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GM, with ignition parts shipped, must now find recalled cars' owners

GM has passed a significant milestone in its campaign to replace potentially defective ignition switches in millions of cars recalled worldwide: It cleared its backlog of parts orders.  » READ

How a Silicon Valley startup and its $529,000 electric supercar shadow Tesla


The incentives debate: Who's being 'stupid'?


In culture shift, female engineers take the wheel in Japan


Johan's gone but his Infiniti plan stands


Certified Elite status lets GM dealers shine


Costs add up as companies forced to park recalled vehicles


Magna ready to loosen purse strings


Bentley Mulsanne Convertible project is back in the mix


Cadillac's big sedan plan


Ford plans hybrid series to rival Prius, report says


Ford preps right-hand-drive version of 2015 Mustang


Is a CLA-fighter also in the cards?


Mercedes-Benz to bridge gap with midlevel AMGs


Funding-strapped feds search for someone to run the 'Internet of cars'


Special-order '15 F-150s to arrive in February


Matthew McConaughey will invite viewers to meet the Lincoln MKC


Acura's design chief: 'Through cars, I've met everybody'


Search Optics purchases website rival DigiGo


Dealers can enforce a code of ethics


Distrust of dealers benefits Tesla


1st brand with 30 mpg pickup wins, Hegbloom says


New Ram chief's big job: Deliver on vans


Hybrids, crossovers key vehicles from Japan


Mazda making big changes fast


Mitsubishi to tweak design for a unified look


Subaru moves to 1 platform, new generation of engine technology




Dealership Buy/Sell


CFPB takes new tack in auto lender crackdown


Saab seeks ally to fund its fresh start


Chicago charts a course in autonomous vehicles


Continental's high-tech strategy shift


Rick Case career talks move workers up


Manheim enters high-tech lane


Severe weather spurs auction expansion


Used pickup prices strong, but how long?


NGK to plead guilty in price-fix probe


GM dealers win reprieve on audits to focus on recalls


Infiniti readies dedicated design centers


A loud roar of approval for the '15 Challenger SRT Hellcat


Acura's new TLX assembly line: Twitter


Buggy man Meyers celebrates 50 years of fun, fun, fun


He bested Clinton; now what about cabbies?


With 30 mpg in sight, 2015 Vette won't bow to pressure