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Many drivers are ready for autonomous cars, survey says

A significant percentage of drivers are ready for their cars to do the driving for them. In a study conducted in June by, 32 percent of the 2,000 licensed drivers surveyed said they would not continue to drive themselves once a self-driving car became available.  » READ

2015 Cadillac ATS offers wireless charging dock


Road to mythical 54.5 mpg not likely to change


Hot hybrid


Ford EcoBoost V-6 makes V-8 power


Self-driving tech attracts ZF to TRW


Former Ford digital exec Monty joins PR and social media firm


Nissan needs to be in the fast lane on self-driving tech, Ghosn says


The vision for self-driving cars? 2020


Can Linux speed in-car systems?


BMW open to sharing battery technology


New head-up displays could change views for drivers and the industry


Valeo boosts its N.A. r&d with hundreds of engineers


Warning in your car may be about you


ZF needs TRW's tech know-how, CFO says


Tesla asks hackers at Beijing contest to report vulnerabilities


Nissan's Ghosn offers auto-driving reality check


Automated cars may boost urban sprawl, fuel use, Toyota scientist says


VW sets sights on Apple-like model updates with speed task force


Driverless cars will require industry shift, Nissan scientist says


Obama touts progress on 'talking' cars


Toyota's massive engine overhaul


Toyota ponders awd for next-gen Prius


Ford's vision extends beyond building cars


A contradiction or a cornucopia?


ZF-TRW combination could spark more supplier deals


Bill Ford predicts 'radical transformation' of auto industry


Supplier aims to be a go-to source for weight loss


Toyota r&d boss: EVs in need of a Nobel idea


Reducing driver distraction with a carrot, not a stick


GM dealers learn how to pitch 4G technology


Jeep aims to boost future Wrangler's fuel economy


Daimler tests self-driving truck, sets goal of production by 2025


GM Korea contractor probed by prosecutors for possible leak of engine technology


Audi to offer Apple CarPlay in European models starting in 2016


Big chipmakers struggle to connect with automakers


Google puts phones on lockdown


Ford to replace 2.0-liter EcoBoost after just 4 years


Subsidy question looms over Toyota FCV


A diesel Cherokee? Depends on Grand Cherokee


Ford's outgoing CEO mainly brought his A-game, but technology and luxury were struggles


Google reveals Android interface for autos


Hyundai Sonata to have Apple, Google phone tech by year-end


Ford to replace 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine after just 4 model years


Mitsubishi Electric rolls out FLEXConnect infotainment system


Chrysler to make stop-start standard on some 200s, Jeep Cherokees for 2015


Audi draws up EV plans


Google is ready to challenge Apple's CarPlay


Toyota ups its game on telematics in Japan


Toyota, Nissan green-car divide widens