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Suppliers face stress test as automakers prepare product blitz


Lexus' Jeff Bracken and his 'groundbreaking' dealers


Battle of 'The Big Three' in lightweighting


CAR's David Cole on suppliers, Sergio, 'a wild and crazy time'


Industry on Trial: Chapter 5


Industry on Trial: Chapter 4


Industry on Trial: Chapter 3


Industry on Trial: Chapter 2


Industry on Trial: Chapter 1


Industry on Trial: Introduction


Industry on Trial: Full roundtable discussion


Mass. dealer shatters stereotypes, grows group to advance careers


How dealer Bill Perkins turned failure into a mission


Denver dealer banks on service bays, crusades for family-owned stores


Colo. stores use cameras, computers to build transparency


Nissan's Munoz on dealers: 'You grow or you go'


Toyota's Lentz in Texas: A Lexus regret, fixing 'starved' Scion, the next Prius


Toyota, Honda top supplier survey


GM's Batey: We've gone from worst to first


Ford's Hinrichs on UAW talks, squeezing plants for more cars


Using service lanes to lift car sales, smartphones to build bonds


Snyder on insurance costs and car choice


Brembo CEO on N.A. growth


Seattle VW dealer mixes metrics and fun


Buffett a longtime Automotive News reader


Opting for the online auction lane


Manheim Pennsylvania's legacy in the lanes


UAW delegates voice frustrations


A new dealership built on yesterday's values


VW dealer went through 'hell,' finds 'heaven'