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A VW-FCA deal would be risky, reasonable

If Volkswagen does buy Fiat Chrysler -- despite the companies' denials of a report that they are in talks -- it would be because the fixations of VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech may line up perfectly with the needs of the family that controls Fiat Chrysler.  » READ

Automotive News to host dealer conference at NADA


Dealers' phones ring again


Subaru ad blitz aims to boost Legacy sales 40%


Top lawyer keeps pall over GM


Nissan needs to be in the fast lane on self-driving tech, Ghosn says


The vision for self-driving cars? 2020


Volkswagen puts its faith in Tennessee


GM won't offer version of next Volt in Europe


Hyundai's Sprinter fighter?


More power to the redesigned Mustang


Smart: New ForTwo gets EV, drop-top


Why Daimler will wait until '17 to debut fuel cell vehicle


AutoNation preps for online sales


Chrysler tells supplier to boost hitch output


Ford's affable troubleshooter Scheele dies at 70


Ford, Ram escalate towing war


Valeo boosts its N.A. r&d with hundreds of engineers


American Axle's push to diversify drives growth


1 great leader can turn GM around


Hot, new cars help sell older cars


No talented folks at Cadillac?


Honda asks dealers to add service


E-Golf marks VW's flexible product path


Cue from airlines helps dealership cut no-shows


Dealer reserve blasted in ads; NADA just sees 'a rehash'


Aluminum's per-vehicle use expected to rise 56% from 2012 to 2025


Tire makers roll into South Carolina


BMW open to sharing battery technology


Automakers await the details of EPA plan for mpg road tests


Can GM sustain a quicker product pace?


Chevy to revamp key cars in 2015


Cadillac plays catch-up with German rivals


Buick due to add crossover, dose of fun




Dealership Buy/Sell


Can Linux speed in-car systems?


New head-up displays could change views for drivers and the industry


Warning in your car may be about you


Muscular Challenger bulks up its interior


Ticket to Automotive Hall of Fame: Great ideas, staying power, impact


Why refresh Expedition? For Texans, Saudis


Bob Mentzer, a longtime Pennsylvania dealer, dies at 89


Alfa 4C's power, intrigue wows 'em on press row


Lemon law suit squeezes Tesla to buy back 'S'


The Cadillac chief who stuck around