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Uber hires former Obama adviser Plouffe to counter opponents

Uber Technologies, the popular mobile car-booking app, hired David Plouffe, a former top political adviser to President Obama, to help it cope with regulatory hurdles and mounting opposition from cabbies around the globe.  » READ

Dealer website provider Search Optics acquires DigiGo


GM expands website for owners of recalled vehicles


Ford begins testing first right-hand-drive Mustang


A Rolls for the masses: Video game adds Wraith


Honda digital ad budget to grow


Chevy big wheel gets a rude awakening to 'city life'


Simplify communication? Marketers will tell how at seminar


Kia joins Bentley in wooing the 1% crowd at Pebble Beach


Chevy renews Dream Cruise sponsorship for 3 more years


Detroit 3 and others ready to roll at annual Dream Cruise


Honda consolidates digital media work


A (virtual) Rolls-Royce for the masses


Even millennials bypass social media during car-buying journey


Race a concept car? Gamers get to put virtual designs to the test


Tesla Model S has 'more than its share of problems,' Consumer Reports says


Freeze! It's the Honda ad police


Acura sees TLX campaign as start of image makeover


Racing game realism enhances branding opportunity


Lenders wary of feds' scrutiny


Pickup payload U-turn: GM bases rating on curb weight


Lexus is putting its global marketing heads together


Order a burger, get a taste of Ford, all under the blue oval


Making the young less restless


GM to stop omitting truck-part weights to maximize payload ratings


Nissan taking more time to hire new N.A. ad boss


Volt marketing will get redesigned next year with new vehicle


Nissan exec wants faster customer satisfaction feedback


Gannett to buy rest of for $1.8 billion as part of digital strategy


Acura task force's job: Define brand's identity


JLR puts down $170M to pick up 543 classics


Edmunds: Model S 'brilliant,' but 'hard to recommend'


Another ace, another chance for dealerships


Integrity matters much more than bragging rights


Acura TLX aims to balance size, performance


Millennials top Gen X in new-car buying for first time


Future car colors inspired by Midwest homes, landscape, BASF says


GM, too, removes parts to weigh pickups, boost payload ratings


Tesla's Musk to portray himself on 'The Simpsons'


Consumer Reports presses Toyota to recall some 177,500 Camry hybrids


Ford hikes revamped F-150 pickup prices as much as $3,615


Ford, Ram quarrel over heavy-duty pickup towing title


Targeted digital ads start with car color


Millennials drawn to car-sharing services, but eventually, they buy


Targeted digital video ads deliver preferred car colors


Buick Regal, Volvo S60 join Consumer Reports' list of top upscale, sports sedans


Former Ford digital exec Monty joins PR and social media firm


Toyota defends U.S. Hispanic market lead as segment grows


More power to the redesigned Mustang


Subaru ad blitz aims to boost Legacy sales 40%