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Suppliers dream up future innovations. Will automakers bite?

Suppliers try to look over the horizon and craft new features and equipment for autos.  » READ

Just think of the money you save


Maps to track every bump in the road


Connected-car ecosystem will take a big test


Hyundai's new infotainment strategy: Leveraging smartphone apps


TrueCar: App can 'hypertarget' consumers


Porsche recalls 13,500 Cayennes, Panameras to fix fuel-seal flaw


Ford's new Silicon Valley lab shows Fields' dream


DOE announces $55 million in funding for green car research


Ford to open r&d lab in Tesla's backyard


Google's self-driving car underpinned by Detroit area suppliers


Hyundai posts biggest gain in global patent filings, report says


Pushing 30: Ram pads lead in mpg wars


Autos, audio amplify each other


Autonomous car rivalry is good for the industry


Google car project finds friends in industry


Luxury brands seek an edge with tech


After '11 quake, Renesas is ready for next disaster


When the Motor City becomes Startup City


Bosch outlines 10-year path to door-to-door driverless car


Ford will limit aluminum mostly to trucks, Hinrichs says


Google in talks with OEMs, suppliers to build self-driving cars


Suppliers learn to innovate quickly


TrueCar says app will help automakers know, target customers


Audi sales chief unveils virtual reality system for shoppers


BMW looks at time as ultimate luxury


Verizon offers to hook up drivers of disconnected, older cars


Fiat Chrysler wants to collaborate with other automakers on new vehicles, Marchionne says


International CES fast becoming high-tech world's auto show


Car guys tell Google to move over


CES in 2015: A space odyssey


'Hive mind' could help cars expect the unexpected


Suppliers resist ceding controls in the cockpit to Apple and Google


JCI battery powers vehicle stop-start systems


BMW moves top tech from i3, i8 into mainstream vehicles


Big suppliers try to move like a startup


Nissan, NASA form r&d pact to develop, deploy autonomous vehicles


Driverless-car global market seen reaching $42 billion by 2025


Hyundai Motor Group plans to invest $73 billion by 2018


BMW's iDrive will add touch screen, gesture recognition


Average fuel economy in U.S. dips to 25.1 mpg in Dec.


Mercedes-Benz's vision of luxury makes driving optional


Ford CEO Fields predicts self-driving cars on roads in 5 years


GM offers sneak peek of the next-gen Volt in Vegas


Drivers will pay up to $1,499 for tech features, study says


Toyota opens hydrogen patents to advance fuel cells


GM expects 15% mpg gain from new cylinder deactivation system


Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia, Audi step up computing work


Software supplier Elektrobit to open Silicon Valley office in self-driving cars play


Industry 'can't give up on EVs'