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After 'chicken tax,' a flood of foreign trucks?

Two free-trade deals the U.S. is trying to negotiate would roll back the so-called chicken tax. Critics of the tax say it has priced imported trucks out of the market, shielding the Detroit 3's biggest profit machine from robust foreign competition.  » READ

Detroit 3 seek EPA credits for paint, glass


Ford builds in Silicon Valley -- and talent comes


Why talk of GM-FCA tie-up just won't die


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Message to NHTSA: Reform first, funding later


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Chevy pulls ahead timetable for Bolt EV


GLE Coupe's goal: Style, not off-road use


Jeep will keep Cherokee's 'spot on' shape, styling


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Alfa's high-power reboot


Analysts doubt Sergio's lofty Alfa goals


How Infiniti climbed quality chart


Dealer Wise goes the extra mile(s) for buyers


A role for dealers in lease transfers


My Saturn stores were profitable


NYC dealership must provide documents for non-English speakers


CarMax makes big plans for smaller markets


No seat unturned in flood-damage search


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Gestamp along for VW's expansion ride in N. America


GM tweaks Colorado, Canyon turbodiesel for cold weather




How U.S. chickens led to Japanese truck plants


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Car guy Lutz still has the vision for flying high


In CASE you missed it, here's the future of the car business in a word


Isn't it obvious? It'll be a Caddy crossover


Passing a big rig? Don't sweat it, Samsung says