Mustang 50th

The Ford Mustang
50th anniversary

Mustang memory: Terrible handling
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 12
As much as I appreciate the overwhelming coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang ("A nifty 50 for the Mustang," April 14), I'd like to add some sober notes. ...

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    Rivals tried, but none matched the Mustang's sales in the 60's

    The Mustang’s runaway success after its April 1964 debut left most of Ford Motor Co.’s rivals scrambling to develop their own pony cars.
    Three years later, the Mustang had plenty of competition but no other sporty compact came close to matching the Mustang’s sales in the 1960s. Click through our gallery to see some of the Mustang's early competitors. Go to the Gallery »


    Relive the 1960's with vintage Ford Mustang ads

    When the Ford Mustang debuted, it came out in style. It was proudly displayed at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, and showcased at dealerships across the country the same day for Americans, especially the young, to see.
    Mustang ads from the 1960s pitched not only the pony car’s attributes — sporty styling, standard bucket seats, V-6 engine, padded dash, floor shifter and “wall-to-wall” carpeting chief among them — but the idea that owning a Mustang could turn even a dullard into the life of the party.
    So sit back, crank up some of The Fab Four, and click through our gallery to get a taste of vintage Mustang ads. Go to the Gallery »


    When the Mustang almost died

    Two decades after the iconic Ford Mustang first debuted, designers and engineers reached a crossroads. Where to go with the future of the pony car? The story of how the Mustang nearly became a front-wheel drive, Mazda-based car for the 1989 model year is the tale of the Mustang’s closest brush with death in its 50-year history. Click through our gallery to see the design that eventually became the Ford Probe and other potential avenues Ford could have taken the car. Go to the Gallery »

2015 Mustang Launch
More power to the redesigned Mustang
12:01 am U.S. ET, July 21
Ford Motor Co. last week finally answered the two questions Mustang fans have wondered about all year: weight and power. ...

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