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VW to roll out high-end safety tech across lineup

Volkswagen Group has long sold sensor-based crash prevention systems in high-end models from Audi, Porsche and Bentley.  » READ

Storm hits automated driving car; human grabs the wheel


BMW, Audi and Daimler open to other investors in map consortium, report says


BMW, Audi, Daimler will boost self-driving push with Nokia maps acquisition


After 1 billion calls, oh, the stories OnStar can tell


In Bob Lutz's crystal ball, Apple, Google may win


Denso maps out two-pronged mpg drive


Infiniti: App will add sales panache


Swift and secure vehicle software updates?


U.S. widens probe of car radios that may be vulnerable to hacks


GM takes a fresh look at emerging markets


BMW, Apple could rekindle courtship with an eye on car collaboration


Car hacking risk may be broader than Fiat Chrysler, Rosekind says


German carmakers near $3 billion deal for Nokia's maps, report says


Hacked Jeep Cherokee exposes weak underbelly of high-tech cars


Toyota holds Apple, Google at bay with Telenav navigation deal


GM's OnStar app can be hacked, reseacher says


BMW drivers collect $1,000 to delay charging i3 in Calif. pilot


Delphi to buy cabling supplier for $1.7 billion to boost connectivity business


Tech is a key for new-car marketing, study says


VW rolls out crash avoidance with '16 lineup


CDK sees 25 percent profit growth in 2016


GM plans $5B vehicle family for emerging markets


Jeep hacking sends warning to BMW, Audi and Mercedes


Dodge cancels unfilled '15 Hellcat orders, doubles '16 output


At last, Honda and Toyota prepare for turbo charge


1,100-hp supercar's problem? 'Too powerful'


Hack attack vs. FCA shows flaws with rush to connectivity


Honda flexes research muscle with new Silicon Valley center


Audi performance unit kills manual gearbox, naturally aspirated V-8


Driverless driving induces a range of anxiety on road


Autonomous vehicle explosion brings challenges


A proving ground for collaboration


Car hacking is real, and auto industry must respond


Making a car's sensors work like our senses


Automakers try integrated tablets to retain backseat business


FCA's anti-hacking recall marks industry milestone


Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 million vehicles to install anti-hacking software


Chevrolet plans low-cost pedestrian avoidance on Malibu


Mercedes bid for Nokia maps unit driven by hacking concerns, Zetsche says


Senate bill aims to secure cars from hackers, protect consumer privacy


Google's self-driving cars, mishaps aside, are 'learning the road,' exec says


BMW, Audi, Mercedes near deal to buy Nokia maps unit


Jeep hacking prompts FCA software update to enhance security


TomTom, Bosch step up joint effort to gain ground in car maps race


Self-driving cars get 32-acre city at University of Michigan to hone skills


Private tracks best venue to test self-driving cars, key U.S. senator says


For Bosch, sensors make sense


Volvo seeks power boost with Polestar tuning unit


All self-driving cars will need V2V capability