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Letters to the Editor

Where were Barra's PR, legal people?

The performance of General Motors CEO Mary Barra, a seasoned Fortune 500 executive, during her congressional testimony was amazing.  » READ

Keys, push buttons and first responders


Nothing ventured, nothing gained


Service contracts keep lives on track


Blame Uncle Sam for Sally's loan debt


SOLSO: Barra won't participate in probe


An F&I pro's worth his weight in gold


Mulally earns dealer's applause


UAW takes 2 steps forward, 3 back


ELR 'Poolside' spot is refreshing


Turbocharging alone saves no fuel


Build some more excitement


Don't backtrack on technology


Want to talk sales? Give GM a call


No, the Viper is not the Corvette


Car controls are just too complex


The sky isn't falling at single-point store