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The automotive world is anything but staid and stable. It is dynamic, challenging, complex and ever-changing.

In this, our 19th year of Automotive News Europe, we feel we are perfectly positioned to provide you with the information you need to navigate that complexity.

It's what we do.

Since 1996, we have been the leading authority in the industry, covering automakers, their original equipment suppliers, marketing, information technology and distribution networks.

E-MAGAZINE: Our comprehensive, in-depth monthly digital magazine provides the story behind the story - the details behind the daily headlines. Included are a wealth of global sales and production data, market analyses and top notch interviews.

ONLINE: Our suite of products - webinars, daily newsletters and breaking news alerts - gives you the news as it happens.

So much is changing in our world.

Automotive News Europe is there, providing valuable insight and the opportunity to spread your message directly to your target client.

About Crain Communications Inc

Automotive News Europe is based in Detroit, United States, and belongs to Crain Communications. To learn more about Automotive News Europe, visit our website: or click here to read the E-Magazine.

An industry leader, Crain Communications Inc is one of the largest privately-owned business publishers in the U.S. with more than 30 business, trade and consumer publications and related Web sites in North America, Europe and Asia. As an authoritative source of vital news and information to industry leaders and consumers worldwide, each of the company's newspapers, magazines and Web sites have become required reading in their respective business and consumer sectors.

Crain Communications was founded in 1916 in Louisville, Kentucky by GD Crain, Jr. At Crain, our company mantra is "Readers First." Every decision made at the company is made with the end user in mind.

Family-orientation rooted within its corporate culture, Crain Communications is a strong company with 840 employees and 13 offices around the world - its reputation and position are solid, global and growing.

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