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'Japanese dominate' list of innovators

If companies' r&d chops are measured by the number of patents received, the Japanese auto industry -- led by Toyota and Honda -- appears to be outracing the competition.  » READ

Volkswagen's labor boss says CO2 scandal has hit car orders


Smartphones may have role in 8.1% rise of U.S. traffic deaths


Rivian Automotive to build r&d center for high-tech vehicles in Mich.


GM's new wind tunnel aims to improve, quicken design work


Can GM build on OnStar advantage?


Cadillac's plug-in play: Hybrids first, then EV


Technology upgrades zoom into small cars


VW CEO says diesel engine refits 'manageable'


Now hiring: FCA needs hackers


Restructured Renesas seeks its footing on platforms


Why Toyota offers 2 battery choices in next Prius


German auto firms try to nurture Silicon Valley boldness


In Mercedes project, latchkey kids get chauffeured rides


VW cuts 2016 capital investment 8% due to cost of fixing emissions cheat


Volvo, Microsoft will bring augmented reality into showrooms


GM, Army to test Chevrolet Colorado fuel cell


Hyundai's tech trickles down to Elantra


Buick's 3rd-gen LaCrosse adds sophistication, technology


Geely plans hybrid, electric versions for 90% of models by 2020


Faurecia, Stanford to study motion sickness in autonomous cars


Ford reboots 2017 Escape with 2 new engines, stop-start, safety upgrades


New Camaro's light show


Next-gen Leaf: More tech despite low sales


Ford faces trial on mpg estimates as U.S. judge refuses to toss suit


Brose pushes electrification beyond the powertrain


Tech puzzle: Just what features do drivers want?


Ford to test autonomous vehicles at Mcity


Audi speeds up infotainment and driver assistance innovation


What's behind Toyota's big bet on artificial intelligence?


Apple car was already planted in Steve Jobs' mind


From rocket scientist to car guy


Average U.S. new-vehicle fuel economy slips in Oct., study finds


Toyota plans $1 billion U.S. outlay to advance artificial intelligence


VW scandal widens to fuel consumption figures


Steve Jobs considered building an Apple car in 2008


2017 Mercedes-Benz E class borrows styling cues from S-class flagship


Can Mazda team spin rotary vision into viable reality?


Honda's exotic powertrain tech


Nissan focuses on code for the road


U.K. scientists create battery that may dramatically boost range of EVs


Audi's A3 e-tron to pave way for electrified vehicle push


Samsung, a smartphone giant, readies belated push into auto technology


GM CEO Barra to keynote at 2016 CES


Honda takes on Toyota Mirai with roomier fuel cell sedan


Nissan IDS Concept an autonomous-driving Transformer


Mercedes-Benz's Vision Tokyo imagines car as a 'chill-out zone'


Another defeat device dust-up?


Hardware glitches could come to haunt Tesla


Delphi, Quanergy team up on low-cost lidar