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Green Cars

Toyota's most high-tech car gets ultra low-tech birth

Toyota celebrated the launch of its high-tech Mirai fuel cell vehicle today from its noticeably low-tech production line. And President Akio Toyoda chose today as the celebration date for a reason.  » READ

China's Wanxiang to rebrand Fisker as Elux, report says


Apple hiring patterns, patents signal automotive r&d plans


VW calls on government to invest more in EVs


BorgWarner Q4 revenue rises as net income declines slightly


VW calls on government to invest more in EVs


Lamborghini concept shows possible move to less extreme looks


GM will build Chevy Bolt in Michigan starting in late 2016, report says


Ford intensifies self-driving research with projects in Germany, UK


Mitsubishi concept teases next ASX, bolder design


Just think of the money you save


Forcing EVs on us is a good idea?


Opel plans EV version of its Karl minicar, report says


DOE announces $55 million in funding for green car research


About 100 EV stations planned for high-traffic east- and west-coast locations


Chevy to expand Spark EV sales to Maryland


Toyota, Honda in talks to put 6,000 fuel cell cars on road in Tokyo by 2020 Olympics


BMW's Robertson sees cheap gas making electric cars a harder sell


Via Motors targets annual sales of 50,000 plug-in hybrid trucks


Toyota raises ante on hydrogen; Japan to ease fuel cell regulation


Honda invests $340 million in Ohio for fuel-efficient cars


Musk urges automakers to move faster on EVs


VIA Motors delivering hybrid fleet trucks, Lutz says


Nissan still counts on Leaf for global marketing


Hyundai gets into EV game with Sonata plug-in


Chevy Bolt EV production expected in 2017


Why falling fuel prices are bad, bad news


JCI battery powers vehicle stop-start systems


Mercedes-Benz to sell C350 plug-in hybrid in U.S. in fall


Chinese automaker Guangzhou will tout autonomous hybrid, SUV


JCI to unveil battery just for vehicle stop-start systems


Average fuel economy in U.S. dips to 25.1 mpg in Dec.


Toyota opens hydrogen patents to advance fuel cells


Industry 'can't give up on EVs'


Tesla offers Roadster upgrade package to reach a 400-mile range


Tesla to help Chinese buyers trade in their old cars for Model S


New Volt to get ELR's battery regeneration system


Convert traditional vehicles to EVs? Ford, GM and others are brainstorming


White House rolls out tire safety, efficiency program with NASCAR


Tesla stock drops with oil prices, but will it bounce back?


Audi Q7 will be VW Group's 1st plug-in diesel


VW buys stake in startup U.S. battery company, report says


October fuel economy static as gas prices drop toward $2 per gallon


Ferrari unleashes 1,050-horsepower hybrid for test-drive customers


BMW to roll out plug-in hybrid versions of top models


France wants to phase out diesel-powered passenger cars


Craft workshop's new mission: Build Mirai


Luxury cars go the way of free-trade coffee


Mini to reduce lineup to 5 'Superhero' cars


Fuel cell cars steal spotlight