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As Sonata turns cautious, Camry flees good-but-frumpy image

Sales of mid-sized sedans may be off 8 percent so far this year, but redesigns from Toyota and Hyundai unveiled at the New York auto show indicate the segment has plenty of fight left in it.  » READ

Jackson: We'll get our own leads


New system, but no quick fix for GM


Blue sky high, acquisition action is, too


BMW luxury concept gives a preview of 9-series sedan


Payout czar set to dive into GM legal mess


Lincoln's China startup plans 20 stores by 2015


Manufacturers brace for the used-car flood


Spring sales thaw spawns optimism for full year


Land Rover Discovery Sport debuts line of 'versatile' SUVs


New reality: Think crash, not just flash


When Scion's too tiny, Toyota pilot program allows a larger loaner


Crossovers will be vital in Hyundai's 3-year product blitz


Subaru sees wider appeal for Outback


Voice of the fans brings back Audi A3 sportback


Kill the Mustang? We 'went ballistic'


Snow-covered sensors are no help


After strong surge in 2013, Cadillac stumbles in Q1


Limited-run CTS-V coupe on the way


Warren Henry hires help to hire the help


New TLX is key to Acura's sedan revival


More vehicles, walkers join accident prevention study


Nvidia adapts gaming chips to autos


Vehicles add computer power for high-tech tasks


Aluminum gains automotive momentum with F-150


What can industry do to boost leases, residuals?


Chevy expects big things from tiny crossovers


Midcyle, Camry is overhauled to make it best 'ever built'


Automakers grow cautious as output rises


Lear, others devise high-tech ways to support bad backs


Next big thing for A123 may be shift to small batteries


Nissan to offer smart mirror in U.S.




Hale works on makeover of Jag, Land Rover image


'Slow to act' GM rankled NHTSA, e-mail shows


Famed Mustang modifier Saleen will soup up Tesla's Model S


Fiat's discount seeks parking-lot converts


For the best of Burgundy's 70 Dodge takes, find a bootlegger


Iacocca links Mustang's lines to Mark I


Nissan, burned on taxi deal, teases N.Y. with a prototype


What's powering market? Off-lease surge, says Webb