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Fiat Chrysler reducing powertrain warranties to 60,000 miles for 2016 models

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is reducing its powertrain warranty for the 2016 model year to five years or 60,000 miles from five years or 100,000 miles. The move follows a similar change in March by General Motors.  » READ

Ford dips toe into London car-sharing market with GoDrive


Former Detroit-area Ford dealer Tarik Daoud dies at 78




California dealers sue TrueCar


Mazda's new mantra: 'Driving Matters'


Can dealership make this SUV fit for a horse? Of course


Buyers emerge for auction companies


Auctions focus on high-quality vehicle images


Long wait, quick win for Florida Audi dealer


Dealers can't even touch some hot brands


Wal-Mart revamps auto-care centers


Jeep leads Detroit's return to Tokyo Motor Show


VW will evaluate ad agency work, report says


Autobytel acquires rival Dealix for $25 million


Mazda's new mantra: 'Driving Matters'


California dealer group sues TrueCar, claims website acts as dealer


Updated Pilot to become Honda's priciest U.S. vehicle


VW gets Mom involved in ad war with FCA


Sales staffers seek to brand themselves


How reviews can boost work force


Volvo: Back 'on the attack' in U.S.


N.C. dealer stays flexible to win Hispanic sales


Dealer awards


Reconditioning fund ends store's strife


AutoNation marks milestone with $20 million ad campaign


Porsche zooms from 3 sales a month to 5,217


Marketers pitch family, sports across cultures


3 more barriers in dealership hiring


Dealers make a big difference


Sales to Hispanics outpacing the market


Far from Sun Belt, a warm welcome for Hispanics


Hispanic buyers help lift Mitsubishi store from the brink of bankruptcy


How Ernie Boch Jr. closed the book on labor fight


Edmunds study finds texting can be key for dealerships


Auto marketers focus on diversity, sports


Buick targets affluent viewers of 'black-ish,' 'Knife Fight'


GM hints at dealer bonus redesign


Mustang's mettle tested on the autobahn


Vive la Ford: French army picks Rangers


TrueCar revenue rises 33%


Porsche to give retailers a test track deal


Well-heeled houseguests experience Lincoln luxury


Inventories stay steady even as sales volumes vary


Stores reach out to empower female customers


4 fleet strategies yield similar April sales gains


Retailers cheer FCA's free college program for U.S. dealerships


Sonic to restore customer-pay service revenue


Listening to dealers should help Nissan in its push for share


FCA US' education bet