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Bergstrom on Buffett, Musk, life as dealer


Interviews with Ford's Fields, Nissan's Ghosn


Subaru boss on strong sales growth


Mitsubishi CEO promises new products


How dealers connect with tech-savvy buyers


Barra's behavior-change blitz at GM


Test-driving Sonic's new dealership iPad app


Racing, tech events draw crowds to Hoffman stores


How #1 store scores with employees


Best Dealerships To Work For honored


Subaru store's no-shark zone


How the energy boom has come to dealers


How Lane Keeping Assist works in CR-V


Barra eager to implement strategic plan


How dealer Hoehn creates work force that flourishes


Dealer's Mitsubishi 'nightmare'


Extended Play: NHTSA's Friedman in hot seat


Defying Dad, by building on his legacy


Edmunds boss on Price Promise


Over-the-hill used cars fuel Honda store


Ford, Toyota reshape supplier strategies