Why Volvo picked XC40 to launch VIP service

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson knew long ago that he wanted to do something special with the XC40, which is the first expansion of the Swedish automaker's portfolio since the arrival of the XC60 in 2008.


BLOG: Ford to pull plug on Fiesta ST in North America, report says

The Ford Fiesta ST might be a favorite among enthusiasts and autocrossers, but it doesn't look like Ford sees enough demand to support the next-generation pocket rocket in North America.

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BLOG: From staff and wire reports UPDATED: 9/20/17 9:30 pm ET -- adds Webasto statement
Automakers survey earthquake damage in Mexico

Automakers were surveying plants in central Mexico for earthquake damage on Wednesday, with Nissan evacuating two facilities while VW and Audi temporarily halted production in Puebla.

BLOG: Edward Niedermeyer
Tesla crash shows man and machine must cooperate

It seems that both human drivers and Tesla's "Autopilot" system -- specifically the complex relationship between the two -- contributed to the fatality of a Tesla driver last year.

BLOG: Jay Ramey
Is the Audi R8 about to go rear-wheel drive?

A doughnut-friendly version of the Audi R8 is something that has not been in the cards since the nameplate's debut a distant 11 years ago. But Audi is hinting that something may be in the works.

BLOG: Compiled from staff reports
Auto industry assesses damage from Irma

Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but over the weekend it still caused a lot of damage to the auto industry and continues to have an impact.

BLOG: Christiaan Hetzner
Carlos and Dieter show takes a break

The “Carlos and Dieter Show” will not take place this year at the Frankfurt auto show. It could be a sign of trouble for their alliance.