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Future Products: Japanese automakers

Toyota's mean, green fuel-cell car dons racing stripes

Toyota's new hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle broke cover at a Japan rally race with speed demon Akio Toyoda behind the wheel to prove that the green car is also a mean one.  » READ

Honda says quarterly North American operating profit drops 14%


Infotainment glitches haunt automakers in Consumer Reports' reliability survey


Mitsubishi to tweak design for a unified look


Subaru moves to 1 platform, new generation of engine technology


Mazda making big changes fast


Hybrids, crossovers key vehicles from Japan


Scion's entry-level reload means big changes


Toyota delay could have domino effect


Performance push from Japan's Big 3


Nissan tackles its larger models now


Lexus lineup aims for younger buyers


Fit, HR-V, Pilot lead way for Honda


Big wave of Infiniti products ahead


Acura TLX: The storm before the calm


A crush of crossovers from Japan's Big 3


5 cool innovations at Japan's SAE expo


Japanese collaborate on r&d for new fuel efficient engines


Lexus NX crossover goal: 2,200 sales per month


Lexus weighs the best way to add 7-seat crossover