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Mercedes opts for cloud-computing setup to protect data from hackers

Mercedes is using a cloud-computing setup to protect data generated by vehicles as the industry moves toward driverless cars. Automakers are looking for ways to stop hackers from gaining information or even hijacking vehicles by remote control.  » READ

Audi claims first California autonomous driving permit


Ford and Lincoln get connected with Apple's Siri


Bosch benefits as new ZF-TRW combo enters driverless car fray


Nissan transforms Japanese plant


OnStar, police are hitting the brakes on stolen cars


Pay attention! It's your turn to drive now


Industry learns to share road with tech giants


For GM, the self-driving car of the future is also a thing of the past


Ford bites back at Apple hype: Your tech's old news


Urban development


Why Google cars? The software, stupid


Sensor cuts self-driving car costs


Tenneco cuts emissions with quick warm-up


The long road to autonomous cars is also lucrative


BMW veteran takes charge of Infiniti


N.A. robot sales poised for record


Lawyers reaching for in-car data


How automakers, suppliers are preparing for tougher emissions rules


Up-to-the-minute maps will be critical for autonomous cars


Porsche SE does first post-VW deal, buying 10% stake in U.S. traffic tracker Inrix


Tackling the next parallel-parking challenge -- unparking


Universal map accuracy will be crucial to autonomous vehicles, transport official says


Audi plans to take over the wheel in stop-and-go driving


Major roadblocks still exist for driverless cars, panel says


Bill Ford touts automakers working with small tech startups


VW says fuel cell cars will struggle beyond Japan


Verizon to launch app for car sharing, rentals


Gigafactory: Tesla's key to meeting cost, range targets


Toyota to add active safety tech to entire U.S. lineup by 2017


GM plans to launch Cadillac CTS with vehicle-to-vehicle tech in 2 years


'Smarter' cars still looking for direction


Delphi lands GM for vehicle-to-vehicle warning system


Automakers, suppliers fund research toward cars that talk to each other


Autonomous car era brings risk of hijacking by hackers


Mobileye Q2 revenues jump, sees strong growth in 2014


Toyota will expand active safety systems to entire U.S. lineup


Daimler buys smartphone apps but seeks to avoid Uber controversy


VinSolutions promotes 2 managers after exec departs


Where Jaguar Land Rover may take EVs, hybrids


Ford, Nokia test map tech that makes it easy to be green


Suppliers unveil the future at world car-tech conference


GM 8-speed likely to get wide use


Automakers still dogged by Bluetooth glitches, Power study finds


GM turns to employee bike share program to get around tech campus


Chicago charts a course in autonomous vehicles


Funding-strapped feds search for someone to run the 'Internet of cars'


Continental's high-tech strategy shift


He bested Clinton; now what about cabbies?


Vehicle-to-vehicle network needs the industry to step up