Toyota preps another small crossover concept

Toyota will unwrap a small crossover concept vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show geared toward outdoor enthusiasts and urban dwellers. It will be the third crossover concept introduced this year based on the company's new modular platform.

In-demand tech puts suppliers on guard

That trust that automakers have worked so hard to rekindle among their parts suppliers? It's slipping away again.

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UPDATED: 11/10/17 7:34 am ET - adds Fuyao Glass statement
UAW loses bid to organize auto supplier plant in Ohio

Workers at a Chinese-owned auto glass plant in southwestern Ohio voted heavily against union representation in a major blow for the UAW's strategy to unionize foreign-owned auto factories.

Founders' passion fuels Conti's network

Continental's women's network succeeds because of strong follow-up, CEO support and staying with the committed founders, rather than being shifted to the human resources department.