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Acura's new boss wants sedans 'that people get excited about'

Jon Ikeda is barely a few weeks into his new role as general manager of Acura, but the designer-turned-executive already knows what's atop his agenda at American Honda's luxury marque.  » READ

China faces an added threat down the road: Capacity glut


Ford feels push to return to midsize trucks


Chevrolet's next-gen Equinox gets sportier front end and lower profile


Kia's sleeker Sportage


Mazda CX-9 to borrow from Mazda6


No S660 convertible for U.S., but Honda has some sporty ideas


Mazda rolls out store redesign


Smart ForTwo redesigned to better fit U.S. buyers


Updated Smart ForTwo convertible is due next summer


Porsche dealers looking to leverage posh new Atlanta experience center




Dealer: Color-coding cars makes shopping easier


Average used-vehicle price slips below $10,000


Instant online auctions save time, costs


Fuel economy, Jeep are FCA's drivers


Grand Wagoneer will boost lineup


Dodge to roll out 'Cuda droptop


Foot-operated rear doors coming on upgraded Town & Country


Minivan variant starts Chrysler expansion


Big Alfa investment begins launching models


Fiat convertible will fill lineup


Ram mulls Ford Transit fighter


Toyota's top suppliers prepare a tech blitz


Denso goes green with center to grow algae-based biofuel


New Orleans dealers recall aftermath of the storm


Racketeering case against M-B store fails


Will automakers go for Gorilla Glass?


Can tech-loaded, plush 7 series take on S class?


Chinese automaker BAIC Motor in talks to buy Daimler shares


Automakers' high tech collects dust


Classic Broncos reach ICON status


Doesn't a Miata price frenzy come standard?


Enzo Ferrari's Hollywood horsepower


Post-Piech, VW's Phaeton gets delayed


Getting the luxury treatment at Porsche's Experience Center