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GM hustles to make the Malibu competitive

Car executives typically don't talk about future models more than a year before they hit showrooms for fear of dampening enthusiasm for the current one. But in the case of the Chevrolet Malibu, there's not much enthusiasm to dampen.  » READ

Nissan tops 100,000 sales in Canada for first time, gains market share


CarMax says Q3 net income rose 22% to $130 million


Volvo to skip most auto shows; focus will be on Detroit, Geneva, China


Retired rentals ding prices


Nissan: Gas prices not a sales drain


Smaller supply for big month


Where are the GM program vehicles?


Fleet and retail even out as year end nears


Porche 918 Spyder sold out; Americans are top buyers


2014 U.S. sales tightest races


Stagnant wages are a drag on new-car sales


Jeep drives 25% of U.S. sales gains


Head-shaking over Americans' car buying


Lack of 2014 retired rental units buoy Nov. auction prices


AutoNation sales up 6% in November


Chrysler closes in on Ford in Canada


Setting the stage for a 'huge' December


Light trucks, holiday discounts drive volume up 5%


Thanksgiving deals, trucks lift Toyota


Mercedes wins November U.S. luxury crown, trails BMW for annual title


Honda sets November record on crossover volume; Acura gains 2%


Hyundai falls 4% as small cars tumble


Ford warns of more U.S. declines as F-150 ramp-up begins


Chrysler volume jumps 20% as 11 of 21 models set records


GM’s revamped truck lineup fuels 6% advance


Nissan slips as older models change over


Black Friday deals could siphon some auto sales from December


TLX delivering on sales and image, Acura says


Recalls: Dealers in the hot seat


$2 gasoline in sight for some U.S. drivers as OPEC resists cuts


Discounts, falling gas prices driving Nov. sales higher


Lexus' Bracken says 300,000 U.S. sales 'is within our grasp' this year


Fiat takes on 'Fix It Again, Tony' in spot for the 500X


Hyundai-Kia says it will sell record 8 million vehicles globally in 2014


Now that's what I call a comeback


Structural damage or fender bender?


Next phase of multiplatform sales? Hold your horses


Two-car households will decline, KPMG report predicts


More car buyers are OK with dealer texting, survey says


NADA sees 2015 U.S. sales nearing 17 million vehicles


Financial openness can beat the lowest pricing, dealer says


Manheim stocks used cars for Sonic


How remarketers get the most from off-lease vehicles


Stocks rise; spiffs ahead?


GM's Shop-Click-Drive sales are climbing


Hertz to restate results, change fleet-purchase strategy


Mercedes, Mini top J.D. Power sales satisfaction rankings


Subaru to hit North America sales target ahead of plan


Sales are up and the mix is rich