Nissan denies plan to issue new shares to reduce Renault stake

Dec. 1, 2015 09:03 CET

Nissan is not planning to issue new stock to reduce Renault's stake in the Japanese automaker, a Nissan spokesman said.... Read More »

France opposes changes to Renault-Nissan structure

Nov. 25, 2015 21:52 CET

France's decision to secure double voting rights in Renault should not result in any changes to the structure of the automaker's partnership with Nissan, the country's economy minister said. Sources say Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn wants to give Nissan more say over the alliance.... Read More »

Renault disputes high NOx score in green group's test

Nov. 24, 2015 11:59 CET

Renault disputes test results showing NOx emissions from its Espace 1.6-liter diesel variant were up to 25 times higher than allowed under Euro 6 limits. A German environmental lobby group said the excess emissions were detected under new European testing cycles.... Read More »


BLOG: Haunting memories of another Paris attack

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 23, 2015

The recent wave of terrorism in Europe was a reminder of a violent period in the mid-1980s when Renault's president was assassinated and a bomb was set off near Peugeot's Paris headquarters.... Read More »


Haunting memories of another attack

12:01 am U.S. ET | Nov. 23, 2015

There had been a wave of terrorism in Europe, much like today. Just a week before the assassination, a bomb set off by the same group that killed Besse shattered windows at Peugeot's headquarters in Paris.... Read More »


BLOG: Haunting memories of another terrorist attack in Paris

3:18 pm U.S. ET | Nov. 17, 2015

Paris was rocked by an act of terrorism in 1986 when radical leftists shot and killed Renault President Georges Besse outside his home. There had been a wave of terrorism in Europe, much like today.... Read More »

Renault, PSA join mourning for victims of Paris attacks

Nov. 16, 2015 15:20 CET

Renault and PSA joined three days of national mourning called by the French government in memory of victims of the Paris terror attacks on Friday.... Read More »

France close to returning to 15% Renault stake, economy minister says

Nov. 10, 2015 11:15 CET

France is close to reducing its stake in Renault back to 15 percent and wants the governance structure in its alliance with Nissan to remain unchanged, Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said.... Read More »

France opposes Renault-Nissan merger, French Prime Minister Valls says

Nov. 8, 2015 18:13 CET

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said his government does not want a merger between Renault and Nissan. The structure of the automakers' alliance has become a source of tension after the French government bought a bigger stake in Renault.... Read More »

Renault and Nissan will share technology for autonomous driving

Nov. 8, 2015 06:01 CET

Renault will benefit from the autonomous driving technology that Nissan is developing and vice versa. Renault plans to sell cars that can autonomously drive in traffic jams starting next year.... Read More »

Renault board agrees to further talks in French standoff over Nissan

Nov. 6, 2015 22:54 CET

Renault's board failed to resolve an escalating power struggle with the French state over the carmaker's alliance with Nissan, agreeing to back further talks in a bid to end the standoff.... Read More »

Renault directors defend support for Ghosn in power struggle with France

Nov. 5, 2015 10:56 CET

Renault's independent directors defended their support for CEO Carlos Ghosn in his standoff with the French government over the future of the carmaker and its alliance with Nissan.... Read More »

Ghosn says Renault-Nissan alliance poised to win big when Russia rebounds

Nov. 5, 2015 06:01 CET

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says the alliance's brands – including Lada, Datsun and Infiniti – are well positioned to benefit once Russia's sales slumps ends.... Read More »

France seeks Renault-Nissan merger, report says

Nov. 4, 2015 13:38 CET

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron is pressuring Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn to undertake a full merger with alliance partner Nissan on the government's terms, sources told Reuters.... Read More »

Renault board to consider next move in French power struggle over Nissan

Nov. 3, 2015 17:41 CET

Renault has called an emergency meeting of its board to discuss a mounting power struggle with the French government over the future of its alliance with Nissan, government and company sources said.... Read More »

Nissan wary of French state's role as it seeks closer Renault alliance

Nov. 2, 2015 12:15 CET

Nissan is concerned about the French government's growing influence over Renault as it seeks to strengthen the automakers' alliance, said Hiroto Saikawa, the Japanese automaker's chief competitive officer.... Read More »

Renault's sales to Nissan, Daimler help to offset Europe wobble

Oct. 29, 2015 19:10 CET

Renault's third-quarter revenue rose 9.4 percent, lifted by growing business with Nissan and Daimler, as well as sales of its own new models in a rebounding European market.... Read More »

Ghosn fights to preserve Renault-Nissan alliance through crisis

Oct. 28, 2015 09:19 CET

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said the two automakers will preserve their 16-year alliance through a crisis that has emerged after the French government's bid for more influence over Renault.... Read More »

Nissan seeks end to Renault control in power struggle

Oct. 27, 2015 12:50 CET

Nissan has drawn up proposals to exit Renault control by purchasing a larger stake in its French alliance partner, sources told Reuters. The move comes amid a power struggle between Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and the French state, Renault's biggest shareholder.... Read More »


Renault aims Kadjar at China and Europe

Oct. 16, 2015 09:20 CET

Renault aims to win new customers in China and Europe with the Kadjar compact SUV, the first vehicle to be built at the French automaker's new China plant.... Read More »

Fiat expects low-cost compact car family to mimic Dacia's success

Oct. 11, 2015 06:01 CET

Fiat expects to mimic the success of Renault's no-frills Dacia brand with its new compact car range based on the Aegea concept. The first car in the family will be the Tipo sedan.... Read More »

Renault-Nissan said to discuss new structure as Ghosn seeks to counter French control

Oct. 7, 2015 09:21 CET

Renault and Nissan have entered discussions to reorganize their capital alliance structure in a bid to contain the growing influence of the French government, reports said. Renault may lower its stake in Nissan to allow its Japanese partner voting rights.... Read More »


How to do an automotive hookup

12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 5, 2015

The low-key cooperation between Daimler and Renault-Nissan offers a low-key counterpoint to Sergio Marchionne's assertion that mergers are critical to industry survival.... Read More »


Surging SUV sales put pressure on minivans

Oct. 2, 2015 06:01 CET

One clear trend emerged from Europe's six-month vehicle sales: Torrid demand for SUVs and crossovers such as the Renault Captur and Nissan Juke is putting increased pressure on minivans.... Read More »


BLOG: The secret to the Ghosn-Zetsche alliance's success

10:15 am U.S. ET | Sept. 29, 2015

Carlos Ghosn and Dieter Zetsche's annual press conference, known on the auto show circuit as “The Carlos and Dieter Show,” would be easy to dismiss as mere self-congratulation. But in this year of feverish merger talk, it took on broader implications.... Read More »

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