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GM sales surge despite recalls as Barra proves quality sells

General Motors' Mary Barra is projected to report her second straight quarter of rising sales, adding to evidence that the CEO is weathering the biggest wave of recalls in automotive history. Second-quarter revenue may rise 2.7 percent, the average of estimates compiled by Bloomberg.  » READ

Dealers' phones ring again


Toyota aims to hold U.S. Hispanic market lead as segment grows


Maserati to cap global sales at 75,000 vehicles a year


SUVs, crossovers top sedans in popularity for first time


Sonic bets new plan will transform automotive retailing


BMW expects to meet global sales target of over 2 million vehicles


Supply steady at 60 days


Used-vehicle prices soften, demand strong


Fleet outpaces retail in June


Acura plans second-half sales lift from TLX in U.S.


Ford's Odell says European recovery still shaky


In entry-premium car race, Audi A3 gives Mercedes CLA a run for its money


Retail demand, favorable credit keep wholesale used-vehicle prices high


Audi joins Mercedes in narrowing BMW's global luxury lead


U.S. sales halftime report


GM, defying odds, gets retail lift from wave of recalls


AutoNation says new-car sales up 1% in June


U.S. sales advance 1% on Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota gains


GM offers school employee discounts on Chevys, GMCs, Buicks


Toyota advances 3% as cars set pace


2014's stars, laggards at halfway mark


GM sales solid despite recalls, but Chevy falls


Strong start to summer raises hopes for even better second half


Chrysler up 9% on strong Jeep, Ram demand


Nissan's newest factory lines boost deliveries


BMW holds U.S. luxury segment lead over Mercedes, Lexus


Ford volume slips 6% ahead of key changeovers


Audi, Porsche propelled by A3's hot start, Macan; VW slump drags on


Under new law, Cuban dealers sell 50 cars in first 6 months of year


Until Macans arrive, buyers offered short leases on other Porsches


Fields ready to prove Lincoln worth saving with MKC


GM recall blitz spotlights used-car sales loophole


Ford, Mercedes, Toyota tops in brand loyalty in 1st quarter, IHS says


TrueCar to drop 75 franchisees in policy disputes


GM halts sale of some 2013-14 Chevy Cruze models for airbag glitch


Fleet buyers want to expand, add alternative-fuel vehicles, survey finds


Want to relive the 1990s? Just hit the road


Strong new-vehicle sales bode well for auctions


Auction companies think outside the block


Chevy's making a big splash with Sonic, Spark


18 million sales in 2018? Now that's some epic growth!


Fleet helps raise overall May sales


VW, boxed out of World Cup on TV, finds way to target fans in U.S.


BMW holds off Audi as A3 tightens race for luxury-car lead


Average age of light vehicle on U.S. roads stayed flat at 11.4 in 2013, IHS says


Crossovers drive May sales surprise


BMW takes the luxury brand lead in May


Big sedans are losing ground


A big-city test for no-haggle pricing