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Acura sees its future in stronger sedans

Despite decades of muddled brand identity and mixed success with its vehicles, Acura has no plans to borrow a page from Hyundai's playbook as it launches the Genesis brand, or any other luxury brand's, for that matter.  » READ

Cadillac wants its new vehicles to earn prices


Ford drops 'Friends & Neighbors' sale early, opts for traditional year-end discounts


How Toyota used Nascar to sway loyal American car buyers


Ford touts 'backup trailer assist' function in new F-150 ads


U.S. auto sales could break November record, two forecasts say


Reuss: More GM diesels coming in cars, trucks


VW sinks, Detroit 3 rise in buy-sell reports


Nissan accuses store owned by ex-dealer council chair of fraud


GM turns to KBB website for targeted incentives


Dealer's retirement shows trend


Penske sticks with luxury with N.J. buy


Used prices forecast to soften, not dive


Volvo on fast track to 100,000 sales target


L.A.'s Galpin Motors fills an exhibit hall with its custom rides


New message to shoppers: Caddy Escalade is refined




Fiat Chrysler launches 3 youth-targeted ads during American Music Awards


Titan gives Nissan dealers work-truck cred


M-B advertising named most effective among luxury brands


Cox moves dealers to from VinSolutions


Ford CFO says 'Friends' promo not costly


Scion keeps it weird in new iM, iA ads


Cadillac to launch holiday ad campaign for Escalade


Jaguar XE base price will be $35,895


U.S. sales will peak in 2016 as pent-up demand begins to ease, predicts NADA chief economist


Penske buys N.J.-based dealership group


Ford expects SUVs to become 40% of U.S. market by 2020


Buick eagerly awaits fresh product


Unlikely hitch for VW dealers


Nissan sees Titan filling a niche for pickups


Huey Lewis to headline Detroit show's charity preview


Unpaid intern finds untapped opportunity in service lane


Honda finds marketing rhythm


Fiat 500X: Where's the halo?


Benz's challenge: Support 9 launches in '16


Inventory is tight for this time of year


Drive Pink fan at the drive-thru


Luxury sales race goes from ho-hum to a humdinger




GLC ad drive begins in 1st quarter


VW's aid for owners gets tepid response; ads pledge to 'make things right'


Toyota FJ Cruiser is scarce, hot and high-priced


VW's global sales fall 5.3% in October amid emissions scandal


'Jeep Wave' aims to boost brand with extra benefits for buyers


German luxury brands Porsche, M-B and Mini rule the car-buying process


Hyundai returns to Super Bowl ad lineup


Drop a coin, pick up a used car


VW struggling to keep dealers happy as scandal widens


Spreading the NFL sponsorship field