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Magna's PACE Award-winning door latch

Magna's engineers were looking for styling improvements when they began rethinking door latches. And they kept asking, "What if?"

Goodyear's PACE Award-winning run-flat tires

Goodyear’s run-flat tire enabled automakers to do away with spares, jacks and other tire-changing gear. That translated to a net vehicle weight savings, even though the innovative new tires were heavier than standard ones.

Dassault Automation's PACE Award-winning factory floor prototyping software

Delmia Automation won a PACE Award in 2009 for letting factory planners create a virtual prototype of a manufacturing floor without testing real equipment.

ZF’s PACE Award-winning innovative transmissions

Three transmissions, each representing a breakthrough, won three Automotive News PACE Awards for Germany’s ZF in 2002, 2010 and 2014.

Hella's PACE Award-winning LED Matrix Beam

Hella's PACE Award-winning LED Matrix Beam headlights could turn 25 LEDs on and off to shift high beams away from oncoming vehicles.

Delphi's PACE Award-winning E-Steer an autonomous vehicle building block

Delphi's PACE Award-winning E-Steer electric power-steering system created a building block for today's autonomous vehicles.

Fuel Sensor software a game changer

Summary: Magneti Marelli's software allowed any engine to use any combination of gasoline and ethanol, without requiring an expensive additional sensor.

PACE AWARDS AT 25: Kicking it open just right

Brose's PACE Award-winning hands-free liftgate had to work properly when its sensors identified a proper kicking motion -- and ignore everything else.

Suppliers lining up for 2019 PACE Awards

PACE awards went home with 14 suppliers this year. More suppliers are lining up to try in 2019.

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