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Despite 'experts,' 2012 sales are still on track to 14 million

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 18, 2012

It seems like every day we get a new set of sales projections for 2012. Usually, it's a case of one of the “experts” saying, “What I really meant was … .” Some of those folks change their projections as often as I change my socks.... Read More »


Who's on first? The usual suspects

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 11, 2012

If you remember Bud Abbott and Lou Costello (he was the short, round one), you surely remember their immortal “Who's on first?” routine. Let's play a variation of that skit. It won't be as funny, but it will show you who's doing what in sales of new cars and light trucks.... Read More »

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Nissan's Munoz: 'You Grow or You Go'

Nissan's Munoz: 'You Grow or You Go'

Nissan North America Chairman Jose Munoz has a tough goal to meet: Raise the combined U.S. market share of the Nissan and Infiniti brands from 8.4 percent last year to 10 percent by March of 2017.
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