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New-look Yaris will start at $15,670

2:54 pm U.S. ET, July 23, 2014
Pricing on the 2015 Yaris, Toyota’s struggling subcompact car, will start at $15,670, including shipping. Toyota gave the 2015 Yaris a face-lift in hopes that a newer look will attract more buyers. Read More »
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Opel plans 'electric' successor to Ampera plug-in hybrid
3:53 pm U.S. ET, July 23, 2014
Opel said Wednesday it plans an "electric" successor to the Ampera. The plug-in hybrid was introduced across Europe in 2011 but will be discontinued. ...

New F-150's fuel economy will improve, but can it best Ram 1500?
2:50 pm U.S. ET, July 22, 2014
Ford's new aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 pickup coming this fall might not be able to beat Chrysler Group's Ram 1500 and claim best-in-class fuel economy. ...

Lighter Ford F-150 to feature less standard hp, torque
12:34 pm U.S. ET, July 22, 2014
Ford's new aluminum-bodied F-150 will come with less standard horsepower and torque than today's pickups. In the lighter truck, drivers won't miss it, Ford executives sai ...

Muscular Challenger bulks up its interior
12:01 am U.S. ET, July 20, 2014
The 707-hp SRT Hellcat will generate the most smoke at the drag strip, but it's the rest of the re-engineered Dodge Challenger lineup that likely will fire the interest o ...

GM's future product challenge
12:01 am U.S. ET, July 20, 2014
GM's product cadence has officially escaped the post-bankruptcy doldrums. Now the challenge is to keep it humming. ...

Silverado, Sierra, Yukon Denali with V-8 to feature new 8-speed transmission
1:57 pm U.S. ET, July 18, 2014
A new eight-speed automatic transmission will come standard on some 2015 Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and GMC Yukon Denali/Yukon XL Denali models with a 6.2-liter EcoT ...

'15 Ford Mustang V-8 to pump out 435 hp
1:47 pm U.S. ET, July 17, 2014 | UPDATED: 7/17/14 10:34 pm ET - corrected
The 5.0-liter V-8 engine in the 2015 Ford Mustang will crank out 435 hp, up from 420 hp, and provide torque of 400 pounds-feet, up from 390 on the current model, the comp ...

Mazda2 output begins in Japan
7:34 am U.S. ET, July 17, 2014
Mazda began manufacturing the next-generation Mazda2 subcompact in Japan today and unveiled the first pictures of the production model. ...

VW sets sights on Apple-like model updates with speed task force
1:04 pm U.S. ET, July 16, 2014
VW plans to mimic the fast-paced rollouts of products made by the likes of Apple to adapt quicker to changing customer demands for technology in its cars. ...

Escalade may add sporty model, engines
12:01 am U.S. ET, July 14, 2014
Cadillac may bring out a sporty derivative of its new Escalade and also is considering V-6 turbodiesel and twin-turbo gasoline V-6-powered versions, said David Schiavone, ...

Toyota ponders awd for next-gen Prius
12:01 am U.S. ET, July 14, 2014
The next generation of the Toyota Prius, the world's best-selling hybrid, will offer a lithium ion battery and possibly an all-wheel-drive option. ...

Acura plans second-half sales lift from TLX in U.S.
7:34 am U.S. ET, July 11, 2014
Honda's Acura, struggling to boost sales in the United States amid competition from bigger luxury brands, should see faster growth from August with the arrival of a new s ...

Nissan will build Infiniti QX30 compact SUV in UK
2:20 am U.S. ET, July 9, 2014
The Infiniti QX30 compact SUV will be built for global markets -- including the United States and China -- at Nissan's factory in England, alongside the Infiniti Q30 hatc ...

Bill Ford predicts 'radical transformation' of auto industry
1:16 pm U.S. ET, July 8, 2014
Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford sees a bright -- albeit remodeled -- future for the automotive industry, according to an op-ed story he authored in The Wall Street Jour ...

Next-gen BRZ planned, says Subaru boss
12:01 am U.S. ET, July 7, 2014
Subaru plans another generation of the BRZ, the sporty coupe jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corp. ...

Jeep aims to boost future Wrangler's fuel economy
12:01 am U.S. ET, July 5, 2014
Chrysler Group engineers are striving to improve the Wrangler's fuel economy with lightweight materials, more gears and perhaps a smaller engine. ...

VW takes Passat upscale to escape mid-market struggles in Europe
4:45 am U.S. ET, July 2, 2014
Volkswagen has moved its new Passat upscale in Europe in a move aimed at lifting the model clear of a struggling market for mid-priced cars without alienating core family ...

Supercharged Hellcat Challenger SRT rated at 707-hp
4:11 pm U.S. ET, July 1, 2014
Chrysler Group’s new supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 Hellcat engine has been certified at 707 hp and 650 pounds-feet of torque, topping the most powerful versions of the ...

