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Fiat returns to China carmaking with Guangzhou Auto venture

June 28, 2012 10:49 CET
Fiat, with two failed partnerships in China, has returned to manufacturing cars in the world's largest vehicle market as the Italian automaker plays catch-up amid a slump in European demand.... Read More »


VW plans $40M parts warehouse, distribution center in Tenn.

1:32 pm U.S. ET | March 13, 2012
Volkswagen Group of America plans to invest $40 million to build a warehouse in Roane County, Tenn., to distribute domestic auto parts for the Passat sedan made at VW's plant in Chattanooga.... Read More »


Daimler fourth-quarter profit grows 39% on strong Mercedes sales

Feb. 9, 2012 08:58 CET
Daimler reported a 39 percent increase in fourth-quarter profit, boosted by demand for the revamped Mercedes M- and C-class models. Earnings before interest and taxes gained to 2.18 billion euros ($2.9 billion) from 1.56 billion euros a year ago, the automaker said.... Read More »


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Track, tech events draw crowds to Hoffman stores

Track, tech events draw crowds to Hoffman stores

Hoffman Auto Group holds more than 100 elaborate events annually to attract and retain customers. Some buyers zip around a racetrack in Porsches at 130 mph. Mon., October 27
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