| UPDATED: 5/19/17 4:21 pm ET - adds stock close

FCA to modify diesel engines to thwart U.S. suit over emissions levels

Fiat Chrysler filed a proposed fix to diesel engines that the company predicts will resolve negotiations with the Justice Department and other U.S. regulators over emissions levels.

| UPDATED: 5/17/17 6:10 a.m. ET - adds Italy comment
EU will investigate Italy over handling of Fiat emissions case

The EU plans to launch legal action against Italy for failing to properly police allegations of emissions-test cheating by FCA, EU sources said.

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| UPDATED: 5/8/17 5:19 pm ET -- adds details
Trump's EPA cuts a 'short-sighted' step backward, Mich. congresswoman says

Cuts​ to​ the​ EPA​ in​ President​ Trump's​ proposed​ budget​ could​ shutter​ a key vehicle​ emissions testing​ lab​ in Michigan and​ put​ 435​ employees​ out​ of​ work,​ a congresswoman​ from the state warned Monday.

GM could be facing large losses

General Motors received some bad news when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to overturn a lower-court ruling that allows victims of faulty GM ignition switches produced before the 2009 bankruptcy to sue the company for damages.