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Green Cars

BMW drivers collect $1,000 to delay charging i3 in Calif. pilot

In a new pilot program, a California utility is paying drivers of BMW electric cars to delay charging their vehicles when the power grid is under pressure.  » READ

Here come the Kia crossovers


Self-driving cars get 32-acre city at University of Michigan to hone skills


Tesla Model S option offers 'Ludicrous' 0-to-60 time of 2.8 seconds


Nissan likely to purchase LG batteries, report says


Toyota will recall 625,000 Prius hybrids for software glitch


BorgWarner to buy electric, hybrid motor maker Remy for $950 million


Hyundai-Kia, tech firm get $6M U.S. grant to develop wireless EV charging


Toyota's next Prius hybrid takes on fastback styling


Rich Russians beg Tesla to sell them 'IPhone on wheels'


Financial aid for hydrogen infrastructure


Toyota claims top range for hydrogen-powered Mirai


BMW begins tests of fuel-cell car developed with Toyota


Tesla vehicle sales rise 52% in Q2


Nissan drops Pathfinder hybrid


Japanese automakers to subsidize hydrogen station operating costs


Toyota Mirai rated at U.S. range of 312 miles


Next-gen Prius may be ill-timed, but not ill-fated


Bosch positions for electrification growth


Lexus builds functional hoverboard prototype


Tesla's gigafactory buzz takes root in Reno


China's Wanxiang plans to build Fisker Karma in S. Calif.


Mercedes GLC to get coupe version


Subaru adds Impreza Sport Hybrid, its second hybrid, for Japan


AAA finds 8 in 10 drivers report their mpg tops EPA ratings


Honda will drop CNG vehicles to focus on hybrids, EVs


Tesla lines up $500 million line of credit


GM to announce secondary use for EV batteries


Chevy's CNG Impala rollout delayed nearly a year to fix quality bug


Average U.S. mpg edges up to 25.5 in May


How will automakers respond to megatrends?


A123 to double lithium-ion battery capacity


California bends but doesn't yield on ZEVs


Daimler chases Tesla in solar-powered batteries


Ford to make EV technology patents available to rivals


Kansas City bids to become EV mecca


Porsche recalls 918 Spyder on cooling system risk


Apple settles battery maker's scientist-poaching lawsuit


Cadillac exec laments ELR pricing


Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid decision to come this year


'Nutty' demand has Tesla rethinking battery market


Toyota, Mazda in talks on expanding partnership, report says


GM expects to fall short of 2017 EV target


Toyota picks 8 stores to sell Mirai hydrogen car


Average U.S. fuel economy fell in April


2016 Chevy Volt gets a $1,115 price cut


Tesla unveils batteries for homes, businesses


Musk bulks up Tesla batteries in leap beyond cars


Toyota plans $4.2B share sale to fund fuel cell r&d


To EV or not to EV: The China question