Automakers urge new EPA chief to withdraw Obama CO2 rules

A trade association representing GM, Toyota, Volkswagen and nine other automakers on Tuesday asked new EPA's new chief to withdraw an Obama administration decision to lock in vehicle emission rules through 2025.


3-point belts protect middle seat riders, study finds

Three-point seat belts are effective at reducing fatalities for center rear seat passengers in cars and light trucks, a study shows. The benefit is more dramatic in passenger cars than in light trucks or SUVs.

Feds don't need new powers over self-driving cars

Government regulations for highly automated vehicles will need to be limited and carefully crafted, lest they stand in the way of progress, writes

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Industry must accept r&d cost for cleaner air, then charge for it

Listening to the recent rhetoric from the Detroit 3, you'd think the auto industry had been bleeding red ink since striking the CAFE agreement with the Obama administration, sitting on acres of unsalable wind-powered golf carts and handing out pink slips by the millions.

FTC sued over sale of certified used cars

The Center for Auto Safety and five other groups filed a lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission for allowing used cars to be advertised as "certified" or safe despite being the target of an outstanding safety recall.

Fields' CAFE claim comes with an asterisk

Ford Motor Co. CEO Mark Fields asked President Donald Trump last month for relief on strict Obama-era fuel economy mandates, claiming “various studies” say 1 million jobs are at risk if the regulations aren't relaxed. But independent industry analysts and environmental groups argue that figure is unrealistic and that Fields cherry-picked a worst-case scenario from a dubious report.