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NADA make meetings

New products lift spirits of Lincoln dealers

The mood at the Lincoln make meeting brightened considerably this year. "This was by far the most optimistic Lincoln make meeting we've had in an awfully long time," said Bill Knight, chairman of the Lincoln National Dealer Council and owner of Bill Knight Lincoln in Tulsa, Okla.  » READ

Toyota: Keep lessees in the fold


Hyundai dealers want help clearing out '13 inventory


Macan may push Porsche's '14 U.S. sales to near 50,000


Ford asks dealers' help in spotting launch problems


BMW sales are great; CSI needs work


Mexico plant adds Mazda3 inventory


Mini aims to 'rekindle the excitement'


Dealers like new course at Volvo


Nissan adjusts growth plan, pledges more Rogues, Leafs


Audi exec: Dealer iPad orders top 'wildest dreams'


Chrysler dealer profits on the rise


Infiniti dealers talk margins, ads absent brand execs


Mercedes adds training for dealers, their staffers


Mitsubishi reassures dealers product drought is ending


Cadillac expects double-digit gains


Chevy will pitch Silverado's cost advantage


Subaru's 'fabulous' service offer


Kia promises more supply to reverse sales decline


Buick has plan to keep lease momentum going


Acura sees TLX being top seller


Honda aims for record sales year


VW ends stair-step bonuses


Dealer mood is full speed ahead for '14


Jaguar pumps up its marketing budget by 20%


VW's Horn hits reset button with U.S. dealers


Buick extends lease promotion


BMW exec wants U.S. dealers to generate higher CSI scores


Mercedes plans new round of dealership employee training


GM execs tell dealers Chevy can gain U.S. share in pickups


Lincoln's new product flow pleases dealers


Nissan dealers get stair-step relief


Infiniti wants more distance from Nissan ads


Chrysler dealers told to expect higher profits in 2014