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Average fuel economy drops to 25.4 mpg in June

The average fuel economy of light vehicles sold in the U.S. was down 0.1 mpg in June, according to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.  » READ

Chevy has a cool answer when phone gets too hot


Google Maps will sound train whistle


Volvo exec pledges to protect drivers from hackers


Toyota claims top range for hydrogen-powered Mirai


How Infiniti climbed quality chart


BMW begins tests of fuel-cell car developed with Toyota


Japanese automakers to subsidize hydrogen station operating costs


Leaf to get a big boost in driving range


GM tweaks Colorado, Canyon turbodiesel for cold weather


Ford builds in Silicon Valley -- and talent comes


In CASE you missed it, here's the future of the car business in a word


'The Future' is now: Lexus will test hoverboard


Passing a big rig? Don't sweat it, Samsung says


Chasing Jetta, Chevy equips Cruze with a new turbodiesel


Chevy pulls ahead timetable for Bolt EV


Jaguar r&d chief shuns driverless cars


Delphi, Google deny report saying self-driving cars nearly collided


Should driverless cars make life-or-death decisions?


Google starts road tests of new self-driving car prototypes


GM readies wireless downloads of new features


Chevy makes next Cruze longer, lower, lighter


ZF to invest $71M in Mich. tech center


Lexus builds functional hoverboard prototype


Ford moves to advanced stage of autonomous car development


Denso sees 15-year wait for self-driving car


Buick, GMC start adding Apple CarPlay, Android Auto


Tech race will strain automakers, report says


Visteon affirms software shift


Do copyrights for books, music also apply to cars?


Continental says it's 'working heavily' on electrified turbo


The connected car will get better with age


BMW's flagship gives gesture controls first big test


Toyota torques up turbodiesel lineup for trucks


U.S. report finds fuel-economy targets can be met -- at a cost


Audi, BMW, Mercedes favored by Nokia for maps deal, report says


AAA finds 8 in 10 drivers report their mpg tops EPA ratings


Remote-control Range Rover shows hand on wheel is becoming optional


Ford-Jaguar consortium to test driverless pods in U.K.


Jaguar XJ adds tech, trim lines for 2016


Cox-Dealertrack deal to create full-service dealer software powerhouse


Tech-laden 7 series must prove it's a driver's BMW


A Ford r&d center for this century


New study focuses on untested passenger side


Quality snag stalls bi-fuel Impala delivery


Volvo keeps it simple to stand out from Germans


10 mobility startups get ready for big leagues


Need a prototype part? Send an email to the 3-D printer


JLR chief: Want young customers? Get eco-friendly


Hyundai wants to gain performance cred