Should dealerships go back to the basics for best F&I results?

Whether it's a customized presentation, a digital menu or online F&I product intros, many F&I companies have suggested an adjusted approach for today's consumer. But for some dealerships, it may be best to stick to the basics, an F&I expert says.


Is Hackett an outsider or an insider?

While Jim Hackett is certainly no grizzled auto veteran, it's an oversimplification to label him an outsider just like Alan Mulally.


BLOG: Lotus can thrive under Geely

Geely's decision to take a majority stake in Lotus is great news for the unprofitable UK sports-car maker because the Chinese company has had great success in reviving Volvo's fortunes. Lotus badly needs to expand its aging lineup and possibly add a promised SUV to lift sales.

BLOG: Jay Ramey
BMW 6-series two-door coupe exits quietly

Cars tend to go out of production either with a bang, reinforced by last-of-the-line special editions billed as instant collectibles, or quietly and discreetly. The BMW 6-series coupe falls into the second category.

BLOG: Hannah Lutz | UPDATED: 5/11/17 12:57 pm ET - adds details
F&I vendors take aim at used vehicles

The trend toward used vehicles has extended beyond financing. It's become a focus in the F&I product world, too.

BLOG: Richard Truett
Time for another look at the midsize 5-door hatchback

With the market filling up with SUVs and crossovers of every size, but mostly the same basic shape, the time is right for the midsize five-door hatchback that looks like a sporty car, not an awkwardly styled wagon/crossover mashup like the failed Honda Crosstour.

BLOG: Jay Ramey
Jaguar Land Rover doubles down on diesel

While a number of automakers are curtailing plans for diesel offerings or development, some are doubling down on a bet made well before Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal erupted.