Chrysler to sell Mitsubishi-supplied small cars in Mexico
10:28 pm U.S. ET, June 30, 2014
Mitsubishi Motors will supply Chrysler with a Thailand-built compact sedan for sale in Mexico starting in November. The car will be based on the Mitsubishi Attrage, the s ...

Audi to offer Apple CarPlay in European models starting in 2016
4:56 pm U.S. ET, June 30, 2014
Audi said it will begin offering Apple's CarPlay in 2016 model year vehicles in Europe. Talks between Apple closed last week, and the deal was confirmed Monday. ...

Ford packs '15 Edge with technology
12:01 am U.S. ET, June 30, 2014
Ford is touting the 2015 Edge crossover as a showcase for its latest technologies. It will be the first Ford-branded vehicle offered with such features as adaptive steeri ...

A diesel Cherokee? Depends on Grand Cherokee
12:01 am U.S. ET, June 30, 2014
Jeep won't consider offering a diesel-powered version of the Cherokee in the United States unless diesel-powered Grand Cherokee sales take off. ...

Fiat 500 Abarth with automatic transmission should broaden appeal, exec says
4:11 pm U.S. ET, June 27, 2014
The North American head of the Fiat brand said that adding an optional automatic transmission to its performance Fiat 500 Abarth would open up the sporty minicar to a muc ...

No diesel Cherokee without Grand Cherokee sales boost, Jeep brand chief says
2:07 pm U.S. ET, June 26, 2014
Jeep brand head Mike Manley says sales of diesel-powered Jeep Grand Cherokees in the United States would have to nearly double before the brand would consider offering a ...

Ford's revamped 2015 Edge to roll out worldwide
6:00 pm U.S. ET, June 24, 2014
The Ford Edge, first introduced in 2006 as an early entrant in the now-booming mid-sized crossover segment, is getting a major makeover and global push for 2015. The new ...

Ford to replace 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine after just 4 model years
6:00 pm U.S. ET, June 24, 2014
In an unusual move, Ford is phasing out its current 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine after just four model years. ...

Jaguar dropping XK coupe, convertible
8:12 am U.S. ET, June 20, 2014
With the all-new F-Type Coupe debuting, Jaguar is ending output of the more expensive and aging two-plus-two XK coupe and convertible. ...

Hyundai adds small, turbocharged engine to '15 Sonata lineup
6:34 pm U.S. ET, June 19, 2014
Hyundai will offer a small-displacement, turbocharged engine on the re-engineered 2015 Sonata to bolster the sedan’s fuel economy credentials in the crowded mid-siz ...

Audi draws up plans for range of electric cars, report says
12:23 pm U.S. ET, June 19, 2014
Audi has drawn up blueprints for a range of high-performance electric cars to help it take on its German rivals and Tesla Motors if the market picks up, sources at the ca ...

Tesla to start deliveries of Model X crossover early next year
1:21 pm U.S. ET, June 17, 2014 | UPDATED: 6/17/14 4:20 pm ET - adds stock close
Tesla Motors will begin Model X prototype production this fall, and vehicle production for reservation holders is set for early 2015, a company spokeswoman confirmed toda ...

Share will hinge on makers' product pace
12:01 am U.S. ET, June 16, 2014
Ford Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co. lost more U.S. market share than any other automakers so far this year. But that may soon change, according to this year's "Car Wars" r ...

75 percent of U.S. pickups will have aluminum bodies by 2025, industry study says
2:22 pm U.S. ET, June 11, 2014 | UPDATED: 6/11/14 4:34 pm ET -- adds correction
The majority of pickups manufactured within the next decade will have aluminum bodies, according to a study commissioned by the Aluminum Association ...

Next Nissan Frontier? Look overseas
3:28 pm U.S. ET, June 11, 2014
Nissan’s Latin American and Southeast Asian marketing companies went public today with the NP300 Navara, their version of the restyled mid-sized pickup. It provides ...

BMW's 2nd-gen X6 to arrive this year
12:01 am U.S. ET, June 9, 2014
A marginally bigger BMW X6 will arrive in U.S. showrooms this year after its public debut in August at the Moscow auto show. ...

Ford, Honda new-product cycle should boost U.S. market share, report says
3:18 pm U.S. ET, June 9, 2014
Ford and Honda stand to capture more of the automotive market in the United States than their counterparts during the next four years as they woo buyers with new products ...

Nissan e-NV200 van debuts in Japan, but is it a good fit for N.A?
10:29 am U.S. ET, June 9, 2014
Nissan has launched its second electric vehicle, but a North American debut of the e-NV200 compact commercial van is under review because of vehicle range and charging ne ...

