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Bad feelings in Billings over deal veto

GM nixed the sale of a Chevrolet store in Montana to former NADA Chairman Bill Underriner. The tale behind that deal - what happened before and after -- shows how the right-of-first-refusal option can sour relations between dealers -- and between dealers and the factory.  » READ

CarMax's U-turn: A return to Web leads


Hyundai on a quest for capacity


Cadillac dealers feel the heat


Falling gasoline prices make alternative-fuel vehicles a tougher sell


World Congress kickoff speaker: Audi's de Meo


For 15 years, Nakamura has redrawn Nissan


Late-model vehicles stretch GM's recall rolls


Concept to signal new era for Audi design


Geely set to debut its first 'Horbury'


Kia to build production version of GT concept


Rolls-Royce renews the Ghost


SRT versions of Jeep Grand Cherokee to stay -- for now


Are railroads snubbing autos?


Ford steers C-Max ads away from mpg




China, UC Davis collaborate on EVs


Keep the Wrangler in Toledo


NAMAD's 2nd film chronicles history for next generation


918 Spyder nearly sold out, Porsche says


EPA plans more scrutiny of mpg tests


Porsche expects to hit U.S. sales goal early


Ford and suppliers jointly benchmark competitors' vehicles


Ford shrinks its supplier 'watch' list


JCI-Yanfeng could be first domino


Startups see opportunities flowing from data port


Where will autonomous cars prepare for urban challenges?


Pulling the plug: EV battery module exchange put to test


A terrible wreck, but not a total loss


AutoNation won't up and quit 3rd parties


Dealers pursued opportunities from the rubble of '09


Timeline: Regrowing pains


BILL LIA: Keep stores modern


JERRY VITZTHUM: Out, in and then back out again


MIKE WOOD: How hard are you willing to work?


Auto economists eye troubling signs on horizon


GM's loss, Hyundai's gain


N.A. Sept. output rises 7 percent


China's policies are pushing out pickups


Hollywood comes calling for car designers


Impala the king of rental cars? No, not that Impala, GM says


LaSorda's fund finds new investor -- an old friend


Lutz on the Aztek: Blame GM culture