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Future Products

After Model X, Tesla will make a mass-market shift

After introducing the Model X crossover this fall, Tesla will turn to the next chapter in its product plan: the smaller, more affordable Model 3, due in late 2017.  » READ

Sports cars and crossover kick off Aston's plan


Crossover, Dawn are on the horizon


Lamborghini forecast calls for Huracan roadster in Frankfurt


Bentayga to lead Bentley's future product parade


Ferrari has a new Dino in the works


Luxury brands hit the gas on new vehicles


For Maserati, Levante SUV is on the way


Porsche offers new powertrains, body styles


Audi product blitz will usher in new styling, tech


Platform shift drives product plans at VW brands


Crossovers, derivatives fill VW pipeline


Grand Wagoneer will boost Jeep lineup; Wrangler decision will direct pickup


Fuel economy, Jeep are FCA's drivers


Dodge to roll out 'Cuda droptop


Minivan variant starts Chrysler expansion


Fiat convertible will fill lineup


Big Alfa investment begins launching models


Ram mulls Ford Transit fighter


Foot-operated rear doors coming on upgraded Town & Country


New global architecture for Subaru


As Mitsu restocks lineup, future remains murky


Mazda rounds out its Skyactiv lineup


Japan's smaller automakers bank on CUVs


Has the Taurus comeback story come to an end?


Ford enjoying product-blitz payoff


More aluminum and more power


Lincoln splitting with split-wing grille