VW weighs tripling SUV lineup to overtake Toyota, report says
6:33 am U.S. ET, June 3, 2014
Volkswagen AG is considering tripling the namesake VW brand's SUV lineup in a bid to overtake Toyota in global sales, two people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. ...

New Mustang expected to gain 200-300 pounds, modifier says
4:17 pm U.S. ET, June 2, 2014
Ford has pledged to reduce the weight of its vehicles with each redesign. The next Mustang may fall short of that goal. ...

New F-150 spied on road near Detroit
10:06 am U.S. ET, June 1, 2014
This 2015 Ford F-150 was seen driving undisguised in suburban Detroit on Sunday. The aluminum-bodied truck begins production later this summer. The lightweight body saves ...

DeltaWing designers pitch wedge-shaped street car
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 31, 2014
DeltaWing Technologies, the Atlanta-area developer of the DeltaWing race car, wants to license its unusual wedge-shaped design to automakers as a template for a lightweig ...

VW to bring new models to U.S. more quickly
6:33 am U.S. ET, May 30, 2014
VW Group is preparing to bring new and updated models from its namesake brand to the United States on a shorter time frame. The VW marque will introduce new products ever ...

Hyundai drops turbo, moving Genesis coupe upscale for 2015
10:42 am U.S. ET, May 30, 2014
Hyundai is dropping the 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine on the 2015 Genesis Coupe, a company spokesman said. ...

Zetsche predicts new ForFour will help Smart make first profit
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 30, 2014
Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche believes the all-new Smart ForFour minicar will be commercially successful and should help the money-losing brand make its first profit. ...

Hyundai plans new 'flagship' sedan to combat growing rivals at home
3:22 am U.S. ET, May 29, 2014
Hyundai, feeling pinched at home by increasingly popular import brands, will add a new "flagship" sedan slotted between the Azera and Genesis to try to win more high-end ...

Audi refreshes A7/S7 with sharper lines, powertrain upgrades
6:33 am U.S. ET, May 27, 2014
Audi has revealed the redesigned A7 and S7 fastback sedans, with both cars receiving a sharper look all around as well as a revised powertrain lineup. ...

Mini studies new design with Superleggera concept
5:18 am U.S. ET, May 26, 2014
The future of Mini may look nothing like the iconic model designed by Sir Alec Issigonis in 1959 but a lot like the Superleggera Vision roadster concept the BMW subsidiar ...

Dr. Z's diagnosis: Product will drive Chrysler success
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 26, 2014
Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche says he formed an emotional bond with Chrysler while running the company from 2000 to 2005, when it was owned by Daimler. And so he says he wat ...

VW goes for value with Golf, GTI
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 25, 2014
With its seventh-generation Golf and Golf GTI, now made for the United States in Puebla, Mexico, VW had a chance to drive down costs and lower sticker prices in pursuit o ...

Lincoln prices 2015 Navigator from $62,475
7:14 pm U.S. ET, May 21, 2014 | UPDATED: 5/22/14 12:02 pm ET - corrected
Pricing for Ford's refreshed 2015 Lincoln Navigator SUV, set to hit the market this fall, will start at $62,475, including destination and delivery fees, the company said ...

Hellcat-powered Challenger SRT gets big boost to fight Mustang, Camaro
9:00 am U.S. ET, May 20, 2014 | UPDATED: 5/20/14 12:50 pm ET -- adds details
The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT unveiled today is Chrysler Group's first use of a new 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine rated at more than 600 hp to take on the Ford Mustan ...

2015 Ford Mustang pricing to start at $24,425
2:23 pm U.S. ET, May 20, 2014 | UPDATED: 5/20/14 5:28 pm ET -- adds details
Pricing for the 2015 Ford Mustang with a V-6 engine will start at $24,425, including shipping, or $1,090 more than the outgoing base model, the company said today. ...

Japanese collaborate on r&d for new fuel efficient engines
8:55 am U.S. ET, May 19, 2014
Japan's automakers, aiming to take the lead in fuel-efficient powertrains, have joined forces in a new consortium to develop the next generation of fuel-sipping combustio ...

A VW Microbus on the way?
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 19, 2014
Volkswagen plans a lineup of Beetle-themed vehicles, including a new version of the iconic Microbus, according to European press reports. ...

Cadillac prices ATS coupe from $38,990
3:53 pm U.S. ET, May 15, 2014
The 2015 Cadillac ATS coupe, which goes on sale by the end of the summer, will start at $38,990, including the $995 destination fee, General Motors said today. ...

Kia Soul EV's top market will be U.S.
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 11, 2014
Kia Motors aims to sell 5,000 electric units of its boxy Soul subcompact a year worldwide. Kia expects the United States to be the Soul EV's biggest market. The Soul EV, ...

