in the mud, the family being chased by museum security guards, a biker gang and one angry-looking ostrich as an original song by rock band The Flaming Lips plays in the background. The band cameos throughout the ad. A kid kicked off the football field by neighborhood ruffians rounds up posse of his own – in his mom’s Santa Fe – to take them on in “Team,” Hyundai’s 30-second spot in the first quarter. Ever been stuck behind a vehicle carrying some ominous cargo that looks like it could ruin your ride at any second? Hyundai thought so. Its second-quarter ad called “Stuck” shows how the Sonata Turbo solves that problem. Pregame ads include one new spot, dubbed "Excited," showing a Genesis R-Spec roaring around a racetrack accompanied by a raucous play-by-play from sportscaster Gus Johnson.

Agency: Innocean U.S.A.
Kia Motors America
"Space Babies" Super Bowl final ad:
"Hot Bots" Super Bowl final ad:
UPDATED: 1/31/2013

Buy: A 30-second commercial in the third quarter; a 60-second spot in the fourth.

Creative: The Sorento crossover stars in Kia’s 60-second spot in the fourth quarter spot, dubbed “Space Babies.” Kia says the creative is a fun take on a question dreaded by parents of young children: Where do babies come from? In the spot, a father driving the family Sorento spins a creative answer -- that babies come from the far-flung planet of “Babylandia.” Kia released the ad on Wednesday. Kia’s third-quarter spot features the redesigned 2014 Forte compact sedan, Kia’s competitor to the Honda Civic. The spot shows a gawker getting a little too close to the redesigned Forte - smearing his handprint across a window and fogging up the glass with his breath as he ogles the interior - before being robot-punched across the room by a scantily-clad "Hot Bot" played by former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella.

Agency: David and Goliath, of El Segundo, Calif., Kia's longtime ad agency.
Mercedes-Benz U.S.A.
"Soul" Super Bowl final ad:
UPDATED: 2/3/2013

Buy: A 60-second spot in the fourth quarter.

Creative: Mercedes-Benz used its Super Bowl spot to introduce its new CLA compact, a sculpted, sporty, entry-level sedan intended to attract younger buyers to the German luxury brand. The ad begins inside a run down cafe where a man is offered a deal from the devil, played by actor Willem Dafoe, to take the new CLA and the promise of celebrity. Mercedes called the a “tongue-in-cheek depiction of how far a person might go to get their heart's desire and what shape the ‘good life’ might take,” according to a Mercedes-Benz statement. The spot features model Kate Upton and R&B singer Usher.

Agency: Omnicom’s Merkley+Partners
The Lincoln Motor Co.
“Steer The Script” Super Bowl final ad:
“Phoenix” Super Bowl final ad:
UPDATED: 2/3/2013

Buy: A 30-second spot in the third quarter, plus another 30-second spot to air in a quarter to be decided later.

Creative: Lincoln's 30-second "Steer the Script" Super Bowl incorporates ideas submitted by Twitter users selected by late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. Lincoln’s second 30-second Super Bowl ad, called “Phoenix,” features the Lincoln MKZ sedan and symbolize the rebirth of the Lincoln brand.

Agency: WPP’s Hudson Rouge, a recently-created unit dedicated to Lincoln.
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.
"Wish Granted" Super Bowl ad:
UPDATED: 1/29/2013

Buy: A 60-second commercial in the first quarter; two shorter postgame spots

Creative: Toyota is going for laughs, tapping actress Kaley Cuoco, star of TV sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” to appear in its 60-second spot. The commercial, dubbed "Wish Granted," was released Monday on YouTube. Cuoco plays a wish-granting genie that comes along with Henderson family's new RAV4. She grants each family member’s wish, but in a funny way based on her own interpretation of the wishes. Toyota also plans to air two spots during post-game coverage. One will be a 45-second cut of a spot from Toyota’s new “Let’s go places” brand campaign. The second is a special cut of Toyota’s Tundra commercial in which a stock Tundra tows the Endeavor Space Shuttle in Los Angeles.

Agency: Saatchi L.A.
Volkswagen of America
Final Super Bowl ad:
UPDATED: 1/28/2012

Buy: One 60-second spot in the second quarter.

Creative: Volkswagen released its Super Bowl commercial on Monday. In it, an office worker cheers up his dreary co-workers, with a bit of a Jamaican-themed twist. A cover by Reggae musician Jimmy Cliff of “Come On Get Happy,” the theme song from 1970s TV show “The Partridge Family,” plays in the background.

Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles

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