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Confessions of a price fixer

As one after another Japanese auto supplier gets snagged for price fixing, it is the unwritten rule, say insiders and lawyers, that middle managers sometimes take the fall for superiors and get rewarded for not airing the company's dirty laundry in public court. This is one such story.  » READ

Fields: Ford slows ramp-ups


Tensions at Toyota ahead of big move


AutoNation's plan to change the retail game


Hydrogen cars are here. Is the world ready for them?


Manheim stocks used cars for Sonic


Ford's Farley sees Europe as a lab for learning


Hot sales put Subaru ahead of plan


Lincoln dealers sign up to offer exclusive Black Label series


Mitsubishi promises new products


A hot, affordable Acura for young enthusiasts?


BMW 1-series sedan for the U.S.?


Daimler to revive Maybach with 3 sedans but no SUV


Infiniti preps Q30 hatch for young buyers


M-B: U.S. to be main market for new sports car


Scion's iM and what comes after


GM grants another month for victim filings


A big production


A retail system can work for Tesla


Clean diesels are perfect for China


GM's Shop-Click-Drive sales are climbing


Jeep history goes underground




Inside Ford's retooled F-150 plant


Financial openness can beat the lowest pricing, dealer says


How remarketers get the most from off-lease vehicles


Dashboard data shifting the car insurance model and changing ownership math


HERE's looking at you -- in 3-D


Automakers vow to protect data they collect


In smart headlight, 1 LED emits beams that can be controlled


Semiconductor demand spurs merger activity


Suppliers start moving closer to GM plants


Ewanick's next bold bet: Hydrogen stations


Flagships, cute utes headline L.A. show


Stocks rise; spiffs ahead?


M-B tweaks model names


3rd-party partners? Why AutoNation said no


At 'bid meetings,' suppliers aimed to maintain one another's market share


Supplier upheaval fueled price fixing


N.A. output rises 3% in October


Ex-CEOs take Honda to task on quality issues


Fields: But how many parodies do your ads have?


GM's crisis could eclipse Ford-Firestone, PR vet says


Whither the sports car? BMW exec says it may never recover