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Cash for Nissan's preferred dealers

In its drive to grab a larger slice of the U.S. market, Nissan North America is quietly forming alliances with selected dealers who get favorable treatment, and sometimes millions of dollars, from the company. Nissan says strengthening its retail networks is critical to its growth plans.  » READ

Countering Chevy's Silverado surge


A boost in fleet helps Jan. sales stay afloat


Premium brands face challenges as incentives rise and trucks rule the day


Toyota's Carter to speak at Retail Forum


Used-car loophole for recalls tightens up


Honda Ridgeline: Not your teenager's truck


VW dealership valuations slide; some smell opportunity


Can Kia pick Prius' lock on hybrid market?


EV to use new VW platform


GM: Others could use Chevy Volt's powertrain


Kia plans 1st sport sedan, sources say


Porsche: Diesel Macan in limbo for now


Bentley at work on a sporty SUV


Conti must ration parts for recall fixes


Nissan bolsters Sentra as gateway to the brand


AutoNation's recall policy disrupts used-vehicle business


Why Musk's new directive at Tesla has become 'cash is king'


For FCA, no one brand was big enough for 'Star Wars'


The power of Roger Penske


Texas dealer tunes into aftermarket audio


Dual-sourcing dilemma hits Japan again


Nissan plans big strides in connectivity


Dealer anniversaries


New airbag devices cushion crash impacts by deploying outside vehicles


At last, Opel sees breakeven on the horizon


Ford of Europe boss aims for steady profits


Ford, Opel find footing as carmakers will count more on the region


Chicago Auto Show preview


Toyota Q3 earnings hit by N.A. incentives


Where Toyota, Lexus got their leaders


N.A., Takata, currency sway Japanese earnings


A rocky start, but, hey, at least it's fast


Just because rebadging hasn't worked so well before ...


Suburban is the granddaddy of them all


The inventory is too low? Oh, the irony