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Letters to the Editor

SIA was a success from the start

Lindsay Chappell's March 16 commentary encouraging Jaguar Land Rover to build a North American plant ("A JLR plant in N. America? Do it already," autonews.  » READ

Cadillac needs to change its tone


The top 10: Where the action isn't


Face it: Cadillac has too many dealers


An obsession with 3rd-party schemes


Dealer considered 'Mr. K' a true leader


Old vs. new diesel technology


'1984'? Government tracking overblown


When fuel is down, everything else is up


More thoughts on auto safety


A better score for dealers: Feedback


Just think of the money you save


Forcing EVs on us is a good idea?


Is Cadillac going the wrong way?


'Age doesn't always mean that much'


An unwise move for Mercedes