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Ford, Ram quarrel over heavy-duty pickup towing title

Ford Motor Co. is threatening legal action if Ram keeps claiming that its pickups offer "best-in-class" towing. Ram's response? In so many words, it's telling Ford to go pound sand.  » READ

GM moved faster to fix larger cars


Performance push from Japan's Big 3


GM's top N.A. lawyer shares hot seat with boss


Honda pushes dealers for buyers' signatures on airbag liability


Russia has potential, but there are problems beyond the current crisis


Asbury to double pace of acquisitions


Global product expert in Lincoln driver's seat


Sonic 'delighted' with rollout of new retail plan


Buick's Envision


Ford EcoBoost V-6 makes V-8 power


Jaguar will debut XE sedan


Nissan vows to keep it quirky after cutting Cube


VW plans Apple-like model updates


GM, Ford financials could veer in 2nd half


Hot hybrid


OnStar change targets service visits


Porsche is dropping base Cayenne


'Cash for clunkers opened up the floodgates'


June, July 2009 timeline: Beginning of recovery


Outsiders could only help GM


Tell us the true towing rating


The pot calling the kettle black


Mike Alexander, legendary custom-car builder, dies


Targeted digital ads start with car color


'Middle of nowhere' site limits store's costs


AutoTrader, Manheim rebrand under 1 entity


A crush of crossovers from Japan's Big 3


Fit, HR-V, Pilot lead way for Honda


Toyota delay could have domino effect


Lexus lineup aims for younger buyers


Scion's entry-level reload means big changes


Big wave of Infiniti products ahead


Nissan tackles its larger models now


Acura TLX: The storm before the calm


Mitsubishi retools flagship Japan plant before hybrid push


Self-driving tech attracts ZF to TRW


Auction Broadcasting sites get makeovers


Certified-used sales fall in June, expected to rise for year


Millennials drawn to car-sharing services, but eventually, they buy


Lithia's big DCH deal was a boon for shareholders


Happy Birthday, boss! Let's open some stores


The day 3 Hall of Famers met in Maranello