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40 Under 40 -- OEM

Today's 30-somethings, tomorrow's Iacoccas

When a 30-something gets a critically important executive position usually entrusted to a 50-something, well, Automotive News pays close attention. That's because -- late bloomers aside -- these are the young titans who tend to climb to the upper echelons of their companies.  » READ

Kim Stonehouse


Sona Iliffe-Moon


Clemens and Elizabeth Denks


Henry Ford III


John Shon


Jacob Harb


Mayra Gonzalez


Lauren Abro


Allyson Witherspoon


Heiko Schmidt


Duncan Scarry


Filip Brabec


James Grace


Minyang Jiang


Robbie Diamond


Marcell Ruoff


Sandeep Punater


Amy Meszaros


Julius Marchwicki


Susann Kazunas


Andre Hudson


Bruce Hopkins


Kevin Heintz


Erik Gottfried


Robert Filipovic


Kemal Curic


Christos Agouridis


John Absmeier


Winnie Cheung


Ryan Nagode


Ricky Lao


Rana Mohtadi


Melody Lee


Lee Jelenic


Jim Baudino


Erin Wormald


Anna-Lisa Corrales


Adam Phelps


Aamir Ahmed


Ryan Vaughan