Services will make the next winner

Jason Stein’s column (“Everybody’s going in the same direction — nowhere fast,” Jan. 15) is spot on if you live in the real world.

Up-close view of GM’s strengths

My long-term employment with Tier 1 suppliers gave me a strong inside relationship with the automotive manufacturers. As a result, I was very convinced that General Motors has the best engineering, reliability, durability, dependability and quality assurance standards.

Land Rover's 2019 Defender: What to expect

Land Rover is keeping a pretty tight lid on any news regarding the original Defender's replacement, which is expected to be shown late next year in production form and start rolling off the assembly line as a 2019 model. But Autocar has been able to glean a few details -- or at least as much as the company is willing to share -- about the new model.