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The automotive industry continues to reinvent its business model and faces a number of industry-specific issues. As automotive companies address these issues, it is essential to work with a service provider that knows your industry, and has worked with companies similar to yours. This results into project and cost efficiencies that generate greater bottom line impact.

PwC's global automotive practice can leverage its extensive experience in the automotive industry to help companies solve its business challenges with efficiency and quality because it services the world's leading vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers.

One of the advantages PwC's Global Automotive practice has compared to other consulting firms is Autofacts, a team of automotive industry specialists dedicated to ongoing analysis of sector trends. The data and analyses Autofacts provides our team of more than 4,600 automotive professionals and our clients to assess implications, make recommendations and support decisions to compete in the global marketplace.

Whether you are expanding operations in China or require in depth knowledge of transfer pricing in the automotive industry, PwC can help you to achieve your objectives with a practical approach, deep resources and market knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.

Korn Ferry’s global automotive practice works with the industry’s leading companies to help them successfully address the talent and leadership challenges associated with increasing complexity, accelerating change, and slowing growth.

This new, uncertain, and fluid industrial landscape presents automakers with business imperatives that require a more flexible, adaptive style of leadership. Now, more than ever, successful companies needs to attract, develop, and retain agile leaders with broad international experience, able to successfully adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

Korn Ferry offers a full range of solutions designed to address automotive leadership and talent needs, from development of talent strategy and succession management, through internal assessment and leadership development programs to external search and talent acquisition.

Our experienced consultants are located in key automotive markets around the world and provide our clients with a depth of knowledge and insight on industry talent issues combined with access to the resources of the world’s leading authority on leadership and talent.

The Italian Design House and coachbuilder Pininfarina has a history that dates back to 1930. Pininfarina offers to the market - both OEMs and final consumers - competitive products and services based on its brand values: creativity, experience and innovation.

Pininfarina designed the Rising Stars trophy in 2011, the annual award presented by Automotive News Europe that honors mid- and upper-level managers who are likely to become CEOs or executive board members in the future.

"We are pleased to associate Pininfarina with an award that celebrates the most successful and talented young people from the industry" - said Chairman Paolo Pininfarina. "Thinking of the leaders of tomorrow we started from the concept of Michelangelo's 'Non finito', a technique that consists of sculpting some parts of the figure while leaving other parts rough, thus catching just a glimpse of the image that the artist is freeing from material. As it is for the Rising Stars trophy, which recognizes the young managers whose enormous potential can already be perceived".

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