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How Toyota used Nascar to sway loyal American car buyers

For years Toyota has been marketing itself to the Nascar audience as an increasingly American company -- and Nascar fans are growing more receptive. Two out of three now say they’d consider buying a Toyota, roughly on par with the sport’s domestic sponsors like Ford and GM.  » READ

Ford touts 'backup trailer assist' function in new F-150 ads


There was a real Art to 1960s Pontiac ads


New message to shoppers: Caddy Escalade is refined


Fiat Chrysler launches 3 youth-targeted ads during American Music Awards


M-B advertising named most effective among luxury brands


Scion keeps it weird in new iM, iA ads


Legendary automotive artist Art Fitzpatrick dies at 96


Cadillac to launch holiday ad campaign for Escalade


Jaguar XE base price will be $35,895


Ford expects SUVs to become 40% of U.S. market by 2020


Huey Lewis to headline Detroit show's charity preview


Honda finds marketing rhythm


Benz's challenge: Support 9 launches in '16


Drive Pink fan at the drive-thru


Model S option becomes police matter: We've got a report of a kid in the trunk


GLC ad drive begins in 1st quarter


VW's aid for owners gets tepid response; ads pledge to 'make things right'


McLaren staffs up in U.S. ahead of 3 key launches


Hyundai returns to Super Bowl ad lineup


Spreading the NFL sponsorship field


VW offers 'goodwill package' to appease diesel owners


Dealership ad agencies find creative ways into NFL advertising game


GM gives Shop-Click-Drive a big push


Chevy goes from 'technology and stuff' to boring and forgettable


Volvo P1800 makes a cameo in spy drama


Dealerships jump on the Bond-wagon


GM to review global PR agencies for all brands


Nissan goes long on college sports marketing


Hyundai's Genesis luxury brand to target 'savvy, affluent progressives'


Hyundai to push into luxury market with stand-alone Genesis brand


Fiat Chrysler readies ads tied to latest Hunger Games movie


McGraw Hill exploring sale of J.D. Power


NBA's All-Star game jerseys to feature Kia Motors badge in 2016-17


Kia is coming back to the Super Bowl


Asbury's Q auto store tries brand recognition


Infiniti to market 3 new compact models together


For some, a fresh driveway stain


Tesla, Musk shine from free celebrity marketing, but will it last?


Fiat Chrysler buys naming rights at two Detroit area entertainment venues


Domino's modified Chevrolet Spark can pack in 80 pizzas


L.A. show to feature 30 global new-vehicle debuts, technology expo


Acura, Cadillac fall the most in Consumer Reports' Reliability Survey


BMW, Uber team up to offer 7-series rides


A snark attack for the Lincoln MKX


Fiat teams up with Pharrell again for 500X ad


Chevy's ad agency names new head of strategy, research


New Acura ad campaign gets personal about safety


Toyota goes 'Back to the Future' to pitch Mirai


FTC joins U.S. probe of Volkswagen