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To win over humans, Google's self-driving car must clear a high bar

The flawed analyses of Google's accident record illustrated the bar that the self-driving car will need to cross to be accepted. It must not only be safer than human drivers, but unquestionably safe.  » READ

JLR aiming high with SVO unit


Lessons from a self-driving instructor


Now, Nissan will build up products, tech


Regulators, automakers, entrepreneurs push to break through the V2V roadblock


Daimler, Qualcomm to develop in-car tech, wireless charging


Connected cars could face data traffic jams, study says


Driverless cars may cut U.S. sales by 40%, Barclays says


Continental to buy Elektrobit auto unit in bid to boost autonomous tech


More suppliers join active-safety fray


AT&T readies exclusive content for connected cars


Fight for Nokia map unit may set industry's course


Audi plans backups for key safety tech


Mobileye software mimics how the human eye sees


IndyCars test Honda, Chevy engineers


Google says self-driving prototype ready to hit the road


ZF completes $12.4 billion acquisition of TRW


Audi's move to e-charger could boost Valeo, Honeywell, BorgWarner


Nvidia plans leap from Audi navigation systems to self-driving cars


GM to invest $1 billion to expand, renovate Mich. tech center


Apple settles battery maker's scientist-poaching lawsuit


GM to unveil plans for Tech Center's future


U.S. pledges to speed up V2V mandate


Which road to self-driving tech will win?


Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid decision to come this year


Google, Delphi disclose crashes in self-driving cars


Mobileye wins 2 contracts for its EyeQ4 chip


'Nutty' demand has Tesla rethinking battery market


Mitsubishi mulls EV crossover as Evo heir


Who owns vehicle-generated data?


Self-driving cars are a lot closer than you think


Daimler to test self-driving trucks in Nev.


JLR eyes patent for rear wiper control


Average U.S. fuel economy fell in April


TomTom eyes autonomous cars


Hyundai Mobis moves fast on autonomous tech


Are automakers addicted to in-car features overload?


Can automakers unplug connected cars?


Tesla hit by hackers on Twitter, media-relations email accounts


GM to give Kettering University $4 million for proving ground, powertrain lab


Ford's Sync 3 debut, vehicle launches are out of sync


Auto industry should cheer Tesla Motors' battery play


Innovation inspires suppliers along with industry


Power study: Safety trumps infotainment


Toyota: Output of fuel cell cars will top out at 3,000 a year


Futurist sees self-driving cars as a given


Where the heck is Apple CarPlay?


Driverless cars and the big conundrum


Jaguar adds horsepower to the dashboard


Higher octane fuel could add mpg, SAE panel says