Fixed Operation Journal

Two of every five service advisers leave each year. How can dealers keep their best ones from burning out?

Think of a U.S. dealership where five service advisers work. If it's typical of the industry, two of the advisers will leave within a year.

That thing got a Hemi? If not, refer to Bulletin No. 23-053-16

Technical service bulletins are usually a complex set of instructions from automakers to service technicians on how to fix a common problem with a

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Accountant resolves key used-car conflict

An inherent tension exists at most franchised dealerships between fixed operations and used-car sales. But at one large North Carolina dealership, that long-standing and bitter conflict has been amicably resolved -- by the accountant.

Fixed-ops opportunities for women

The GM Women's Retail Network is taking an active role to get young women trained as dealership technicians, with scholarships, internships and host dealerships.

Shop talk

What's the most successful idea you've adopted this year?

Service Counter

For fixed operations workers at franchised new-vehicle dealerships, 2015 was often a year of less pay and shorter hours.