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A twist on giving: Patriot Subaru staffers steer charity dollars


Leading Women Roundtable: Chapter 3


Leading Women Roundtable: Chapter 2


100 Leading Women Full Roundtable Discussion


Leading Women Roundtable: Chapter 4


Leading Women Roundtable: Chapter 1


Ghosn's reach-it-or-else margin mandate


NBA life shapes Ariz. dealership; BMW store solves used-car riddle


Why employees love working for dealer Tommy Baker


Hillside Honda rewards: Paid vacations, Rolex watches, family atmosphere


Mazda's Wager: Self-driving cars will be ‘disastrous’ for industry


Buick pokes fun at Buick in bid for new buyers


Ford dealer Kimmerle: 'We will not let the dealership divide the family'


Dealer Viviano puts in long hours at 83, draws Sergio visit


Florida father-son duo overhaul hiring, disrupt third-party threats


Lexus' Jeff Bracken and his 'groundbreaking' dealers


Battle of 'The Big Three' in lightweighting


CAR's David Cole on suppliers, Sergio, 'a wild and crazy time'


Industry on Trial: Full roundtable discussion


Mass. dealer shatters stereotypes, grows group to advance careers