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Fiat Chrysler could double use of temp workers under new UAW contract, report says

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles can double its use of lower-paid temporary staffers under a new labor agreement being voted on by the UAW, two people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.  » READ

Aston Martin seeks 'beauty and soul' in all-electric sports cars


UAW shrinks voting on Fiat Chrysler pact to 2 days


Ford's diversity efforts lauded by Rainbow/PUSH


21 suppliers named PACE Award finalists


VW may have to repay EU loans, bank chief says


China quality watchdog 'highly concerned' about VW emissions issue


3 execs tied to supplier accused of price fixing


Toyota unveils self-driving safety tech


How the Civic got its turbo


A mortifying end to Audi engineering guru's distinguished career?


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says fired employees go work for Apple


Revised FCA contract deal boosts newer workers to top-wage status in 8 years


VW cheat software was switched on in Europe, report says


3 Nishikawa Rubber execs indicted by U.S. for price-fixing


New FCA-UAW contract deal would raise Tier 2 pay to $29 an hour, report says


Suppliers shouldn't pay for VW diesel scandal, executive says


Fiat Chrysler workers skeptical of new UAW deal's impact on wages


UAW touts 'significant gains' after securing deal with FCA at deadline


Why trouble for VW made in Germany means Mexico headache


Bosch's popular diesel engine software was not preprogrammed to cheat


Fiat Chrysler targeted with UAW strike deadline


Jaguar Land Rover CEO Speth says brand's 'heart and the soul' will remain in the UK


Pischetsrieder, Bernhard deny involvement in VW diesel scandal


VW sued by West Virginia over clean diesel claims


UAW's Williams calls out outside agitators, says more info coming on FCA talks


Bridgewater Interiors names Ron Hall Jr. as CEO


Continental defends software caught up in VW emissions crisis


Making conventional vehicles more electrified


With QNX, BlackBerry finds more room in the car


Autoliv expanding into crash prevention tech


Porsche trades a bit of heritage for efficiency


Pacific trade pact would open Japanese market to U.S. vehicles, report says


The Japanese emissions equipment maker that humbled VW


Ford adds overtime at Michigan F-150 plant as Missouri strike deadline nears


UAW-FCA agreement fails with 65% rank-and-file rejection


Mazda’s diesel dreams for U.S. in doubt after VW scandal


VW's workforce feels effect of emissions scandal


German prosecutors backtrack on Winterkorn's role in VW probe


GM and Navistar to develop and make commercial trucks


Ford faces UAW strike threat at F-150 factory


Driver-assist systems could save about 10,000 U.S. lives a year, study says


LG Chem CEO Prabhakar Patil to retire


Volkswagen plans to refit diesel vehicles affected by emissions scandal


Autos key to driving Pacific trade deal over finish line


Turning wood and orange peels into car parts stronger than steel


How Doyle Letson went from boats to cars ...


Aluminum supplier Alcoa to split into 2 companies


Automakers gamble on wireless charging standard


Audi says 2.1 million cars affected by diesel emissions scandal