Regulation And Safety

New airbag injury highlights Honda’s struggle

The convoluted history of a 2002 Honda Accord involved in a March 3 crash shows the challenge Honda faces in keeping defective Takata airbag inflators out of circulation.

| UPDATED: 4/21/17 3:34 pm ET - adds NY statement

VW sentenced to pay $4.3 billion in U.S. fines and penalties, cooperate with investigators

A federal judge sentenced Volkswagen AG to pay a total of $4.3 billion in fines and penalties and called on the automaker to continue to fully cooperate with federal and state investigators.

| UPDATED: 4/20/17 2:12 pm ET - adds details
| UPDATED: 4/19/17 5:54 pm ET -- adds details

Subaru recalls certain 2017 Imprezas to recode engine control software

Subaru is recalling certain 2017 Impreza models to fix a software issue that may lead to stalled engines.

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Self-driving tech must put safety first

Given the almost unlimited capability of the new technology, why can't it be used for a worthwhile purpose, such as reducing our obscene traffic fatality rate?

Fuel economy standards may ease up, but r&d shouldn't

When r&d executives at big automotive companies say there's no end in sight to all the spending needed to do everything the industry wants to do, we believe them. Stirring the global business are new safety technologies, autonomous drive strategies, new concepts in mobility and the industry's efforts to improve fuel economy.

Trump's sop to coal miners betrays the auto industry

In the name of saving coal-mining jobs - which electric utilities say won't be saved anyway - President President Donald Trump has turned his back on the skilled workers of the auto industry who are on the front lines of improving the quality of the air and America's global competitiveness.