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Cars to Cuba? It's complicated

The political struggle over easing trade restrictions is just one barrier to reviving U.S. auto sales in Cuba. Another major headwind is purely economic: Nearly all Cubans live modestly and cannot afford new or used American cars.  » READ

GM hustles to make the Malibu competitive


In Russia, all are losing, but none are leaving


Volvo wants online leads, not online sales, in U.S.


World Congress panel to explore vehicle innovation


NextGear opens to franchise dealers


Patti Swope says dad with her 'in spirit' as she takes helm of dealer group


The UAW's big pay challenge


When recalls go to court, NHTSA tends to win


Acura expects leasing to rise


AutoTrader adds dealer reviews


Ford hires ex-GM data whiz to revamp analytics


Aston Martin seeks money to build new models, report says


BMW to show off freshened 6-series variants


Cadillac's 2016 CTS-V gets a fresh look and a big power boost


How the next-gen Audi Q7 lost all that weight


Mercedes-AMG will add entry line to narrow price gap


New Volt to get ELR's battery regeneration system


Nissan Titan goes big rig


Honda dealers face recall phone blitz


Older vehicles can escape recalls' nets


Biggest changes for 2015 Chrysler 300 are inside


Ram ProMaster City to fight Ford, Nissan for cargo haulers


There's no one way to connect in Silicon Valley


Digital storefront is a gutsy move


How will GM handle aluminum?


Faurecia expects tech to fuel growth CEO sees benefits from megasupplier trend


Suppliers: Automakers' efforts to cut costs damage relations


Second-chance store lets staff shine


Manheim aims to get auctions done faster


The repo man now hunts on social media




Miami auto show seeks to ride Latin identity into the big leagues


Japan's laws, attitude help recalls work better




China show organizers: Spotlight cars, not models


Did Young rock Lincoln with talk of Continental?


VIN switcheroo a crushing defeat for Mini Cooper


Zetsche may feel pressure to give up Mercedes role