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Retail News

Penske Automotive says earnings improve 4.5% in Q4; stock rises

Penske Automotive today posted mixed results for the fourth quarter as earnings from continuing operations improved but net income fell. The company said continuing operations income rose 4.5 percent to $73 million, but net income dropped 2.6 percent to $71.3 million.  » READ

Group 1 adjusted earnings fall in Q4; Brazil hurts bottom line


Heated floors and more: Designing a store around service


Nissan profit boosted by strong U.S. demand


GM awards more business to ad agency Commonwealth


Canada, fixed ops: Here we come!


The inventory is too low? Oh, the irony


Automakers opt for less TV time during Super Bowl


Cash for Nissan's preferred dealers


Detroit 3's share of rental fleet declined in 2015


Honda Ridgeline: Not your teenager's truck


Used-car loophole for recalls tightens up


A boost in fleet helps Jan. sales stay afloat


Toyota's Carter to speak at Retail Forum


Premium brands face challenges as incentives rise and trucks rule the day


For FCA, no one brand was big enough for 'Star Wars'


Ditching quirky Scion is the right call for Toyota


Just because rebadging hasn't worked so well before ...


AutoNation's recall policy disrupts used-vehicle business


Texas dealer tunes into aftermarket audio


Dealer anniversaries


Stars and cars, Jeeps and sheep: Super Bowl auto ad roundup


Christopher Walken was the only choice for Kia's Super Bowl ad


GM sacrifices rental sales to nab higher-margin business


Dealers pay high price with latest recall wave


For game day, Nissan changes the channel


Auto brands hope famous faces pay off in Super Bowl ads


Group 1 buys U.K. dealership group, sells 3 U.S. stores


Margin squeeze hurts used-vehicle prices, economist says


Fiat Chrysler preps 2 Super Bowl ads


Asbury income, revenues up in Q4; vehicle margins down


Scion is not Japan's only failed U.S. brand


Audi's Super Bowl ad reaches for the moon


Kia's Super Bowl campaign to draw on star power of Christopher Walken, social media influencers


Hyundai, Kia post slight gains to set January records


Snowstorms drive sales down 0.4%; SAAR rises to 17.55 million


Honda cites weather for 1.7% decline; Civic surges


Toyota down 4.7% as cars undercut truck gains


Subaru posts record for January


Ford slips; rising fleets fail to offset retail decline


Nissan pulls ahead on strength of crossovers


VW sinks to 5-year low; Audi extends streak


GM ekes out gain; retail up as fleet falls


Jeep and Dodge lift FCA to another increase


Canadian sales jump 10% after record year


Ferrari shares slump to record low after saying sales growth will slow


Tata to rename Zica hatch after outbreak of dangerous zika virus


The Super Bowl auto ad lineup


Honda counting on sheep to stir interest in Ridgeline


Tesla applies for dealership license in Michigan