Toyota's TRD Pro editions will be ready for off-roading
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 11, 2014
Toyota Racing Development, mostly known for racing parts and accessories for street-legal vehicles, will offer factory-installed TRD Pro off-road kits on the Tacoma, Tund ...

Chrysler brand to double lineup, become Fiat Chrysler's 'mainstream North American' marque
9:43 am U.S. ET, May 6, 2014
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles today said it plans to double the size of the Chrysler brand's lineup by the end of 2018 and eliminate two Dodge nameplates to settle a long-run ...

Ram delays major changes to pickup until 2017
2:07 pm U.S. ET, May 6, 2014
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is delaying the next major update of the Ram pickup, one of its most profitable vehicles, until 2017 -- a year later than originally planned. ...

Jeep to expand global lineup, production
9:26 am U.S. ET, May 6, 2014
Jeep plans to expand its lineup and broaden its global reach as it becomes the worldwide foundation of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Chrysler Group’s most valuable bra ...

Fiat Chrysler to replace 4-cylinder engines with new powertrain family
2:51 pm U.S. ET, May 6, 2014
To help meet tightening global fuel economy and emissions standards, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will replace its four-cylinder engine lineup with a new family of engines t ...

Maserati to add Alfieri coupe in 2016, cabrio in 2017
1:22 pm U.S. ET, May 6, 2014
Italian luxury brand Maserati will add the Alfieri sports coupe to its lineup in 2016 and an Alfieri cabrio in 2017, Maserati CEO Harald Wester said today during a presen ...

Ferrari to refresh models but cap sales
1:39 pm U.S. ET, May 6, 2014
The Ferrari brand will continue to refine and refresh its four core models, concentrating on one new vehicle each year, and will limit global sales to 7,000 units annuall ...

Fiat brand to add crossover, specialty vehicle in North America
11:07 am U.S. ET, May 6, 2014 | UPDATED: 5/6/15 12:15 pm ET - adds details
The Fiat brand will expand its North American lineup to four vehicles from two, adding the 500X crossover this year and an unidentified specialty vehicle later, global Fi ...

Fiat Chrysler to invest $7 billion to grow Alfa Romeo
11:18 am U.S. ET, May 6, 2014 | UPDATED: 5/6/14 11:38 am ET - adds detail, 4C gallery
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plans to invest 5 billion euros ($7 billion) on Alfa Romeo, adding eight nameplates by 2018 with a goal of more than quintupling the brand's glo ...

Dodge will 'purify' brand, drop Grand Caravan
10:07 am U.S. ET, May 6, 2014 | UPDATED: 5/6/14 10:25 am ET - adds details
Dodge will get back to its roots, said Dodge brand chief Tim Kuniskis. To “purify the brand,” Dodge dropped the Avenger this year. And in 2016, the Grand Cara ...

Mercedes' next G class will be wider, greener
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 6, 2014
Mercedes plans to make its rugged G-class SUV wider, lighter and more efficient. The overhaul is so major that company insiders say it will be an all-new vehicle. ...

Godzilla pops Fiats like candy in new 30-second commercial
3:52 pm U.S. ET, May 5, 2014
The Fiat brand has launched a new commercial that ties in with the release of the latest Americanized version of the Godzilla franchise featuring the monster gobbling up ...

Palmer: Infiniti considering a compact crossover
12:01 am U.S. ET, May 4, 2014
Infiniti is considering a small crossover below the QX50, possibly joining other luxury brands that are rushing into the segment. ...

Ford launches Transit production at Kansas City plant
12:30 pm U.S. ET, April 30, 2014 | UPDATED: 4/30/14 1:59 pm ET - adds link
Ford began a new era today with a ceremony marking the start of production of the Ford Transit van at its Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Mo. ...

Mercedes plans 'on-road' SUV line
12:01 am U.S. ET, April 29, 2014
Mercedes is considering separate model lines for its SUVs that have mainly car-like characteristics and those that are aimed at customers who want off-road capability. ...

Compact crossover likely to be 4th entry in Audi's TT lineup
12:01 am U.S. ET, April 28, 2014
Audi's TT Off-road Concept, a compact crossover unveiled at the auto show here, is expected to become the fourth member of the sporty TT family. ...

Lexus NX crossover goal: 2,200 sales per month
12:01 am U.S. ET, April 28, 2014
Lexus unveiled the production version of the NX compact crossover at the Beijing auto show and set a U.S. sales target of 2,200 units a month. ...

Mulally dangles the possibility of Escort compact's return to U.S.
12:01 am U.S. ET, April 28, 2014
Ford's revived Escort compact sedan, developed especially for Chinese consumers, could be sold in the United States, CEO Alan Mulally said. ...

50th edition Mustangs: Hot cuz there's not a lot
12:01 am U.S. ET, April 28, 2014
One of the hottest collectible cars of the 2015 model year likely will be the 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang. ...

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