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GM turns to KBB website for targeted incentives

General Motors is using Kelley Blue Book’s website to offer consumers targeted incentives, the latest sign that carmakers are keen to integrate their marketing efforts with third-party lead providers.  » READ

Lincoln's mission: 'Core segments first'


Technology upgrades zoom into small cars


FCA expands no-cost college nationwide


German auto firms try to nurture Silicon Valley boldness


U.S. escapes unscathed in this round of VW cuts


L.A.'s Galpin Motors fills an exhibit hall with its custom rides


Volvo on fast track to 100,000 sales target


VW sinks, Detroit 3 rise in buy-sell reports


Los Angeles' hits & mehs


'Japanese dominate' list of innovators


Bolder Beetle


JLR won't attend Detroit auto show


Nissan accuses store owned by ex-dealer council chair of fraud


UAW, IG Metall push for U.S. 'works councils'


Cadillac wants its new vehicles to earn prices


Toyota monitoring suppliers to ensure disaster readiness


Dealer's retirement shows trend


Penske sticks with luxury with N.J. buy


Used prices forecast to soften, not dive




Can GM build on OnStar advantage?


Restructured Renesas seeks its footing on platforms


Cadillac's plug-in play: Hybrids first, then EV


Escape bulks up, MKZ gets fresh face


New message to shoppers: Caddy Escalade is refined


Audi seeks charging network allies


It's back to basics for Lamborghini


Scion's edgy new crossover for the kids


Infiniti's new San Diego design studio pens QX30 crossover


Kia aims Niro 'hybrid utility vehicle' at U.S. consumers


Nissan restyles Sentra


Glimpses from a subdued Los Angeles show


How Toyota channeled Lady Gaga in primping the Prius


Why Toyota offers 2 battery choices in next Prius


Reuss: More GM diesels coming in cars, trucks


Dahl takes FCA's safety post


Titan gives Nissan dealers work-truck cred


7 years' worth of VW diesels now under scrutiny




Chevy vehicles rack up the awards


Chronicler of VW slave labor dies


Now hiring: FCA needs hackers


There was a real Art to 1960s Pontiac ads